Torn Items

NameDescriptionTypeBuy PriceSell PriceCirculationShop
Hammer [1]A small, lightweight tool used in the building industry. Can also be used as a weapon.Melee$75$501,282,610Shop
Baseball Bat [2]A long, solid wooden bat. As a weapon, it can land quite a blow on your enemy.Melee$200$130261,993Shop
Crow Bar [3]Used for opening crates and large boxes. The sharp hook at one end makes this a great weapon.Melee$400$250187,651Shop
Knuckle Dusters [4]They won't know what hit them with these strong, hard, brass knuckle dusters. They won't even see it coming!Melee$750$50078,130Shop
Pen Knife [5]High quality knife--a great survival tool. Ideal for climbers, adventurers, military personnel, and close combat in dark alleys.Melee$1,000$75072,835Shop
Kitchen Knife [6]Do your attempts to prepare food like your favourite TV chef end up more like hack and saw than slice and dice? If so, a sharp new knife could be your saviour.Melee$1,500$1,00080,163Shop
Dagger [7]A short, sharp metal dagger useful for quick attacks. Straight in, straight out.Melee$2,250$1,50053,831Shop
Axe [8]Used mainly for chopping tree roots and splitting kindling. Can bash and split many other substances, too.Melee$4,200$3,00026,304Shop
Scimitar [9]The deeply-curved, high-carbon steel blade of the scimitar can terrify your opponent as you attack with a swashbuckling slash.Melee$8,600$5,40064,349Shop
Chainsaw [10]A compact chainsaw lets you cut quickly in tight spots. Its standard diamond chain is more than a match for almost anything you might need to slice up.Melee$15,000$11,50074,383Shop
Samurai Sword [11]A ninja-grade, full-tang samurai sword, created for us by a master artisan. The sword balances perfectly, takes and holds a razor edge, and can divide an eyelash or a full skull in one swipe.Melee$75,000$53,00052,581Shop
Glock 17 [12]The Glock 17 is a lightweight semi-automatic pistol holding up to 20 rounds in a magazine.Secondary$400$270220,865Shop
Raven MP25 [13]The Raven MP25 holds 17 rounds per magazine. It can deliver powerful, quick blows to the opponent at short range.Secondary$550$37076,942Shop
Ruger 22/45 [14]A fast firing pistol holding 15 rounds per magazine. An accurate and moderately powerful weapon.Secondary$975$65063,428Shop
Beretta M9 [15]The M9 Beretta is the standard Army sidearm. Accurate and fast firing. 17 rounds per magazine.Secondary$2,000$1,30052,090Shop
USP [16]A good short range weapon that holds 15 rounds per magazine. Very accurate and has fast semi-automatic firing.Secondary$2,750$1,850120,275Shop
Beretta 92FS [17]A direct-feed, double-stacked pistol with a 20-round magazine. This model has improvements to prevent the slide flying off if it cracks.Secondary$5,250$3,50036,725Shop
Fiveseven [18]A small and light firearm that holds up to 20 rounds per magazine. Widely used by counter-terrorists all around the world.Secondary$9,950$7,50039,667Shop
Magnum [19]A very slow but powerful weapon. It holds only 6 rounds in each magazine but delivers a mighty blow to the enemy.Secondary$23,000$16,00065,704Shop
Desert Eagle [20]Fast-firing and very powerful. If you hit your opponent, he goes down and stays down. The magazine only holds eight rounds but the strength of each impact makes up for that.Secondary$45,000$37,00022,443Shop
Dual 92G Berettas [21]One of the greatest pistols in the world. And when you are packing a pair, the results are incredible: 46 powerful shots to take your opponent down. The Dual 92G Berettas are very hard to get hold of, so cost a premium. But the extra impact is worth the extra price.Secondary$1,500,000$900,00052,729Shop
Sawed-Off Shotgun [22]Loads and fires two cartridges at a time. If you hit your opponent, you will open up a huge hole.Primary$2,400$1,40069,618Shop
Benelli M1 Tactical [23]Simple and sturdy. Takes seven cartridges and delivers each round with power.Primary$4,900$3,300110,639Shop
MP5 Navy [24]Lightweight and air-cooled, one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world. 30 rounds per magazine.Primary$5,600$3,800120,496Shop
P90 [25]Effective close-range semi-automatic weapon. 50-round magazine. Not particularly accurate, but its fast firing and magnum rounds cause heavy damage on anything it hits.Primary$9,800$6,60040,084Shop
AK-47 [26]Powerful, accurate and virtually unbreakable. This 30-round magazine fed rifle is a favourite among discerning hit men.Primary$15,000$10,00041,010Shop
M4A1 Colt Carbine [27]The Colt is a powerful and accurate rifle. It's one of the best weapons around, a good choice!Primary$19,500$12,50040,213Shop
Benelli M4 Super [28]The Auto Shotgun is the best close-range weapon around. Although you may have to reload often as it only holds 7 rounds, the amount of rounds you can pump into your enemy in just a few seconds is amazing.Primary$32,000$21,40039,285Shop
M16 A2 Rifle [29]Much like the Colt, but more powerful and accurate. 30 rounds per magazine, with a fast-fire option.Primary$53,000$36,00039,561Shop
Steyr AUG [30]The Steyr AUG holds 30 rounds. It can be very accurate, although its standard scope is a little weak. A great weapon for the price.Primary$99,500$75,00081,304Shop
M249 PARA LMG [31]Huge, heavy weapon with a 100-round magazine. A long burst can tear your opponent to shreds in seconds.Primary$950,000$670,00021,631Shop
Leather Vest [32]Simple and lightweight. If you're lucky, it will protect you from a few shots.Defensive$2,500$1,70067,942Shop
Police Vest [33]Strong and durable body armor that will absorb a lot of damage to your torso.Defensive$10,000$7,50075,086Shop
Bulletproof Vest [34]Body armor that can absorb a certain amount of heavy-weapons fire, although it will not turn you into Iron Man.Defensive$50,000$33,00033,116Shop
Box of Chocolate Bars [35]A box of Mars bars. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$151,577,185Shop
Big Box of Chocolate Bars [36]A very large box of Mars bars. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$205,158,241Shop
Bag of Bon Bons [37]A pack of Bon Bons. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$161,059,968Shop
Box of Bon Bons [38]A box of four luxurious Bon Bons. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$20243,791Shop
Box of Extra Strong Mints [39]Wow, whoever needs these must have very bad breath. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$221,927,372Shop
Pack of Music CDs [40]Some of the hottest bands around, all in one pack of CDs.Electronic$0$201,558,116Shop
DVD Player [41]Sony DVD player with MP3 reading ability.Electronic$0$25167,834Shop
MP3 Player [42]Brand new MP3 player made by Sony. Comes with a 512 MEG card.Electronic$0$251,013,981Shop
CD Player [43]This stylish Sony Discman lets you take your background music wherever you go.Electronic$0$20363,918Shop
Pack of Blank CDs : 100 [44]Writable CDs for recording music or saving data.Electronic$35$20633,195Shop
Hard Drive [45]A large hard drive to extend your computer's storage capacity.Electronic$0$65438,687Shop
Tank Top [46]A stylish low cut tank top.Clothing$0$32745,207Shop
Pair of Trainers [47]A nice pair of trainers.Clothing$0$35643,646Shop
Jacket [48]A very stylish summer jacket.Clothing$0$4059,820,487Shop
Full Body Armor [49]Full body armor made of high-grade bulletproof material. Will absorb up to half of the damage from hits you take to your body.Defensive$75,000$60,000154,339Shop
Outer Tactical Vest [50]The lightest, most advanced protective system ever issued to the US Armed Forces! Increased survivability and enhanced maneuverability.Defensive$1,000,000$750,00032,469Shop
Plain Silver Ring [51]A simple silver ring. Can be used to propose with.Jewelry$100$551,684,623Shop
Sapphire Ring [52]A sapphire ring. Can be used to propose with.Jewelry$300$1251,235,246Shop
Gold Ring [53]A solid gold ring. Can be used to propose with.Jewelry$530$2601,338,243Shop
Diamond Ring [54]An expensive diamond ring. Can be used to propose with.Jewelry$5,000$2,700341,682Shop
Pearl Necklace [55]Matched cultured pearls in an understated but elegant setting.Jewelry$0$35152,005Shop
Silver Necklace [56]A silver necklace featuring a pattern of semi-precious stones.Jewelry$0$95235,478Shop
Gold Necklace [57]A mesmerizing spiral of 14-karat gold.Jewelry$0$185575,048Shop
Plastic Watch [58]This watch is absolutely accurate at least twice a day.Jewelry$0$20410,727Shop
Stainless Steel Watch [59]Continues working when dropped, stepped on, or hit with a rubber mallet.Jewelry$0$70255,637Shop
Gold Watch [60]Elegance and luxury at sixty seconds per minute.Jewelry$0$2254,006,613Shop
Personal Computer [61]A high-tech personal computer. Can be used to program viruses.Electronic$1,350$3002,838,596Shop
Microwave [62]A brand new microwave.Electronic$0$150197,090Shop
Minigun [63]This gun has a 200-round magazine. When you are done with a burst, your enemy will be in fragments.Primary$3,000,000$1,250,00028,727Shop
Pack of Cuban Cigars [64]A pack of great quality, very expensive Cuban cigars.Other$400$2951,222,196Shop
Big TV Screen [65]A king size Sony TV screenElectronic$0$250309,238Shop
Morphine [66]A shot of morphine to kill your pain, and shorten your hospital stay.Medical$50,000$020,171,312Shop
First Aid Kit [67]Use this first aid kit to bind your wounds and shorten your hospital stay.Medical$35,000$07,996,276Shop
Small First Aid Kit [68]This kit will stop you bleeding on your clothes and will shorten your hospital stay by a small amount.Medical$20,000$012,384,149Shop
Simple Virus [69]A very simple virus that was written by an amateurVirus$0$500809,100Shop
Polymorphic Virus [70]Polymorphic viruses are semi-sentient: they adapt themselves with each infection. With a virus-writing toolkit you can even design new viruses.Virus$0$4,50072,144Shop
Tunnelling Virus [71]This virus will attempt to tunnel under anti-virus monitoring programs in order to bypass their monitoring functions.Virus$0$10,00087,257Shop
Armored Virus [72]This virus attempts to make disassembly difficult. Great for systems with weak virus protection.Virus$0$75,00031,508Shop
Stealth Virus [73]In order to avoid detection, a virus will often take over virus protection system functions likely to spot it and use them to hide itself. An extremely hard virus to write.Virus$0$200,000150,451Shop
Santa Hat '04 [74]A well crafted Santa hat made especially for the 2004 Christmas!Collectible$0$021Shop
Christmas Cracker '04 [75]An expensive Christmas cracker made especially for the 2004 Christmas!Collectible$0$029Shop
Snow Cannon [76]A very rare special weapon, made and crafted by Santa himself!Primary$0$025Shop
Toyota MR2 [77]This streamlined import has stunning top end speed but has miserable stopping power.Car$0$29,000991,684Shop
Honda NSX [78]This underdog costs a fraction of the price of the other cars in its class, and its acceleration and top speed leave a bit to be desired. However, its handling and braking are hard to match, helping the NSX rate well on the lap time table for Class A.Car$0$32,0001,098,636Shop
Audi TT Quattro [79]This sleek sports car is not only a hit with the ladies but can accelerate quicker than any in its class. It boasts a streamlined shape paired with a very clever Quattro system. European road laws ruin this car with a top speed limit of 155mph.Car$85,000$55,00042,731Shop
BMW M5 [80]This rocket ship can reach a monumental top end speed once de-restricted. The fastest 4-door saloon of its type. Sadly, its immense power struggles to be transferred onto the road during the first couple of gears, slowing its acceleration.Car$0$43,00043,425Shop
BMW Z8 [81]This rear wheel drive "Beamer" does struggle for grip off the line but due to its poise and balance it is stable under braking making it very quick in the corners.Car$0$80,000143,348Shop
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 [82]This car can power its way to a sky high top speed with its glorious 7 litre V8. Again, like most American cars it sadly does not handle particularly well.Car$75,000$50,00043,516Shop
Dodge Charger [83]This Dodge can reach breakneck speeds in a straight line, although satisfactory cornering is an expensive optional extra, as this beast turns into a good old American rodeo round the corners.Car$0$69,000156,986Shop
Pontiac Firebird [84]This American classic tends to under-steer severely in the corners and wallow round any intricate track. However, its impressive top speeds on the straights do a lot to compenstate for weak cornering.Car$0$59,00046,661Shop
Ford GT40 [85]This Le Mans derived Ford handles like a racing car should but is slightly let down by its acceleration, especially when considering it is incredibly light for its class.Car$230,000$120,000150,824Shop
Hummer H3 [86]This giant has stopping power twice the force of its rivals; its handling however is poor on tarmac due to soft off road suspension and high centre of gravity.Car$0$21,00077,535Shop
Audi S4 [87]This 2.7 litre twin turbo Ferrari killer is extremely planted under braking into corners allowing a great exit speed once its turbos kick in, it does however bog down off the line due to the four wheel drive system when compared to others in its class.Car$0$13,00078,521Shop
Honda Integra R [88]This import is described by many as the "closest you'll get to a race car out of factory" - due to its sharp and responsive handling Car$0$15,00077,325Shop
Honda Accord [89]This car has a wide wheelbase, allowing for superb handling with stiff suspension springs preventing body roll. The car's weight, however, reduces its speed off the line.Car$0$23,000958,274Shop
Honda Civic [90]This import has a staggering top speed, but with non independent suspension it suffers from poor handling.Car$0$9,000117,761Shop
Volkswagen Beetle [91]One of the few good things to come out of WWII, this "people's car" handles like it's on rails. It has a limited top speed of 155 mph due to German restrictions.Car$0$7,600118,512Shop
