About Torn Stats

What is it?

Torn Stats is a site designed with you in mind. It is meant to be a tool to give every Torn player the helpful tools that normally are bothersome to handle. This site will allow you to look at your stat growth over time as long as you consistently update them on the site, easily glance through your warbase and see everyone's stats you've spied, and count all the hits from that massive war your faction just won. It's the easiest way to find out just who the slackers are in your faction. You can even see if they're slacking on their stat growth by monitoring their growth in your faction. (Note: You can only see members stats if they've joined your faction, otherwise your stats are completely private.)

Why Torn Stats?

I made Torn Stats mostly as a side project out of boredom, and I wanted to have these tools myself. But instead of just making this for myself, I designed it with you in mind and decided I wanted to create a tool that everyone could use. All these Hall of Fame factions have all their nifty little tools that they use and I wanted to replicate it, if not improve it, and offer it to everyone. Why shouldn't the average faction have the same tools as some of the best?

How can this help?

Torn Stats has many tools that help make your life easier. It has a bot hook in that you can find here and even a user script that works with both GreaseMonkey for Firefox or TamperMonkey for Chrome which can be found here. These both help you to not need an extra tab open and on the site, but rather make it seemlessly integrate with your normal Torn days.

Other notes

This site is developed and maintained by IceBlueFire. He and other administrators of this site will not review individual player's data beyond security or maintenance reasons.

If you have any questions relating to the site, please message IceBlueFire on Torn or contact him on Torn's IRC server.

If you are willing to help keep this site running, please feel free to donate to the developer. Anything is always appreciated, but never required by any user.