Annual Donations


Progress towards yearly maintenance costs

Running a quality site isn't free. There are costs to maintain the servers to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. These are the only costs that are included in this goal. I try to keep the site as ad free as I possibly can by only including minimal ads on very few pages, in hopes of helping keep the costs of the site under control. However, as most developers will know, ad revenue is basically garbage unless you're having hundreds of thousands of page views a day. All of my time I've spent working on the site I'm considering as being donated time. (Afterall, coding is my passion, and doing this is fun for me. I've probably put in a few thousand hours working on this site since I started making it back in 2013.)

With all that said, donations have never been required. I've always operated on the understanding that this site won't be profitable. However, any help in covering the costs of the site are always greatly appreciated. I love providing a useful tool for the community that I love, and am very happy that I can continue to provide such a tool for everyone. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Adam (IceBlueFire)