Chevrolet Cavalier [92]The Chevy has a substantially larger 2,800cc engine than most in its class giving it a great top speed. However like most American cars it lacks the simple ability to corner. Car$0$5,600118,984Shop
Ford Mustang [93]This American treasure has its place in most males' dream garage. The car boasts a stunning top speed, and once it's off the line it's unstoppable...literally unstoppable, as the brakes are sponges, no wonder Shelby had to make severe modifications for track racing!Car$38,000$17,00082,802Shop
Reliant Robin [94]This three wheeled beauty can turn on a two pence piece with stunning handling. It comes under scrutiny however, under heavy braking where they have been known to topple over.Car$0$7,000189,887Shop
Holden SS [95]This Aussie powerhouse reaches a breathtaking top speed. (If it ever gets there after leaving most of its tyres on the starting line).Car$0$25,000979,511Shop
Coat Hanger [96]A metal coat hanger, often used for picking the locks of cars.Other$0$2102,710Shop
Bunch of Flowers [97]A bunch of flowers, a perfect gift!Flower$5$314,296,531Shop
Neutrilux 2000 [98]Very rare: a Leprechaun's most powerful weapon, created out of green nuclear energy. Or at least, that's how the legend goes.Primary$0$09Shop
Springfield 1911-A1 [99]Steel and light weight aluminium frames, stainless, blued and parkerized finishes, V-12 barrel porting... What more could you want?Secondary$430$30036,073Shop
Egg Propelled Launcher [100]Very rare: the Easter Bunny's most powerful weapon, created out of jelly bean and chocolate egg technology.Primary$0$04Shop
Bunny Suit [101]Very rare, and created out of the strongest fur yet discovered, this serves as the Easter Bunny's most stylish and most protective armor.Clothing$0$07Shop
Chocolate Egg '05 [102]Every person's favourite treat, made for the 2005 Easter celebration!Collectible$0$067Shop
Firewalk Virus [103]This type of virus is unknown.Virus$0$10092,641Shop
Playstation [104]A games console used for playing games.Electronic$0$20031,991Shop
Xbox [105]A games console used for playing games.Electronic$0$35030,408Shop
Parachute [106]A collapsible device used to retard the descent of a falling body.Booster$450,000,000$2002,556Shop
Trench Coat [107]A thick trench coat that covers most of the body.Clothing$500,000$325,00035,528Shop
9mm Uzi [108]This Uzi is a compact, boxy, light-weight sub machine gun used throughout the world as a police and special forces firearm.Primary$1,100,000$600,00016,488Shop
RPG Launcher [109]The anti-tank RPG launcher is one of the most common and most effective infantry weapons in contemporary conflicts.Secondary$0$0560Shop
Leather Bull Whip [110]A whip made of rawhide. In the right hands, it can be a stealthy and deadly weapon. In the wrong may lose an eye!Melee$1,500$75087,049Shop
Ninja Claws [111]Traditional ninja weapon for close combat, with four needle-sharp spikes.Melee$8,000$5,00018,201Shop
Test Trophy [112]Test!Collectible$0$02Shop
Pet Rock [113]One of the rarest items in Torn, first discovered by Matt. Warning: this pet is extremely dangerous! Only the very brave or the very stupid should take it on. Matt takes no responsibility for the loss of life or fingertips caused by this pet.Collectible$0$020Shop
Non-Anon Doll [114]The perfect gift for when you want to add insult to injury. Patented by Someone...Collectible$0$06Shop
Poker Doll [115]Feisty red haired doll made in the image of Peachy complete with bellybutton poking action!Collectible$0$020Shop
Yoda Figurine [116]Have a doll like Yoda You must.Collectible$0$015Shop
Trojan Horse [117]This sweet gift from Tebbs seems innocently useful. Inside, it is highly infectious!Collectible$0$022Shop
Evil Doll [118]Replica doll of the Evil Female Admin known as Wynn. Believed to be responsible for lost stats, site lag, mass kicks on IRC and random deletions.Collectible$0$031Shop
Rubber Ducky of Doom [119]Most powerful weapon in the game can only be used by those with the knowledge to unleash its fearsome Duck Powers. Most often used after being asked the same n00b question for the 5th time in a row. Has also been seen dive bombing random people in IRC.Collectible$0$020Shop
Teppic Bear [120]Only known of by a very select few, this Teddy Bear stands as proof that even the toughest of players, such as Teppic, do indeed have a softer side.Collectible$0$020Shop
RockerHead Doll [121]It has no uses and does nothing just like the staff member it resembles.Collectible$0$010Shop
Mouser Doll [122]Similar to the one used by Mouser to relieve the stress of dealing with uncooperative staff, annoying n00bs, and day to day business of being a Coder in Torn City.Collectible$0$018Shop
Elite Action Man [123]Mimics the actions of the real man. Has been known to abuse Caps Lock Abusers.Collectible$0$020Shop
Toy Reactor [124]Miniature model of a Nuclear Reactor similar to the one that Sec. Les_Claypool will be working on when he leaves for the Navy.Collectible$0$017Shop
Royal Doll [125]This doll will give its user the feeling of being royalty just like KingAce while in possession. Player will receive special treatment from friends and rivals while carrying this special item!Collectible$0$019Shop
Blue Dragon [126] A blue dragon spawned from the evil TC admin named blue comes packed with evil intentions and wild powers.. Some say rubbing the dragons head makes one 100 times stronger than any normal man!Collectible$0$022Shop
China Tea Set [127]Be just like Chedburn, sit in the garden and sip tea with this China Tea Set.Collectible$0$010Shop
Mufasa Toy [128]Replica of a plush toy owned by Randi it looks just like the majestic lion Mufasa... before he was trampled of course.Collectible$0$021Shop
Dozen Roses [129]A dozen roses. This bouquet is available in assorted colors, from red for that special someone to black to send to your enemy after you hospitalize him or her.Flower$300$250669,658Shop
Skanky Doll [130]Just like the one owned by Infrit this doll comes with black hair blood red lipstick mini skirt and boob tube.Collectible$0$019Shop
Lego Hurin [131]This life like model is comprised completely of legos. Comes with upgrades such as the multi hunting goggles and evilarium connects to the brain Read instructions for more details. Not intended for use by children age 6 and under.Collectible$0$018Shop
Mystical Sphere [132]A rare object created by Phyrax when he was a helper... Only possessed by a select few in all of Torn City. Every now and then lights and mist shoot out of the sphere and at this time the holder may obtain all knowledge and wisdom.Collectible$0$019Shop
10 Ton Pacifier [133]Used for that special baby out there.. the one you would like to crush because you just cant get them to stop crying. Drive this pacifier in their mouth and you will get dead silence. Created by Rock for all the babies out there.Collectible$0$020Shop
Horse [134]First seen by those who crossed the Godfather, this strange object greatly increases your desire to annoy people in the chat rooms, while simultaneously draining away all your religious beliefs.Collectible$0$018Shop
Uriel's Speakers [135]These tripped out speakers will blow you away with thundering bass and a beat that won't quit. Putting out 5000W with a crushing 600 decibels.Collectible$0$020Shop
Strife Clown [136]This Ominous Clown is full of discord. This rare item channels all the pain and torture this world has to offer.Collectible$0$017Shop
Locked Teddy [137]This bear is covered in chains connected with padlocks. He has been seen locking forum topics around Torn City, but has yet to have any of his locks picked.Collectible$0$021Shop
Riddle's Bat [138]This baseball bat belongs to Riddle. All know it and most fear it. It causes panic in the IRC realm. Random kicks occur when he is in a bad mood or when mass slapping occurs. Don't mess with the bat!Collectible$0$020Shop
Soup Nazi Doll [139]Often seen running loose on IRC, usually before kicking rule breakers with the message No Soup For You!! Believed to have been released by Lestat.Collectible$0$020Shop
Pouncer Doll [140]Be careful of Pouncer. She might pounce on you unexpectedly, or hit you with a pillow or ducks, just like her creator SexySassy.Collectible$0$020Shop
Spammer Doll [141]A very friendly doll with good interactions, until you make it mad. It can hit back pretty hard, and It will start spamming you, even when you think it should be sleeping, just like Templar.Collectible$0$020Shop
Cookie Jar [142]Cookie Jar - Just like the one Is0lati0n has at home, this jar is stocked full of chocolate cookies for late nights working in the IRC channel.Collectible$0$035Shop
Vanity Mirror [143]Complete with 24 carat gold rim and handle with YT's initials engraved on it.Collectible$0$021Shop
Banana Phone [144]Bright yellow, shaped like a banana, and plays Titan's favourite song when it rings. Known to annoy other staff members... may be part of the reason he loves it.Collectible$0$020Shop
Xbox 360 [145]Want to play Xbox live?Electronic$0$50040,828Shop
Yasukuni Sword [146]A rare Japanese blade of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.Melee$0$016,667Shop
Rusty Sword [147]An old rusty sword.Melee$0$4043,185Shop
Dance Toy [148]Although its name refers to Syrup it's nothing near slow. Just press the button on the back and watch this crazy toy dance himself to death!Collectible$0$020Shop
Lucky Dime [149]Found deep within a lost cavern in Torn City was a rare bag of dimes that were stolen during the first bank robbery in Torn City. They were thought to have been lost forever, but a few have survived and are said to bring luck to those who play roulette in the Casino.Collectible$0$031Shop
Crystal Carousel [150]Created by w1ld_h0rs3s this replica Carousel shows her favourite horses running wild and free.Collectible$0$020Shop
Pixie Sticks [151]Small plastic tubes filled with flavoured sugar. Available in orange, raspberry, grape and strawberry. Provides a large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$5055,718Shop
Ice Sculpture [152]Some believe that the reclusive artist who carved these sculptures meant them to depict friendliness and good will. However, some who gaze on these rare pieces feel an icy coldness and a sinking detachment from the world. Only the artist knows his true intent.Collectible$0$020Shop
Case of Whiskey [153]Recovered during a raid at his Mansion these are the last cases of Whiskey that mdshare produced before being captured by Torn City Police for violation of the alcohol ordinance.Collectible$0$020Shop
Laptop [154]A high-tech wireless laptop. You can use it on your long travels to check your mail and see how things are going at home.Electronic$0$065,575Shop
Purple Frog Doll [155]A very rare species of frog that lives in Torn City. Sometimes seen on IRC hopping into people's pockets. Usually friendly, but can become extremely violent if provoked.Collectible$0$020Shop
Skeleton Key [156]Hooorang's skeleton key lets you bypass any locked doors and open lockers and safes. Nothing can stop its holder. Holding this item makes you feel invincible.Collectible$0$023Shop
Patriot Whip [157]UTBracket's own design, comes in either Union Jack or St. George style. Don't mess with the owner of this collectible or expect to have your day ruined by some painful marks on your butt and the ability to sit down removed!!Collectible$0$015Shop
Statue Of Aeolus [158]Aeolus Keeper of The Wind possess the power to control the strength and direction of the wind. A Greek Mystical Artifact with powers believed to be related to the wind.Collectible$0$020Shop
Bolt Cutters [159]A pair of quality bolt cutters. Made of tempered steel with cushion-grip handles and durable, heat-treated jaws.Other$25$15659,081Shop
Photographs [160]Four photographs of a man handing over a briefcase.Other$0$08,490Shop
Black Unicorn [161]A majestic, mythical creature with a blood red mane and tail and an 18 inch horn. A friend for life and a ferocious fighter feared by all foes. This figurine is 18 inches long and 12 inches tall.Collectible$0$020Shop
WarPaint Kit [162]The perfect accessory when going off to war. Fashioned after Scarlet's own personal kit, containing facial paints made of wolf's blood. Once applied, the user is said to gain the prowess of the wolf.Collectible$0$020Shop
Official Ninja Kit [163]The Official Hiro Ninja Kit is a custom fit accessory set for any wannabe ninja. Contains: ninja suit for those stealthy attacks, grappling hook for those difficult larcenies, ninja guide book as penned by Hiro himself. Warning - not for novices.Collectible$0$020Shop
Leukaemia TeddyBear [164]Soft and fluffy, it likes to be cuddled and can comfort you on those lonely nights. But beware: mistreatment of your Leukaemia Teddy Bear will result in a mighty slap from its paws of steel.Collectible$0$020Shop
Chocobo Flute [165] Long thought to be lost forever this small item was found in the far reaches of Torn City by CloudFFVII. Many believe peace of mind and swiftness in battle are brought to the holder of this charm.Collectible$0$020Shop
Annoying Man [166]This little annoying man can be seen on IRC and on MSN annoying people and getting into trouble just like Manjot.Collectible$0$020Shop
Article on Crime [167]An article written by the reporter George on specific criminals.Other$0$02,521Shop
Unknown [168]This item does not exist.Unused$0$07Shop
Barbie Doll [169]Equipped with Kung Fu Grip, and hot pink nail polish, this doll resembles the Admin Clansdancer.Collectible$0$031Shop
Wand of Destruction [170]A very rare special weapon, this wand was created by The Great Pumpkin himself to wreak havoc on Torn CityMelee$0$07Shop
Jack-O-Lantern '05 [171]Given out by The Great Pumpkin, to good boys and girls all across Torn CityCollectible$0$0368Shop
Gas Can [172]An ordinary looking gas can such as what one would find at an ordinary gas station.Other$0$268,967Shop
