Forgot Password

Resetting your password on the legacy version of Torn Stats has been disabled. Please move over to the new, beta version of Torn Stats and reset your password there. After resetting your password there, you'll be able to log in at the beta version of Torn Stats, - Please remember to update your bookmarks!

But why?

The legacy version of Torn Stats is no longer being updated. Due to this, features are slowly breaking and I will no longer be maintaining this version of Torn Stats anymore. One of these systems is the legacy email system that was used. This means that the only way to reset your password will be on the beta version, and the ultimate goal is to move the userbase over to the new version anyways. Everything you've come to know and love about Torn Stats has already been ported to the new version.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues!
Thanks, IceBlueFire