Butterfly Knife [173]A small knife, deadly in the right hands. The handles fold up to conceal the blade of this dangerous weapon.Melee$1,750$1,20056,628Shop
XM8 Rifle [174]Lightweight assault rifle, deadly when fired up close. Can break through the toughest armor.Primary$12,500$9,00043,070Shop
Taser [175]An electroshock gun, non lethal, but will land your opponent in the hospital for a while just as quickly as a more aggressive weapon will.Melee$5,500$4,25033,129Shop
Chain Mail [176]Lightweight metal armor, best when used against melee weapons. Almost useless against firearms.Defensive$4,000$3,10033,361Shop
Cobra Derringer [177]A small, lightweight pistol. For some people two bullets are all you need.Secondary$70,000$55,00021,041Shop
Flak Jacket [178]Marine issued armor. Sturdy and effective against most small caliber rounds.Defensive$7,500$4,75025,422Shop
Birthday Cake '05 [179]A slice of cake left over from Torn's first birthday.Collectible$0$0881Shop
Bottle of Beer [180]Just the thing for when you're looking to kick back after a hard day in the City. Provides a small nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$10$568,753,473Shop
Bottle of Champagne [181]Celebrate an occasion or show your special someone just how much you care with this bottle of champagne. Imported from France. Provides a small nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$4,500$3,100442,369Shop
Soap on a Rope [182]Necessity for the often-jailed felon.Other$50$101,088,527Shop
Single Red Rose [183]For when words alone just aren't enough to say how you feel.Flower$175$10010,401,960Shop
Bunch of Black Roses [184]Not sure your opponent got the meaning of that 4 hour hospital stay? Make SURE you get your point across with this bouquet of black roses.Flower$500$300895,275Shop
Bunch of Balloons '05 [185]Large bunch of brightly coloured balloons left over from the First Birthday of Torn City. How they stay inflated after the party's over, no one will ever figure out.Collectible$0$0832Shop
Sheep Plushie [186]baaaaaaPlushie$25$1516,994,001Shop
Teddy Bear Plushie [187]Soft plush teddy bear for your special someone to cuddle up with when you're not around.Plushie$30$1023,018,070Shop
Cracked Crystal Ball [188]A small glass globe with several deep cracks running through it. How can this be of any use?Collectible$0$50Shop
S&W Revolver [189]Smith and Wesson revolver, commonly used in the game of Russian Roulette.Secondary$0$90091,925Shop
C4 Explosive [190]A C4 high-explosive device.Other$0$0101,036Shop
Memory Locket [191]It has a picture of a happy family inside it.Other$0$088,858Shop
Rainbow Stud Earring [192]This earring is a symbol of Pride and LoveCollectible$0$05Shop
Hamster Toy [193]Small plush hamster in a plastic ball. Replica of the one that powers parts of the TC Database and cause for most of the lag when he takes a weekend off. Known to annoy kittens and ducks alike he seems to like only one rather isolated admin.Collectible$0$010Shop
Snowflake '05 [194]A small crystal snowflake made especially for the 2005 Xmas season.Collectible$0$0117Shop
Christmas Tree '05 [195]A fully decorated Christmas tree, perfect for decorating your home for the 2005 Christmas season.Collectible$0$0120Shop
Cannabis [196]Said to improve one's concentration and nerve.Drug$0$02,058,925Shop
Ecstasy [197]Improves one's happiness.Drug$0$0827,465Shop
Ketamine [198]Raises one's defense temporarily, resulting in lower strength and speed.Drug$0$0508,978Shop
LSD [199]Increases one's energy, nerve and happiness.Drug$0$0413,863Shop
Opium [200]Said to relieve a large amount of pain.Drug$0$0170,595Shop
PCP [201]Momentarily improves one's strength and dexterity.Drug$0$0124,818Shop
Mr Torn Crown '07 [202]Awarded to GZUS [18690] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2007!Collectible$0$01Shop
Shrooms [203]Said to increase one's happiness at the cost of some energy.Drug$0$0379,435Shop
Speed [204]Increases speed for a short period, but lowers dexterity at the same time.Drug$0$0101,644Shop
Vicodin [205]Temporarily passively increases all statistics while attacking or defending by 25%.Drug$0$06,201,680Shop
Xanax [206]Increases one's energy.Drug$0$02,028,702Shop
Ms Torn Crown '07 [207]Awarded to Vixen_ [140202] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2007!Collectible$0$01Shop
Unknown [208]This item does not exist.Unused$0$00Shop
Box of Sweet Hearts [209]Fun filled heart shaped candies with messages for your loved ones. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$500$2501,201,623Shop
Bag of Chocolate Kisses [210]Sweet candy kiss for the one you love. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$150$1002,566,798Shop
Crazy Cow [211]This is the most Famous Cow of Torn City protector of innocent pets, punisher of the scammer but watch out! Get to close to him and BOOM You have Mad Cow Disease.Collectible$0$020Shop
Legend's Urn [212]This item is a urn holding all of the ashes of fallen legends killed by the Legend Killer himself.Collectible$0$020Shop
Dreamcatcher [213]DL's dream catcher. Hung above a bed or in a window, catches bad dreams while good dreams slip on by.Collectible$0$020Shop
Brutus Keychain [214]This key chain stands as proof the bearer has survived a brush with the mammoth known as Brutus.Collectible$0$028Shop
Kitten Plushie [215]A small grey plush kitten with pale green eyes. Rumour has it, if you pet its nose it will purr, but is more often heard saying Rawr!Plushie$50$2515,402,519Shop
Single White Rose [216]Found only near Valentine's Day in Torn City, this rose would be the perfect gift for your loved one on that special day.Collectible$0$0351Shop
Claymore Sword [217]The claymore is the mother of all broadswords. It's a huge, two-handed thing, approx 4ft long. Do you have the strength to wield this monster?Melee$100,000$75,00016,182Shop
Crossbow [218]A crossbow has more impact damage than a normal bow and is capable of easily piercing metal.Secondary$900$75039,909Shop
Enfield SA-80 [219]A good thing about the Enfield is its SUSAT 4X telescopic sight, which allows for accurate shooting.Primary$250,000$200,00061,476Shop
Grenade [220]A small hand-held bomb. Pull the pin, count to three, then throw it at your enemy.Temporary$10,000$7,0002,397,671Shop
Stick Grenade [221]Stick grenades are less powerful and have shorter fuses than their British counterparts, but weigh significantly less, making it easier to carry several into fights.Temporary$8,000$6,50098,349Shop
Flash Grenade [222]Often used to blind opponents, can give an edge in battle that is very hard to overcome.Temporary$12,000$10,000894,886Shop
Jackhammer [223]A gas operated, fully automatic only shotgun. Able to fire 240 rounds per minute, this is not your average shotgun.Primary$5,000,000$4,000,00027,705Shop
Swiss Army Knife [224]Elegant and light weight pocket knife, with several useful tools integrated.Melee$2,500$2,000108,066Shop
Mag 7 [225]Shotgun intended specially for close combat and operations in confined spaces, like the room-to-room searches.Primary$60,000$50,00029,281Shop
Smoke Grenade [226]Typically used to send signals or create a smokescreen, this grenade can be used to temporarily blind your opponent, to allow you the upper hand in attacking.Temporary$20,000$15,000753,698Shop
Spear [227]A spear is an ancient weapon used for hunting and war, consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a sharpened head.Melee$600$40027,396Shop
Vektor CR-21 [228]Its futuristic looks are the result of the fact that the entire stock is made of a high-impact polymer. The only metal to be seen on the outside is part of the barrel and the flash-suppressor.Primary$7,500$6,50025,796Shop
Claymore Mine [229]The mine contains 700 steel spheres (10.5 grains) and 1-1/2 pound layer of composition C-4 explosive and is initiated by an electric blasting cap.Temporary$15,000$11,00075,892Shop
Flare Gun [230]Can work as a weapon in a pinch, but only as a last resort. Works best as a device to create light in some of the darker missions.Secondary$300$20036,342Shop
Heckler & Koch SL8 [231]H&K SL8 is a lightweight semi automatic gas powered rifle. With a unique stock design this dependable weapon is widely sought after.Primary$45,000$35,00020,683Shop
Sig 550 [232]The SIG 550 is a custom assault rifle. With a 30 round magazine this weapon can switch between semi automatic and full automatic firing with a flip of a switch.Primary$65,000$55,00023,219Shop
BT MP9 [233]Offers a lower and more controllable rate of fire compared to other handguns, is also small enough to be effectively fired with one hand.Secondary$55,000$40,00083,238Shop
Chain Whip [234]Oriental version of the flail. Consists of 4 to 6 iron bars linked end to end by short lengths of chain.Melee$2,500$2,00012,927Shop
Wooden Nunchakus [235]Consists of two wooden bars linked by a short length of chain.Melee$5,000$4,00011,506Shop
Kama [236]A simple but very sharp and potentially deadly weapon like a small sickle, a favourite of ninjas.Melee$50,000$40,0007,578Shop
Kodachi Swords [237]These 2-foot short swords offer both beginners and masters speed and agility on both defense and offense.Melee$95,000$80,00085,308Shop
Sai [238]The sai's distinctive shape makes it a versatile weapon. With skill, it can be used effectively against a long sword by trapping the sword's blade between the sai's blade and the tsuba and breaking it with a twist of the hand.Melee$1,000$70016,407Shop
Ninja Stars [239]A lethal throwing dart that can pierce an opponent's body before he realizes an attack is under way. Conceal it in your hand and then throw it underhand at an enemy when they least expect it. Combined with poison these can really hurt your target!Temporary$500$400290,941Shop
Anti Tank [240]The BILL 2 missile system has a SACLOS (semi-automatic command to line-of-sight) guidance system and the missile is wire-guided.Primary$25,000,000$17,000,0007,193Shop
Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21s [241]This top of the line assault weapon weighs less than three and a half pounds. A very effective weapon, regardless of the user's stats.Primary$15,000$10,00034,552Shop
HEG [242]A fragmentation grenade used to shock and stun the enemy and cause casualties up to a maximum of 190 metres from the point of burst.Temporary$20,000$15,0002,460,649Shop
Taurus [243]This firearm has been engineered for reliability, accuracy and durability. One of the best low priced weapons you can buy.Secondary$650$40089,843Shop
Blowgun [244]Most often used with poison darts, can be quite effective if you don't wish your target to know they are under attack until it's far too late.Secondary$2,500$2,00030,508Shop
Bo Staff [245]A long stick carried in the hand. Can't take too much chopping, but its smooth reversal ability makes it a fluid and versatile weapon when used with skill.Melee$500$30027,972Shop
Fireworks [246]A fascinating mix of charcoal, sulphur and saltpetre compressed into a bamboo tube. Traditionally fireworks are the sign of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. When this is ignited and thrown at an opponent they will get a nasty surprise!Temporary$500$30074,792Shop
Katana [247]Curved, single-edged sword, or dao, traditionally used by the Japanese samurai. In well trained hands, a deadly weapon.Melee$16,000$13,00029,826Shop
Qsz-92 [248]Most recent development of the Chinese state arms factories. Dual stack magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition in either calibre. Front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flash lights.Secondary$90,000$70,00039,005Shop
Sks Carbine [249]This gun, with the proper cartridges, will serve for deer hunting, pest and predator control, and emergency self defense.Primary$6,500$5,00019,728Shop
Twin Tiger Hooks [250]This versatile and lethal weapon combines the abilities of a sword, cane and dagger. Perfect for trapping, blocking and slashing.Melee$50,000$40,0009,082Shop
Wushu Double Axes [251]This is a pair of lethal axes first forged by the legendary Wushu Warrior Li Kwei. Designed to launch a flurry attack at the enemy, hacking and slashing them to pieces.Melee$75,000$60,0009,790Shop
Ithaca 37 [252]One of the oldest pump action shotguns still in production, this is a favourite of several generations.Primary$10,000$7,00023,470Shop
Lorcin 380 [253]This is the handgun most frequently submitted by law enforcement agencies for tracing in connection to violent crimes. Very low quality, so very much a "use and discard" weapon for short-range attacks.Secondary$300$20061,117Shop
S&W M29 [254]A six shot double action revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge. It will also chamber and fire .44 Special cartridges.Secondary$40,000$25,00017,049Shop
Flamethrower [255]Built like a backpack, with dual tanks to hold the highly flammable gas. Be careful though, a well placed bullet could be the end of this powerful weapon.. and the person carrying it.Secondary$3,000,000$2,500,00021,355Shop
Tear Gas [256]Typically used for riot control, this non-lethal gas will temporarily blind your opponent, possibly giving you a bit of an advantage in battle.Temporary$15,000$10,000176,523Shop
Throwing Knife [257]To make the best use of this weapon, skill and practice are needed, but in the right hands, this could be used for a devastating attack.Temporary$35,000$30,000115,117Shop
Jaguar Plushie [258]Modelled after the third largest cat in the world, this small spotted plushie could be easily confused for a leopard.Plushie$10,000$8,0001,085,693Shop
Mayan Statue [259]Small, dark jade statue of the Mayan God Quetzacoatl. Quetzalcoatl is the god of human sustenance, penitence, self-sacrifice, re-birth and butterflies.Other$500$350226,030Shop
Dahlia [260]Spectacular pink bloom with pointed petals, this is the national flower of Mexico.Flower$300$2504,322,117Shop
Wolverine Plushie [261]The wolverine has been described as the fiercest creature on earth, but this small plush version will only growl if you pull its tail.Plushie$30$251,831,143Shop
Hockey Stick [262]Replica of the sticks used in the 1920 Olympics, the first year Hockey was recognized as an official Olympic sport. The Winnipeg Falcons had the honour of taking the Gold medal home to Canada.Other$400$300495,075Shop
Crocus [263]This bright blue flower is often considered the national flower of Canada.Flower$600$4002,205,563Shop
Orchid [264]Delicate pink flower, the orchid may not be a native of Hawaii, but it has made the transition to this tropical climate with ease.Flower$700$5001,817,750Shop
Pele Charm [265]Small golden charm of the goddess Pele, bought on your recent trip to the Big Island.Other$2,000$1,800349,900Shop
Nessie Plushie [266]Hidden in the depths of the Loch. Seeing this mythical creature will leave a lasting impression.Plushie$200$1501,186,648Shop
Heather [267]Believed to bring good luck to who possess it. These spiky purple and white flowers cover the hillsides of Scotland.Flower$5,000$4,0001,539,413Shop
Red Fox Plushie [268]Small dark red fox plushie, will serve as a memento from your trip to Britain, and your participation in a local Fox HuntPlushie$1,000$7501,212,914Shop
Monkey Plushie [269]Small plush monkey, made in the image of the simians, often seen around the forests of Argentina.Plushie$400$3001,098,010Shop
Soccer Ball [270]Replica of the ball used in the 1930 World Cup final between Argentina and UruguayOther$50$30251,700Shop
Ceibo Flower [271]This unusual red flower is the national flower of Argentina.Flower$500$3501,520,143Shop
Edelweiss [272]Small white blooms are the hallmark of this Swiss national flower.Flower$900$7003,822,658Shop
Chamois Plushie [273]Small plushie of a Mountain Goat.Plushie$400$3001,961,252Shop
Panda Plushie [274]One of the most recognizable endangered species, Xiong Mao, as they are called in Chinese, instantly bring to mind bamboo forests and quiet contemplation.Plushie$400$3001,362,559Shop
Jade Buddha [275]In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves. - BuddhaOther$12,000$10,00052,360Shop
Peony [276]While China has no official national flower, the peony, with its ruffled, pale pink blooms, is widely recognized as the national favourite.Flower$5,000$4,0001,522,509Shop
Cherry Blossom [277]This beautiful pink blossom is often considered the official flower of Japan.Flower$500$3001,517,227Shop
Kabuki Mask [278]Used in traditional Japanese theatre productions, this beautiful mask can serve as a reminder of your recent trip to Tokyo.Clothing$10,000$7,00025,727Shop
Maneki Neko [279]Meant to bring good fortune and prosperity to its owner, this little cat is more than just a good luck charm.Other$50,000$35,00048,631Shop
Elephant Statue [280]This ancient ivory statue is made from the tusks of the very animal it represents,and harvesting the tusks for such artworks is ironically bringing the elephant to the brink of extinction.Other$500$300179,872Shop
Lion Plushie [281]This small plushie is modelled after the African lion. Squeeze his tummy to hear him roar.Plushie$400$3001,621,874Shop
African Violet [282]While not the national flower for Africa, this beautiful purple plant will remind you of your recent trip to the Southern African plains.Flower$2,000$1,5002,185,356Shop
Donator Pack [283]A Torn City donator pack. Using this will credit you with 31 donator days and give you 50 points!Special$0$25,200,000106,174Shop
Bronze Paint Brush [284]This item was given for third place in one of the many art competitions held by Torn City Staff.Collectible$0$06Shop
Silver Paint Brush [285]This item was given for second place in one of the many art competitions held by Torn City Staff.Collectible$0$06Shop
Gold Paint Brush [286]This item was given for first place in one of the many art competitions held by Torn City Staff.Collectible$0$06Shop
Pand0ra's Box [287]After being hidden for years this ancient relic has resurfaced. Mysterious wonders or tragic events await the owner. Open the box if you dare--but following your curiosity may take you down unexpected paths.Collectible$0$020Shop
Mr Brownstone Doll [288]This rocked out doll will get up around seven Get outta bed around nine And dont worry about nothing 'cause worryin is a waste of ...timeCollectible$0$020Shop
Dual Axes [289]Only a well trained individual would even dare to attempt to dual wield these weapons.Melee$0$01,080Shop
Dual Hammers [290]Only a well trained individual, ideally with some experience in carpentry, would even dare to attempt to dual wield these weapons.Melee$0$03,376Shop
Dual Scimitars [291]Only a well trained individual would even dare to attempt to dual wield these weapons, and even then only after several puffs on a hookah.Melee$0$02,208Shop
Dual Samurai Swords [292]Only a well trained individual, wearing a classy kimono, would even dare to attempt to dual wield these weapons.Melee$0$02,466Shop
Japanese/English Dictionary [293]This Dictionary can aid you in translating words and symbols from Japanese to English or vice-versa.Other$0$014,137Shop
Bottle of Saké [294]This is an alcoholic beverage much like wine, made from rice and drunk by Japanese for centuries. Sake is drunk before and after many Japanese events. Provides a small nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$39$0157,396Shop
Oriental Log [295]This piece of Japanese oak looks ancient. It has Japanese symbols carved all over it. Strangely, written in English on the bottom of the log there is the name 'Master Keneshi'Other$0$025,052Shop
Oriental Log Translation [296]On a piece of paper is written: He who chooses to undertake the mastery of dual weaponry need only speak my name.Other$0$08,599Shop
YouYou Yo Yo [297]You can walk the dog, rock the cradle but be careful, this YouYou YoYo could turn you into meme!Collectible$0$025Shop
Monkey Cuffs [298]These shiny steel manacles are used by MoNKeY to capture and restrain the bad guys of Torn City. Some lucky ladies hint they have a more naughty purpose!Collectible$0$020Shop
Jester's Cap [299]A constant reminder that you should never take things too seriously. Wearing this cap will allow you to act a fool and be praised for it.Collectible$0$029Shop
Gibal's Dragonfly [300]Gibal rides around Torn City on her dragonfly looking for wrong-doers. Once caught they are locked up for good!Collectible$0$020Shop
Green Ornament [301]This ornament was given to Officers of Torn City for Xmas in recognition of a job well done for their time served as staff.Other$0$073Shop
Purple Ornament [302]This ornament was given to Helpers of Torn City for Xmas in recognition of a job well done for their time served as staff.Other$0$0106Shop
Blue Ornament [303]This ornament was given to Mods of Torn City for Xmas in recognition of a job well done for their time served as staff.Other$0$082Shop
Purple Bell [304]This ornament was given to Admins of Torn City for Xmas in recognition of a job well done for their time served as staff.Other$0$015Shop
Mistletoe [305]A kiss under the mistletoe is said to bring good luck for the year ahead. Why not share this tradition with someone special this year?Other$0$55,222Shop
Mini Sleigh [306]A miniature replica of the very same one Santa uses when delivering presents to the good boys and girls of Torn City.Other$0$53,658Shop
Snowman [307]Comes complete with silk top hat, button nose and two eyes made out of coal. Perfect winter decoration for any home.Other$0$53,725Shop
Christmas Gnome [308]A small misshapen mischievous sprite who makes Christmas wishes of 2006 come true.Other$0$53,775Shop
Gingerbread House [309]Snowdrifts of icing, walls of gingerbread: this house is a replica of the first home decorated for Xmas in Torn City.Other$0$54,474Shop
Lollipop [310]Tasty fruity candy lolly for lovers, friends, whiny noobs and spoilt brats alike to enjoy! Available in strawberry, blueberry, banana and chocolate flavours. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.Candy$25$1019,958,160Shop
Mardi Gras Beads [311]These beads are from the Mardi Gras and thrown by Body. Do you have what it takes to get a set of them?Collectible$0$025Shop
Devil Toy [312]Tasmanian devil that is. This little fella has been known to create havoc wherever he goes including staff channels, faction forums and anywhere newbies lurk. Rumour has it only Tazzy can control this little whirlwind.Collectible$0$019Shop
Cookie Launcher [313]A non-working replica of Mix's Cookie launcher, used to launch cookies at his IRC buddies.Collectible$0$020Shop
Cursed Moon Pendant [314]Be wary of this sacred item. The bearer of this pendant will be put under a spell and become a slave to the evillest of all staff members, Luna. The maker of this pendant cannot be held responsible for any actions you may perform while under its spell. You have been warned.Collectible$0$020Shop
Apartment Blueprint [315]Designs of an Apartment for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Semi-Detached House Blueprint [316]Designs of a Semi-Detached house for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Detached House Blueprint [317]Designs of a Detached house for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Beach House Blueprint [318]Designs of a Beach house for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Chalet Blueprint [319]Designs of a Chalet for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Villa Blueprint [320]Designs of a Villa for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Penthouse Blueprint [321]Designs of a Penthouse for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Mansion Blueprint [322]Designs of a Mansion for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Ranch Blueprint [323]Designs of a Ranch for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Palace Blueprint [324]Designs of a Palace for construction purposes.Unused$0$00Shop
Castle Blueprint [325]Designs of a Castle for construction purposes.Unused$0$01Shop
Printing Paper [326]Paper, very similar to the type money is printed on.Other$75,000$027,435Shop
Blank Tokens [327]Blank casino token slugs.Other$100,000$038,656Shop
Blank Credit Cards [328]Blank credit cards without any data on them.Other$125,000$035,448Shop
Skateboard [329]Device used for transportation and entertainment.Booster$450,000,000$2002,510Shop
Boxing Gloves [330]Worn to protect hands during a boxing event.Booster$450,000,000$2002,547Shop
Dumbbells [331]Device used to increase muscle mass.Booster$450,000,000$2002,197Shop
Combat Vest [332]Also known as the IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest), this is the prototype of the lightest, most technologically advanced protective armor ever issued to the Armed Forces of the United States.Defensive$3,500,000$2,700,00023,118Shop
Liquid Body Armor [333]Liquid polyethylene glycol and hard nano-particles of silica combined and soaked into all layers of kevlar to make a uniquely flexible and lightweight body armor with amazing stopping power. Top Secret development model!Defensive$7,500,000$4,500,00015,117Shop
Flexible Body Armor [334]Classified! Top Secret!Defensive$15,000,000$9,000,00025,189Shop
Stick of Dynamite [335]A small stick of dynamite. This thing could cause a lot of damage if used in the right place...Other$50,000$35,00030,567Shop
Cesium-137 [336]A man made radioactive element produced by breaking up uranium atoms. It remains dangerous for hundreds of years until losing its radiation.Special$0$07,622Shop
Dirty Bomb [337]A weapon which combines radioactive material with explosives. A dirty bomb would be unlikely to cause many deaths; its main purpose would be to cause a mass panic.Special$0$070Shop
Sh0rty's Surfboard [338]Feel the force of Sh0rty's surfboard as he rides past you working his way around Torn City!Collectible$0$024Shop
Puzzle piece [339]This oddly shaped item was left over from the last time its owner, Chris, attempted to do a puzzle. Holds some importance....Collectible$0$020Shop
Hunny Pot [340]This Hunny pot is gold plated and is filled with all the yummy sweetness of honey from contented bees. It is believed to contain the source of Acid's sweetness.Collectible$0$022Shop
Seductive Stethoscope [341]The enigmatic Drmark uses this cold instrument to pick up the heated flutter of a lovestruck lady or the palpitations of a troubled wrongdoer, keeping the population of Torn City healthy.Collectible$0$021Shop
Dollar Bill Collectible [342]This item is so rare that only a few bills were printed. It can only be obtained on the item market during Dollar Day Sales. It costs one dollar to purchase, but due to limited printing it is worth a small fortune.Collectible$0$078Shop
Backstage Pass [343]This backstage pass gave special benefits to its holder by allowing them to have met performers after concerts held by Torn City RadioCollectible$0$021Shop
Chemi's Magic Potion [344]This homemade pink brew is powerful, one sip will leave you feeling like you can beat anyone.Collectible$0$019Shop
Pack of Trojans [345]Magnum rubbers for the gangster who really knows how to use his gun.Other$0$01,288Shop
Pair of High Heels [346]High Heels - essential weaponry in the control of the male species. Ho or Foe, still can be used to smack an average Joe.Melee$0$03,333Shop
Thong [347]Thongs...Not a wise choice if you have too much junk in your trunk.Clothing$0$03,445Shop
Hazmat Suit [348]A fully encapsulating garment worn as protection from hazardous materials or substances. Clothing$0$0315Shop
Flea Collar [349]Keep those pesky critters away whilst swinging round the city. A rare must-have before it was discontinued. Reminiscent of golden times. The tag reads "Shadow Still a pup".Collectible$0$020Shop
Dunkin's Donut [350]The feeling of invincibility gained by eating one of these cream filled masterpieces has been known to make HOF factions tremble with fear.Collectible$0$020Shop
Amazon Doll [351]Modeled after Wild_Irish_Btch, this doll shows that women can stomp your face into the ground while towering above the men of Torn City. Doll comes equipped with a bag of Cheetos, a Teddy Bear plushie, a replica of Brutus, and an avid love of midgets.Collectible$0$019Shop
BBQ Smoker [352]You have to be pretty fast to steal the brisket inside this smoker. Which just happened to be stolen right after this collectible was made. Body and a drifter hobo were both seen eating brisket in the vicinity shortly afterwards. st0ne was last seen crying in his backyard.Collectible$0$020Shop
Bag of Cheetos [353] A jumbo bag of these orange cheese twists for late nights on the job. Favored by midgets of all types.Collectible$0$020Shop
Motorbike [354]You can often find Numbat tearing it up through the city's darkest streets on this, seeking prey. Beware the spiked tyres!Collectible$0$019Shop
Citrus Squeezer [355]Commonly used by lem0n to put the squeeze on during lengthy interrogations. Also handy to make a refreshing drink on a warm day.Collectible$0$019Shop
Superman Shades [356]Said to bestow Superman-like powers on the wearer, these ordinary looking shades are rumoured to make all of your stats appear the same.Collectible$0$019Shop
Kevlar Helmet [357]Standard infantry combat wear in the US military. The shell is made from kevlar, a ballistic aramid fabric treated with a phenolic resin system.Collectible$0$020Shop
Raw Ivory [358]A raw elephant tusk. A hard, smooth yellowish-white substance.Other$0$020,912Shop
Fine Chisel [359]A tool with a cutting edge on its end. This particular type of chisel can be used to sculpt ivory.Melee$0$012,183Shop
Ivory Walking Cane [360]A handmade walking cane. Used by some of the oldest citizens in Torn City, helping them to get around while they commit various crimes and attend physiotherapy gym sessions.Melee$0$012,483Shop
Neumune Tablet [361]Neumune, an androstenediol, was introduced as a radiation countermeasure by the US Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute and has begun production in Switzerland. Neumune is in Investigational New Drug (IND) status and Phase I trials have been performed.Medical$6,500,000$047,645Shop
Mr Torn Crown '08 [362]Awarded to -KC [130919] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2008!Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '08 [363]Awarded to AylaTayla [350383] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2008!Collectible$0$01Shop
Box of Grenades [364]A box of 100 grenades, courtesy of the Eaglewood mercenary group. Supply Pack$0$0165,135Shop
Box of Medical Supplies [365]A box of medical supplies, courtesy of the Torn City Health Service.Supply Pack$0$01,323,594Shop
Erotic DVD [366]An Erotic DVD, courtesy of the Performance Ribaldry Network.Booster$0$01,235,609Shop
Feathery Hotel Coupon [367]A coupon to stay at one of the worlds best hotels, courtesy of the Feathery Hotels Group.Booster$0$01,108,098Shop
Lawyer Business Card [368]This card has the number of a professional defense lawyer on it, courtesy of the Society and Legal Authorities Group.Booster$0$0197,564Shop
Lottery Voucher [369]A lottery voucher which can be traded in for 100 lottery tickets for the weekly draw, courtesy of the Lucky Shot Casino.Supply Pack$0$01,602,287Shop
Drug Pack [370]A drug pack from Symbiotic Ltd. Contains either 10x Xanax or 10x Vicodin.Supply Pack$0$0810,328Shop
Dark Doll [371]Legend has it that this doll was made in the darkest depths of a castle by the typing of a keyboard. It is said that whenever someone needs help, another thread is woven deep within the doll.Collectible$0$020Shop
Empty Box [372]An empty box. Items can be placed in to this box turning it into a parcel. It can then be sent to other people.Other$5$33,748,107Shop
Parcel [373]A parcel containing one or more items.Supply Pack$0$0118,869Shop
Birthday Present [374]A birthday present, containing one or more items.Supply Pack$0$019,936Shop
Present [375]A present neatly wrapped with generic wrapping paper, containing one or more items.Supply Pack$0$059,890Shop
Christmas Present [376]A Christmas present, containing one or more items.Supply Pack$0$024,130Shop
Birthday Wrapping Paper [377]A roll of expensive birthday wrapping paper. Can be used on a parcel to turn it into a birthday present.Other$30$20287,649Shop
Generic Wrapping Paper [378]A roll of standard wrapping paper. Can be used on a parcel to turn it into a present.Other$20$15426,790Shop
Christmas Wrapping Paper [379]A roll of expensive Christmas wrapping paper. Can be used on a parcel to turn it into a Christmas present.Other$30$20462,701Shop
Small Explosive Device [380]A very small explosive device. Generally used in parcels to give the opener a nasty surprise.Special$0$037,617Shop
Gold Laptop [381]Stun others with this exclusive limited edition solid gold laptop. Crafted from one single block of 99.9% pure gold. Use it while travelling, if your arms can bear the weight.Electronic$8,000,000,000$012Shop
Gold Plated AK-47 [382]One of the best rifles in the world, made even better. This highly tuned, gold plated AK-47 Kalashnikov will send fear coursing through the blood of your enemies. Configured to fire an extended magazine of ammunition, it's not the cheapest, but it'll certainly leave a mark.Primary$25,000,000,000$0105Shop
Platinum PDA [383]This luxury, platinum plated personal data assistant has a large storage area for contacts. Boosting your friend and blacklist capacity by 500, you'll never be without company again.Electronic$12,000,000,000$02Shop
Camel Plushie [384]This rare camel plushie will instantly remind you of Arabian nights within the U.A.E.Plushie$14,000$11,0001,103,894Shop
Tribulus Omanense [385]Originating in the desert, and soon to become Dubai's official flower, the Tribulus Omanense is a hermaphroditic flower that can survive very harsh conditions. Flower$6,000$4,0001,456,100Shop
Sports Sneakers [386]This pair of limited edition sneakers will prove their value in the gym. Rumoured to increase speed gains by up to 5%, these lightweight and durable shoes will leave your enemies in the dust.Enhancer$14,000,000,000$041Shop
Handbag [387]A platinum plated handbag to keep thieves at bay. Its diamond studs will deliver a nasty blow to any opponents. Melee$16,000,000,000$016Shop
Pink Mac-10 [388]Don't let the pink fool you. With a seriously extended magazine this rapid fire, automatic, sub machine-gun will mow down enemies with ease.Primary$23,000,000,000$016Shop
Mr Torn Crown '09 [389]Awarded to GodsCurse [785385] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2009! Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '09 [390]Awarded to Lullsbud [945705] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2009! Collectible$0$01Shop
Macana [391]This South American dagger with a handle of the finest Amazon timber is sharper than it looks. This extremely light, hand crafted weapon is very accurate.Melee$100,000$80,00055,912Shop
Pepper Spray [392]The spray contains 200 grams of weapons grade pepper, and once fired can incapacitate your opponent for several minutes. Perfect for that extra edge during a fight.Temporary$800$6005,774,773Shop
Slingshot [393]This weapon is perfect against a more powerful opponent, as used by David against Goliath.Secondary$0$1017,147Shop
Brick [394]The brick is a crude way to disable your opponent, but it's easily acquired from any DIY store or building site, and deadly if you can hit your target in a tender spot.Temporary$5$393,229,502Shop
Metal Nunchakus [395]The Metal Nunchakus are easily concealed when folded, but once opened become a weapon with lethal force for someone with Martial Arts training.Melee$400,000$300,00033,345Shop
Business Class Ticket [396]If you want to travel in style and comfort, the only way to do this is to travel in business class. Stretch your legs and relax. You can use this two way ticket at the travel agency, and you'll be at your destination before you know it!Special$0$034,469Shop
Flail [397]Used by knights in ancient times, it is still a devastating weapon in the right hands. This very rare medieval flail is highly inaccurate but will deliver a massive blow to anyone standing in its way.Melee$8,000,000$6,000,0001,515Shop
Swiss Army SG 550 [398]This rifle is a very powerful weapon and comes with a rocket launcher and folding leaf sight. It fires single rounds but that is usually all it needs.Primary$7,500,000$3,750,0005,232Shop
ArmaLite M-15A4 Rifle [399]Made from the latest composites, this lightweight but powerful rifle is perfect for the experienced shooter.Primary$20,000,000$15,000,00019,514Shop
Guandao [400]This Chinese pole weapon has a heavy blade, and a rear spike for when you swing it back around. Truly a weapon for the finest assassins. Not the best accuracy but hits hard!Melee$200,000$150,0006,295Shop
Lead Pipe [401]The lead pipe is quite clumsy and heavy, but a big swing can result in some devastating damage to your opponent.Melee$150$100120,700Shop
Ice Pick [402]Nice and light, the ice pick is easy to handle, but is very sharp and can cause significant damage. Also useful for preparing drinks at parties after a hard week of crime.Melee$20,000$15,00012,566Shop
Box of Tissues [403]The perfect present to dry the tears of your opponent in battle. If you win, that is.Other$20$103,922,669Shop
Bandana [404]Always nice to wear on warm summer days walking around the city. But be careful as sometimes it's the mark of a gang member.Clothing$500$300174,517Shop
Loaf of Bread [405]Considered the staple of many diets, bread tastes best when covered slightly with butter or margarine.Other$0$13,160Shop
Afro Comb [406]Perfect for those bad hair days when your hair just will not behave, the afro comb will get you ready for your date on time.Other$50,000$30,00045,982Shop
Compass [407]This was the GPS of its time, and it made sure that weary travellers could find their way even in the most difficult conditions.Other$2,500$1,75038,923Shop
Sextant [408]Modern cruiseliners do not need a sextant these days, but they are made from the finest bronze and adorn many a Captain's cabin.Other$25,000$15,00010,175Shop
Yucca Plant [409]Native to hot and dry climates, this ornamental plant has tough sword shaped leaves. It is also the state flower of New Mexico and is perfect for your island garden.Other$20,000$7,50042,610Shop
Fire Hydrant [410]The Fire Hydrant is needed in case of fire, especially if you have invested heavily in your property and you want the firemen to put the flames out more quickly.Other$20,000$15,00046,859Shop
Model Space Ship [411]This ship is made of die cast metal and has red LED lights. You can sit back and think about travelling where no one has gone before.Other$17,500$13,00040,153Shop
Sports Shades [412]The ultimate accessory when driving your GT40 with the top down on the highway, these shades are made from a non scratch material. One pair of these last a lifetime.Clothing$10,000$3,00094,469Shop
Mountie Hat [413]Worn by the Canadian Mounted Police while on duty, it can keep your head warm and dry or keep the sun out of your eyes.Clothing$30,000$22,50019,931Shop
Proda Sunglasses [414]The ultimate in city chic, these should only be worn when you want to dress to impress.Clothing$100,000$2,00047,764Shop
Ship in a Bottle [415]People always wonder how the ship got inside the bottle. If you look closely at this amazing ornament you can see tiny sailors on the deck.Other$40,000$25,00011,690Shop
Paper Weight [416]This piece of office equipment has many uses, not just for keeping paper under control on a busy desk. Truly a multi function device.Other$1,500$135,206Shop
RS232 Cable [417]This miracle of modern computing technology is rumoured to be able to connect absolutely any two devices together.Electronic$30$15943,595Shop
Tailors Dummy [418]This dummy is not only great to try out your latest designs on. It can keep you company on lonely evenings or even serve as a deterrent to would be burglars.Other$10,000$7,50015,192Shop
Small Suitcase [419]The suitcase is something the frequent traveller cannot be without, and this one has a special lead lined hidden compartment should you need to carry contraband. This particular model will allow you to carry 2 more items back with you.Enhancer$2,000,000$1,000,0004,324Shop
Medium Suitcase [420]The suitcase is something the frequent traveller cannot be without, and this one has a special lead lined hidden compartment should you need to carry contraband. This particular model will allow you to carry 3 more items back with you.Enhancer$4,000,000$2,000,0005,036Shop
Large Suitcase [421]The suitcase is something the frequent traveller cannot be without, and this one has a special lead lined hidden compartment should you need to carry contraband. This particular model will allow you to carry 4 more items back with you.Enhancer$10,000,000$5,000,00035,211Shop
Vanity Hand Mirror [422]This compact mirror is ideal to check yourself out before the big date. Other$0$05,969Shop
Poker Chip [423]A very rare, lucky poker chip. Carry this in your pocket in your next big tournament; hopefully it will bring you good luck.Collectible$0$0654Shop
Rabbit Foot [424]This is said to bestow good luck and fortune for those who own one, but be careful: losing it brings massive bad luck.Collectible$0$0179Shop
Voodoo Doll [425]This doll is for sale to unsuspecting tourists who assume it is a long forgotten art, only to run into bad luck once they return home.Collectible$0$0235Shop
Bottle of Tequila [426]Full to begin with, empty at the end, be sure to bring one of these back from your holidays in Mexico. Provides a small nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$85$21,245,279Shop
Sumo Doll [427]Whether it be from fear or respect, you definitely need to hold this doll in high regard.Other$300$17598,511Shop
Casino Pass [428]The perfect gift for the avid gambler, this pass allows you to stay and gamble after hours, so you can try to make your losses back.Special$0$02,709Shop
Chopsticks [429]You can't go to Japan without giving your next meal a chance with a pair of these chopsticks. Definitely a must have item and experience while visiting.Other$25$1084,036Shop
Coconut Bra [430]While traveling in Hawaii and enjoying the amazing beaches they offer, don't forget your Hawaiian attire!Clothing$750,000$300,0003,833Shop
Dart Board [431]Be sure to stop in to the local pub for a quick game of darts while visiting London.Other$750$50041,621Shop
Crazy Straw [432]Bend them, stretch them, do as you please with them, but don't get caught without one in your drink.Other$25$10526,887Shop
Sensu [433]The traditional Japanese fan can be used to keep you cool, or placed for a traditional Japanese look in any room.Other$500$30039,392Shop
Yakitori Lantern [434]This bright red lantern will help guide to the nearest Yakitori stall for a quick bite to eat.Other$4,500$3,00064,037Shop
Dozen White Roses [435]When you need just that special gift, nothing says it better than a dozen pure white roses. Specially selected, very rare and expensive flowers.Flower$950,000,000$086Shop
Snowboard [436]This is a must have accessory when visiting the slopes in Switzerland.Other$6,000$4,000378,271Shop
Glow stick [437]They come in many colors and make the perfect accessory for a night out in the city with your friends.Other$0$035,059Shop
Cricket Bat [438]Made from the finest willow and protected with linseed oil, this bat can literally knock your opponent for six.Melee$15,000$10,00010,396Shop
Frying Pan [439]Usually used in the kitchen, it can be a very handy weapon if nothing else is to hand. Makes a loud noise on contact so make sure no witnesses are around.Melee$400$30031,069Shop
Pillow [440]Filled with the finest duck feathers, it is hard to miss your opponent with this pillow. Make sure you swing hard as it is very soft to the touch.Melee$10,000,000$012,999Shop
Khinkeh P0rnStar Doll [441]This doll can only be possessed by the most deviant, twisted and gifted of sexually explicit individuals. Its owner will soon find their senses heightened their stamina full and their abilities peaked.Collectible$0$020Shop
Blow-Up Doll [442]This item is a Collectable fake female, after all there are no girlz on the interwebz. Good set of lungs required. Puncture proof guaranteed!Collectible$0$020Shop
Strawberry Milkshake [443]Made with extra loving care by Hate_Train with some of his favorite special ingredients. This is an amazingly tasty and refreshing treat the entire family can enjoy. Or is it?Collectible$0$020Shop
Breadfan Doll [444]This doll is quite harmless unless provoked. Then it's Screw it all with no regrets. If you have drawn his shortest straw, sleep with one eye open. Here comes the Harvester of sorrow. Your life will be blackened by the God that failed.Collectible$0$020Shop
Chaos Man [445]The name of this guy strikes fear into everyone. But on the inside he is all soft and tender. Filled with innocence, Chaos Man is best handled with a nice warm hug.Collectible$0$020Shop
Karate Man [446]This karate master bruises on the inside, and be careful not to get too close as he has a kung fu grip. KACHOW!Collectible$0$020Shop
Burmese Flag [447]This flag represents what the secretary Baalsagoth spends most of his day admiring. Huge IP's and broken browsers surely will follow.Collectible$0$020Shop
Bl0ndie's Dictionary [448]When your spelling is as bad as 'the typo queen' Bl0ndie's you will always need to carry a dictionary. Also gives a mighty whack when used to hit people who bring up her mistakes.Collectible$0$020Shop
Hydroponic Grow Tent [449] This tent can be set up in any small space and every crop will easily generate more than enough Skunk to keep even Hydr0 well stoned into the wee hours! Own one of these and you no longer have to pay the man, You can be the man!Collectible$0$020Shop
Leopard Coin [450]An attempt by Edward III to produce a gold coin to be used internationally, much like the Florin but only half of the value. The Leopard bore the following Latin legend: 'DOMINE NE IN FURORE TUO ARGUAS ME', meaning: 'O Lord, rebuke me not in Thy anger'. The Florin was recalled and melted down in 1344 to produce the Noble. Few specimens have survived of what is often regarded as one of the most beautiful medieval coins ever produced.Artifact$0$013,749Shop
Florin Coin [451]An English coin based on a French coin, and issued in Florence, Italy in 1252. The Florin was made from gold and was intended as an international coin, however the gold it was made from was overvalued and the coin was not accepted by international merchants. The coin was then withdrawn from circulation and melted down to form the Noble. Because of this, the Florin is very rare.Artifact$0$013,973Shop
Gold Noble Coin [452]The first mass-produced English coin, preceded by the Florin, the gold Noble was valued at six shillings and eight pence. The coin was introduced in 1344, and weighed 138.5 grains, later reduced to 128.5 grains. Mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, this coin is sought after by museums and private collectors.Artifact$0$014,150Shop
Ganesha Sculpture [453]Also known as Ganapati, worshipped widely throughout Hindu India as the remover of obstacles. Ganesha has figured often in Indian art since around 100 AD. This rare work is made from gold and is highly sought after as part of a set of South Asian artifacts.Artifact$0$02,904Shop
Vairocana Buddha Sculpture [454]The Vairocana Buddha is an embodiment of Dharmakaya. It is well known as the generalised depiction of the historical Gautama Buddha.Throughout Asia the image has different meanings: in Tibet - 'the illuminator' and in Japan - 'great sun'. Not as common as other Buddhist sculptures, this valuable gold specimen is a great collector's item.Artifact$0$05,689Shop
Script from the Quran: Ibn Masud [455]The Qur'an, which in Arabic means 'the recitation', is recognized by Muslims as the main miracle of prophet Muhammad, and is a compilation of divine messages. It is a book of guidance as opposed to an account of specific events. This particular script is the Ibn Masud version, and is extremely valuable in a set of all three versions.Artifact$0$04,102Shop
Script from the Quran: Ubay Ibn Kab [456]The Qur'an, which in Arabic means 'the recitation', is recognized by Muslims as the main miracle of prophet Muhammad, and is a compilation of divine messages. It is a book of guidance as opposed to an account of specific events. This particular script is the Ubay Ibn Ka'b version, and is extremely valuable in a set of all three versions.Artifact$0$03,976Shop
Script from the Quran: Ali [457]The Qur'an, which in Arabic means 'the recitation', is recognized by Muslims as the main miracle of prophet Muhammad, and is a compilation of divine messages. It is a book of guidance as opposed to an account of specific events. This particular script is the Ali version, and is extremely valuable in a set of all three versions.Artifact$0$04,103Shop
Shabti Sculpture [458]Shabtis were placed in the tomb among the gods of the grave, acting as a substitute for the dead. The Egyptians believed that when they passed into the afterlife they would be called to do manual labour. The shabtis would then take their place and do the work, leaving the deceased to rest in peace. Shabtis from famous tombs are very rare, reflecting their high value.Artifact$0$03,534Shop
Egyptian Amulet [459]These amulets, often in the form of a scarab beetle, were left in tombs as grave goods or given to people and the gods as presents. The Scarab, or 'Kheper' (which means "to transform"), was used in many of the pharaonic names. Pharaoh Amenhotep III was famous for his group of '5 scarabs'. This particular amulet is made from fired clay.Artifact$0$0210Shop
White Senet Pawn [460]An ancient game piece used in the game of Senet. As a complete set of 5 white pawns, 5 black pawns, and the Senet board, this collection would be very valuable to any collector or museum.Artifact$0$017,492Shop
Black Senet Pawn [461]An ancient game piece used in the game of Senet. As a complete set of 5 white pawns, 5 black pawns, and the Senet board, this collection would be very valuable to any collector or museum.Artifact$0$017,499Shop
Senet Board [462]Senet, or Senat is regarded as possibly the oldest board game in the world. Found in Predynastic and First Dynasty burials of Egypt, around 3500BC and 3100BC. The game is similar to draughts, with a board of 30 squares (3x10). The game is played with two sets of at least 5 pawns. Although Senet sets are mass produced today, this original set from around 3200BC would be priceless for a keen collector.Artifact$0$05,372Shop
Epinephrine [463]Epinephrine is released from the adrenal glands when the user is in danger or excited. It prepares the user for these situations by boosting the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles also increasing heart rate and supressing the immune system. When used in combat, this booster will provide a massive bonus to strength.Temporary$900,000$047,447Shop
Melatonin [464]Melatonin reduces the effects of disease and pain and in other tests, Melatonin can possibly increase one's concentration levels. When used in combat, this booster will provide a massive bonus to speed.Temporary$300,000$062,603Shop
Serotonin [465]Serotonin acts as a pain killer, and helps with blood clotting. Tests on animals show that serotonin can make the animal more dominant and aggressive. When used in combat, this booster will provide a massive bonus to defense, and may even replenish some life.Temporary$1,300,000$052,678Shop
Snow Globe '09 [466]These sit quietly all year round out of view, but at Christmas time one shake of this globe is the perfect reminder of the festive season.Other$0$52,639Shop
Dancing Santa Claus '09 [467]This hand me down from your favourite auntie lights up the room and gets everyone singing their favourite Christmas carols.Other$0$516,384Shop
Christmas Stocking '09 [468]This stocking is never worn, but at Christmas time it is filled with lots of tasty goodies and hopefully a few presents.Collectible$0$05Shop
Santa's Elf '09 [469]Santa's elves work hard all year round. This figurine was made in recognition of their efforts, and is sold in secret stores around the city.Collectible$0$0402Shop
Christmas Card '09 [470]Send this clever card, made from 100% recycled paper, to your loved ones at Christmas. It has a sweet festive rhyme inside if you are lost for words.Collectible$0$05Shop
Admin Portrait '09 [471]A portrait of Clansy, Wolfeh, Davz and Ched. To hang above the mantel while the fire glows. We give you this gift because we care, No really we dont mind if you sit and stare. We know you guys luff us the best, Ched even wore his best Christmas vest. Merry Christmas!Other$0$038Shop
Blue Easter Egg [472]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$037,676Shop
Green Easter Egg [473]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$054,580Shop
Red Easter Egg [474]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$046,447Shop
Yellow Easter Egg [475]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$047,256Shop
White Easter Egg [476]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$017,367Shop
Black Easter Egg [477]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$047,511Shop
Gold Easter Egg [478]The rarest of all Easter eggs. One can only claim one of these when turning in the nine others; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Brown, Orange and Pink. Provides a very large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$020,292Shop
Metal Dog Tag [479]A solid metal dog tag, given to winners of the yearly happy tagging competition.Collectible$0$0112Shop
Bronze Dog Tag [480]A solid bronze dog tag, given to the 3rd place winner of the yearly happy tagging competition.Collectible$0$08Shop
Silver Dog Tag [481]A solid silver dog tag, given to the 2nd place winner of the yearly happy tagging competition.Collectible$0$07Shop
Gold Dog Tag [482]A solid gold dog tag, given to the 1st place winner of the yearly happy tagging competition.Collectible$0$07Shop
MP5k [483]A short version of the standard MP5. The MP5k is a short-range weapon with a lot of fire power.Primary$0$50023,388Shop
AK74u [484]A shortened AK74. The AK74u has roughly the same dimensions and range as most Submachine Guns, but has the advantage of standard issue assault rifle ammunition.Primary$0$50027,183Shop
Skorpion [485]This Czech weapon was designed for police, but is also used by some military units. It offers single shot, 3 burst fires and fully automatic functions.Primary$0$50023,463Shop
TMP [486]This modern SMG has a blowback operated, locked breech design. The TMP has no stock and can therefore, only be fired from pistol-style.Primary$0$50024,589Shop
Thompson [487]An American blowback SMG. The Thompson takes a double row, box magazine designed to be inserted from below.Primary$0$50025,778Shop
MP 40 [488]Made in Germany, the MP40 is an open bolt, blowback operated Submachine Gun. Has a slow rate of fire and little recoil, and is useful for single shots rather than bursts.Primary$0$50025,925Shop
Luger [489]Also known as the "Parabellum Pistole". This name comes from the Latin phrase "Si vis pacem, para bellum"--"if you want peace, prepare for war." A semi-automatic 9mm handgun.Secondary$0$50026,405Shop
Blunderbuss [490]The Blunderbuss is a muzzle loading, single shot, short barrelled firearm. It is an early form of shotgun adapted to be used for personal and military defense.Secondary$0$50028,222Shop
Zombie Brain [491]A zombie brain, carefully dissected from the head of a zombie.Other$0$04,389Shop
Human Head [492]A trophy for some zombies. A tasty snack for others.Other$0$02,618Shop
Medal of Honor [493]Given to the valiant troops who lead their flag to victory in the World War competition.Other$0$04,660Shop
Citroen Saxo [494]The Saxo is quick off the line, but it struggles with top speed due to a small 1400cc engine.Car$0$8,00021,942Shop
Classic Mini [495]This British classic is a retro icon with sharp handling. With only small 8" discs on the front and drums on the back its braking isn't excellent.Car$9,500$7,50027,596Shop
Fiat Punto [496]The Fiat performs very well in the corners, but with only 80bhp it lacks top end speed.Car$0$8,00015,703Shop
Nissan Micra [497]Unfortunately most of these are ex-driving school cars which have been curbed one too many times resulting in bad handling. Its braking, however, is brilliant.Car$0$7,50016,745Shop
Peugeot 106 [498]This French hot hatch is very popular in its class due to its rapid acceleration. Sadly, its brakes are poor, but they do stop the car. Eventually.Car$8,000$6,50072,401Shop
Renault Clio [499]This rapid Renault has an astounding top speed thanks to a 16-valve engine, but with little torque it fails to get there in a hurry.Car$11,000$8,00016,380Shop
Vauxhall Corsa [500]This car's brakes are its major asset. Unfortunately, with its poor top speed, they're rarely used.Car$9,000$7,00025,222Shop
Volvo 850 [501]This battleship can easily exceed 100 mph where others in its class will struggle. Being two tonnes however requires better brakes than those supplied.Car$0$5,50025,447Shop
Alfa Romeo 156 [502]The Alfa has copious amounts of torque giving it ferocious acceleration off the line. Stopping on the other hand is an issue; with Alfa reliability affecting everything...including the all important brakes. Car$14,000$9,00050,275Shop
BMW X5 [503]This drug dealer special has monstrous brakes to stop in time for those red lights (when not running from the police), yet its handling is as sharp as a tug boat on tarmac. On the plus side its 20 inch alloys do help it to overcome any potholes.Car$35,000$20,00011,318Shop
Seat Leon Cupra [504]This turbo charged European hatchback is lightning quick off the line, however it has poor aerodynamic properties hindering its top end speed.Car$17,500$11,00011,240Shop
Vauxhall Astra GSI [505]This turbocharged car will not disappoint with its top speed. Its acceleration off the line is delayed by dreaded "torque steer" as all the power is put through the front wheels.Car$0$8,50039,974Shop
Volkswagen Golf GTI [506]The king of hot hatches cannot be faulted with its superb handling, it's a shame it lacks speed at the top end.Car$12,500$7,30014,826Shop
Audi S3 [507]This car is sublime off the line due to its high tech Quattro system; it does however have an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph from the factory.Car$0$03Shop
Ford Focus RS [508]This fast Ford is worshiped by all boy racers, as it should be with its aggressive looks and a 300 bhp, 2.5 litre turbocharged engine delivering a magnificent sound as it rapidly accelerates It is however unnervingly twitchy under braking.Car$55,000$30,00013,566Shop
Honda S2000 [509]This Honda is a well balanced two seat roadster, stable and poised under braking. However it does have a tail happy tendency that can catch out even the most experienced drivers.Car$40,000$21,00014,845Shop
Mini Cooper S [510]This German-revised British classic has retained the original car's playful and remarkable handling, with some clever tweaking from British tuning company John Cooper. As this car is supercharged, all the power is delivered at the low end of the revs, allowing great torque but affecting its top speed.Car$0$27,0006,484Shop
Sierra Cosworth [511]This king of the rally world is still a pin-up for most boy racers. It will out-manoeuvre most cars in its class with its sheer mechanical grip and no electronic trickery. The low horsepower, however, does affect this car's acceleration to top speed.Car$0$22,0004,481Shop
Lotus Exige [512]This British giant-killer will out-handle all in its class with ease, but shortly after will be swallowed up on the straights due to its miniscule 1.8 litre engine.Car$40,000$19,00065,788Shop
Mitsubishi Evo X [513]This rally pro is more suited to off-road and rally tracks with its handling on tarmac seemingly compromised. It does however hurl itself off the line with an incredibly impressive 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds, which would place it mid-field in class A.Car$0$27,0006,443Shop
Porsche 911 GT3 [514]This lightweight racer is stunning off the line and cannot be faulted on a track with its perfect set-up. The only fault would be the top end speed which is hindered by the sheer down-force the Porsche produces.Car$95,000$60,00014,011Shop
Subaru Impreza STI [515]This rally legend is more at home on the loose stuff compared to a track, making under-steer a major issue when on tarmac. Its pure grunt off the line compensates for this though, twinned with a gorgeous thundering burble from the boxer engine. Car$55,000$28,00015,196Shop
TVR Sagaris [516]This spitfire of the car world has raw mechanical grip round a track giving it balance and precision. Providing actual brakes that work would have been a nice touch, though.Car$0$32,0006,651Shop
Aston Martin One-77 [517]This prestigious thoroughbred impresses not only the lords and ladies of the manor but petrol-heads as well. Its 700bhp V12 engine propels this Aston to a staggering 220 mph. Handling such power takes training and practice, and for this reason most will find it twitchy round corners, especially powering out of the corner exit.Car$1,300,000$750,0009,267Shop
Audi R8 [518]This precision all-rounder is the most practical car in its range, and is so easy to handle it will make any driver seem like a seasoned F1 professional. It's a shame it lacks any real top end speed.Car$175,000$100,0009,623Shop
Bugatti Veyron [519]This Goliath is the pinnacle of engineering perfection, the quad-turbocharged W16 propels this rocket 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and all the way on to 253mph! Although braking is immense with the huge air brake on the rear, judging distance to brake is somewhat warped by the incomprehensible speeds. Handling is much to be desired also with this car clocking mid table lap times for its class around a track regardless of its fighter jet straight line capabilities. Car$0$1,800,0005Shop
Ferrari 458 [520]This Italian Stallion is the best handling Ferrari to date. This is no surprise as the great Michael Schumacher worked closely with the development team to fine-tune this prancing horse. You would expect a bit more top end speed compared to others in its class; however, 202 mph shouldn't disappoint too many.Car$0$860,00010,522Shop
Lamborghini Gallardo [521]This show-boater is a hard beast to tame round the corners, but show it a straight line and all hell breaks loose going 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds. You need to be a good matador to tame this wild bull. Car$950,000$650,0007,711Shop
Lexus LFA [522]This newcomer is the hard work of normally quite tame Lexus. It is a triumph of technology married to brute force, but its weight causes great inertia under braking even with its incredible brakes. Top speeds are post 200 mph and it will out-drag most of its class rivals, including its Japanese friend the GT-R.Car$0$700,0008,835Shop
Mercedes SLR [523]This formula one-inspired poster pin-up boasts a maximum speed of 208 mph. Some find handling somewhat difficult, however, with all 617 horses screaming to be released at once.Car$0$950,0009,645Shop
Nissan GT-R [524]This Nissan is the ultimate toy for any boy, sporting every gadget you could dream of. It is second in its class at accelerating, with 0-60 coming up in just 3.3 seconds, but unlike competitors like the Veyron it does not compromise in the other areas. Sadly though, it does not break the 200 mph barrier, with factory spec peaking at a measly 192 mph.Car$0$70,00011,920Shop
Mr Torn Crown '10 [525]Awarded to Madmiketyson [979994] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2010! Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '10 [526]Awarded to Iamone [1296111] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2010! Collectible$0$01Shop
Bag of Candy Kisses [527]Small tear shaped chocolate candies. Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$20471,636Shop
Bag of Tootsie Rolls [528]A pack of individually wrapped chewy candies with an assortment of flavours. Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$25608,576Shop
Bag of Chocolate Truffles [529]With a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate, nothing tastes better. Provides a large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$75792,724Shop
Can of Munster [530]Wake up to a roaring monster. Provides a moderate energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$35216,045Shop
Bottle of Pumpkin Brew [531]Brewed with the finest pumpkins, the perfect alcoholic drink for Halloween. Provides a moderate nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$25391,180Shop
Can of Red Cow [532]Red cows are rare, only after years of the cows eating the right mix of red roses and tulips can you produce this high protein milk. Provides a large energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$25204,474Shop
Can of Tourine Elite [533]With its 250mg of caffeine per can, this drink is illegal in many countries worldwide. Provides a very large energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$40225,267Shop
Witch's Cauldron [534]A black plastic ornamental cauldron, ideal for Halloween decorations.Other$0$1012,559Shop
Electronic Pumpkin [535]Designed for people who have no spare time: just pop in the batteries and it's ready to go.Other$0$15137,490Shop
Jack O Lantern Lamp [536]This beautifully crafted lamp will sit nicely on your table, but at night turn it on to see it in its full spooky glory.Other$0$35207,203Shop
Spooky Paper Weight [537]This glass paperweight has an ancient model castle inside. If you look closely you can almost see some eyes looking out of the front door.Other$0$35142,486Shop
Medieval Helmet [538]Found in William the Bald's Castle this armor is more for show than battle due to the ductile and malleable material it is made of.Defensive$0$45022,600Shop
Blood Spattered Sickle [539]A traditional Halloween weapon, second hand as these are not made anymore. Complete with authentic blood stains.Melee$0$15011,714Shop
Cauldron [540]Forged from iron ore, this handmade black cauldron is ideal to hang over an open fire and cook food in. According to legend, witches used cauldrons for concocting their potions.Other$0$50023,854Shop
Bottle of Stinky Swamp Punch [541]This drink smells like a real swamp: you will need nerves of steel to down this puppy. Provides a very large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$65159,511Shop
Bottle of Wicked Witch [542]Forget the tequila with the worm ... try the cider with the frog leg floaters! Provides a large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$45135,575Shop
Deputy Star [543]Double struck solid copper with a gold antique finish. This item is only earned through merit and is given to those with the resolve to solve the most difficult cases. Pinned to your chest, the deputy star should be worn with the utmost pride. It is a recognisable symbol of peace and justice throughout Torn.Other$0$1,50010,620Shop
Wind Proof Lighter [544]With a lifetime guarantee, this windproof lighter is a must have for the outdoor type. It features our patented flint-wheel ignition and extra thick side walls to take those hard knocks. This lighter is also refillable with butane gas and gives off a beautiful blue flame. Improves success rate for the Arson crime.Enhancer$0$60024,491Shop
Dual TMPs [545]Dual TMP sub machine guns. With the smallest magazines, you'll be reloading often. Although it'd be surprising if you couldn't kill them within the first round.Primary$0$010Shop
Dual Bushmasters [546]Dual Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21s sub machine guns. Certainly the most accurate in the range: unleash the awesome fire-power while actually hitting the targets you're aiming at.Primary$0$013Shop
Dual MP5s [547]Accurate and deadly dual MP5-Navy sub machine guns. Simply hold the triggers and let 'em have it!Primary$0$010Shop
Dual P90s [548]Dual P90 sub machine guns. The P90s easily have the biggest magazine when compared to the other dual SMG's--you'll last several rounds without having to reload.Primary$0$010Shop
Dual Uzis [549]Dual 9mm Uzi sub machine guns. The least accurate, but most damaging SMG in the range. Even if you don't hit them, they won't be popping their head up again after that onslaught of firepower.Primary$0$010Shop
Bottle of Kandy Kane [550]This bottled drink is said to be a Santa favourite. Gives your nerve the boost it needs. Provides a moderate nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$35369,355Shop
Bottle of Minty Mayhem [551]A bottle of this can create mayhem with your nerve. Boosting your nerve enough to take the edge off. Provides a large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$35375,217Shop
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness [552]One bottle of this is all it takes sometimes. Boost your nerve to the right level. Provides a very large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$30386,160Shop
Can of Santa Shooters [553]A shot of Santa is sure to boost your energy. Provides a moderate energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$25233,658Shop
Can of Rockstar Rudolph [554]A can of this will keep you Rockin' around the Christmas tree all day! Provides a large energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$35235,977Shop
Can of X-MASS [555]X-MASS! Giving you the MASS you need this Christmas. Provides a very large energy increase when consumed.Energy Drink$0$40224,821Shop
Bag of Reindeer Droppings [556]That's right, by all appearances it's a bag of Reindeer droppings. Don't let the looks deceive you, these chocolate covered raisins will melt in your mouth and boost your happiness! Provides a large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$0316,426Shop
Advent Calendar [557]Every day brings us one step closer to Christmas. Peeling back the paper door on the calendar helps the countdown seem real and gives a bit of chocolate for the day.Other$0$1529,639Shop
Santa's Snot [558]Warm and gooey, though not much of a treat, at least you know Christmas will happen this year. What a souvenir to remember it by.Other$0$029,664Shop
Polar Bear Toy [559]Fluffy and cute, this plushie is sure to keep you warm in winter.Other$0$100174,168Shop
Fruitcake [560]Everyone gets one of these, and no one wants it. Hard and stale.Other$30$41,955,813Shop
Book of Carols [561]A book filled with all the Christmas favourites. Just opening it makes you a bit more knowledgeable. Lowers current education time by a small amount.Booster$0$106,382Shop
Sweater [562]Never attractive, but always seems to be under the tree on Christmas morning. Hopefully it at least protects you from the cold.Clothing$0$2571,088Shop
Gift Card [563]The perfect gift for when you just don't know what to get someone. Takes a bit of time and stress off the shopping list. Lowers current bank investment time by a small amount.Booster$0$08,570Shop
Pair of Glasses [564]A pair of high quality designer spectacles. Soft adjustable nose pads and plastic arm tips help to create a comfortable fit. These frames also make very cool sunglasses for men and women. Improves success rate for the Search for cash crime.Enhancer$0$25021,254Shop
High-Speed Drive [565]This state-of-the-art CD drive can burn CDs faster than any other device on the market. Perfect for creating large volumes of high quality backups. Improves success rate for the Sell copied media crime.Enhancer$0$60021,465Shop
Mountain Bike [566]The Mountain Bike is a high spec bicycle created for off-road cycling. This high-performance bike has an aluminium dual suspension frame, alloy linear pull breaks and 24 speed gears. Perfect for quick shopping runs in the city. Improves success rate for the Shoplift crime.Enhancer$0$2,00021,739Shop
Cut-Throat Razor [567]The Cut-Throat Razor is a razor with a blade that can fold into its handle. Once widely used, it has since been replaced by modern safety razors. However it is still a popular tool with pickpockets who use it to open victim's pockets and cut bag straps unnoticed. Improves success rate for the Pickpocket crime.Enhancer$0$6021,498Shop
Slim Crowbar [568]The Slim Crowbar is a tool used for forcing entry. It is smaller and lighter than an ordinary crowbar making it easy to conceal. It can pop windows and doors with the minimum of effort. Improves success rate for the Larceny crime.Enhancer$0$30021,406Shop
Balaclava [569]The Ski Mask is a warm hat that covers the whole head. It has two eye holes for improved vision and a convenient mouth hole for barking orders at bank and convenience store staff. Improves success rate for the Armed Robbery crime.Enhancer$0$2521,555Shop
Advanced Driving Tactics Manual [570]The Advanced Driving Tactics Book is a special manual used in training the FBI, MI5 and other government security departments. It details tried and tested methods for evading pursuers on public roads. This book is not available to the public. Improves success rate for the Transport drugs crime.Enhancer$0$40021,958Shop
Ergonomic Keyboard [571]This healthier alternative for standard keyboards greatly increases typing speed and lets you work for longer, more comfortably. It has been expertly crafted to allow you to work in a more natural position. Improves success rate for the Plant a computer virus crime.Enhancer$0$15021,755Shop
Tracking Device [572]The Tracking Device is a kit that comprises a discreet, magnetic tracker and handheld GPS mapping system. It can track anyone or anything anywhere in the world to within 1 meter. Improves success rate for the Assassination crime.Enhancer$0$5,00021,916Shop
Screwdriver [573]A strong flat-head screwdriver. With corrosion resistant, high grade chrome plated steel bars, the chance of tip breakage while shoving it in to a car ignition is extremely low. Improves success rate for the Grand Theft Auto crime.Enhancer$0$3521,942Shop
Fanny Pack [574]Problem solved! The bum bag is both comfortable and very fashionable to wear, while also keeping your personal belongings 100% secure as they are kept as close to you as possible. Perfect for storing and retrieving things on the fly! Improves success rate for the Pawn Shop crime.Enhancer$0$221,553Shop
Tumble Dryer [575]A condenser tumble dryer with a 10 kg capacity load. Use to dry clothes, or to make money, casino chips and credit cards look old and used - more realistic! Improves success rate for the Counterfeiting crime.Enhancer$0$12521,520Shop
Chloroform [576]Made by creating a chain reaction involving highly reactive chemicals, this strong smelling substance is sure to keep your kidnap victims quiet while you negotiate ransoms. Improves success rate for the Kidnapping crime.Enhancer$0$7522,109Shop
Heavy Duty Padlock [577]This weatherproof high security padlock is great for securing the back of big rigs to prevent the cargo from being stolen, the cops won't even bother with it if they stop you! Improves success rate for the Arms Trafficking crime.Enhancer$0$95021,588Shop
Duct Tape [578]Bonds on rough and uneven surfaces with a strong bite, is 100% waterproof, has strong re-inforced backing, a rugged all-weather shell, double-thick adhesive and is perfect for sticking explosive material to pillars, surfaces or walls. Improves success rate for the Bombing crime.Enhancer$0$1721,648Shop
Wireless Dongle [579]Access the internet nearly anywhere! A very useful tool for getting close to unsecure networks and bank mainframes. Improves success rate for the Hacking crime.Enhancer$0$5522,034Shop
Horse's Head [580]Go 'Godfather' on them... Place this horse's head in a parcel to give the recipient an awful surprise.Special$0$18,668Shop
Book [581]Make someone feel schooled. Punish them severely by throwing the book at them.Temporary$0$2012,374Shop
Tin Foil Hat [582]Designed for the paranoid of mind, this hat keeps out all of those unwanted radio signals and mind reading devices that stalk your every move.Other$0$054Shop
Brown Easter Egg [583]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$030,911Shop
Orange Easter Egg [584]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$047,067Shop
Pink Easter Egg [585]A rare Easter egg that can only be found during the month of April. Trade in all nine Easter eggs for a special gold egg, an honor bar and some points! Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$042,519Shop
Jawbreaker [586]This colossal 3 inch jawstopper has 15 different flavoured layers of tooth rotting goodness. Provides a large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$5534,361Shop
Bag of Sherbet [587]This bag of sherbet provides you with that mouth tingling fizz that you've always been waiting for. Provides a large happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$4528,848Shop
Goodie Bag [588]An exquisite mix of Torn's hidden desires. Ranging from delicious bags of candy to revitalizing cans of energy drinks.Supply Pack$0$4505,846Shop
Undefined [589]Unused$0$5001Shop
Undefined 2 [590]Unused$0$7007Shop
Undefined 3 [591]Unused$0$6002Shop
Undefined 4 [592]Unused$0$01Shop
Mr Torn Crown '11 [593]Awarded to Driving [1497275] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2011! Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '11 [594]Awarded to Kimmy [995567] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2011! Collectible$0$01Shop
Pile of Vomit [595]A huge pile of vomit created by all the scared residents of Torn during Halloween.Other$0$18,195Shop
Rusty Dog Tag [596]A rusty dog tag from a long gone citizen of Torn. Not as good as a normal tag... obviously.Other$0$52,234Shop
Gold Nugget [597]A gold nugget, the size of a golf ball.Other$0$5,0005,408Shop
Witch's Hat [598]A weird looking witch hat found in Halloween Town.Clothing$0$751,406Shop
Golden Broomstick [599]A broom used to smuggle gold out of Halloween Town.Melee$0$8,0003,449Shop
Devil's Pitchfork [600]A three pronged fork of sorcery. Melee$0$1,0001,553Shop
Christmas Lights [601]Christmas tree lights with red, green and blue sparkling LEDs.Other$0$6010,196Shop
Gingerbread Man [602]A soft gingerbread cookie, carefully shaped in to a figure.Other$0$08,626Shop
Golden Wreath [603]Only a true carnival gamer will walk away with this number one prize.Other$0$3002,623Shop
Pair of Ice Skates [604]Elegantly glide your way over frozen lakes with these professional grade ice skates.Melee$0$753,178Shop
Diamond Icicle [605]This sharp diamond encrusted icicle will really touch the heart of your worst enemy.Melee$0$5007,093Shop
Santa Boots [606]A pair of Santa's boots from Christmas Town.Clothing$0$806,625Shop
Santa Gloves [607]A pair of Santa's gloves from Christmas Town.Clothing$0$306,595Shop
Santa Hat [608]Santa's soft warm hat, found in Christmas Town.Clothing$0$603,323Shop
Santa Jacket [609]Santa's cosy jacket, found in Christmas Town.Clothing$0$1205,070Shop
Santa Trousers [610]Santa's red trousers, found in Christmas Town.Clothing$0$708,007Shop
Snowball [611]A snowball carefully rounded and crunched up as tight as possible for maximum effect. A sensible owner would keep it in the freezer.Temporary$0$0217,766Shop
Tavor TAR-21 [612]The Tavor TAR-21 is a gas operated, selective fire, magazine fed assault rifle of bullpup configuration.Primary$495,000$350,00021,150Shop
Harpoon [613]Originally used to catch fish and large marine mammals. When fired the spear can penetrate through most armor worn by humans.Secondary$300,000$200,00010,197Shop
Diamond Bladed Knife [614]A saw blade which has diamonds fixed on the blade's base to cut hard or abrasive materials. This weapon is so sharp it will literally cut through anything.Melee$950,000$800,00051,964Shop
Naval Cutlass Sword [615]The 1860 Naval cutlass has a 27" sharpened steel blade. It can slice any enemy open like butter!Melee$50,000,000$40,000,0001,801Shop
Trout [616]This 22 inch prize trout will make a fantastic feast. Alternatively you could express your disappointment or disgust with someone by bludgeoning them with it.Temporary$10,000$7,500212,296Shop
Banana Orchid [617]The national flower of the Cayman Islands, the Wild Banana Orchid is one of many species on the islands but certainly the most unique and recognizable.Flower$4,000$3,0002,117,433Shop
Stingray Plushie [618]A cuddly stingray plushie, one of the Cayman Islands' most famous inhabitants.Plushie$400$3001,467,539Shop
Steel Drum [619]55 gallons of musical steel to calypso the night away - musical talent not included!Other$1,500$1,00067,546Shop
Nodding Turtle [620]Duuuuuude, this tiny nodding turtle will agree with everything you say.Other$750$500404,123Shop
Snorkel [621]A pair of reef exploring goggles with snorkel. Make sure you're properly equipped before heading out to the ocean!Clothing$20,000$15,00015,532Shop
Flippers [622]A pair of diving flippers more than suitable for snorkelling. If you're looking for underwater speed, you've got it!Clothing$10,000$7,50017,185Shop
Speedo [623]Although not so visually appealing, it's important to be streamlined when snorkelling.Clothing$6,000$4,00034,058Shop
Bikini [624]The most popular female beachwear around the globe. Perfect for snorkelling, and perhaps in some cases, cross dressing.Clothing$8,000$6,000110,949Shop
Wetsuit [625]For more advanced snorkellers, this suit will provide buoyancy in water and keep the cold out.Clothing$30,000$20,00010,788Shop
Diving Gloves [626]These thick diving gloves will protect your hands from harsh rocks and cold water.Clothing$5,000$3,00056,222Shop
Dog Poop [627]Fresh dog poop in a paper bag, the apparatus of a traditional practical joke. Place on your victim's doorstep and set the bag alight! Watch them fly out of their home to try to stomp the flames out. Perfect for April Fools' day.Special$0$022,906Shop
Stink Bombs [628]A pack of disgustingly smelly stink bombs. Break these little glass vials and put them through your victim's letter box to really spoil their day. A great prank for April Fools'.Special$0$020,247Shop
Toilet Paper [629]This budget toilet roll paper serves little use other than spoiling someone's home and garden. Throw the rolls over your victim's property to give them an unpleasant morning surprise. Perfect for April Fools' day.Special$0$020,509Shop
Mr Torn Crown '12 [630]Awarded to scony [429271] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2012!Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '12 [631]Awarded to JoNeSyGaLL [1263544] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2012!Collectible$0$01Shop
Petrified Humerus [632]The perfect weapon for any enemy you have a bone to pick with.Melee$0$13,584Shop
Latex Gloves [633]Protect your iron fists from injuries with a pair of latex gloves.Clothing$0$23,355Shop
Bag of Bloody Eyeballs [634]Eye Candy Halloween style. Provides a moderate happiness increase when consumed.Candy$0$522,047Shop
Straitjacket [635]If the jacket fits, wear it. It will only restrain your body; your mind is free to go!Clothing$0$2003,254Shop
Cinnamon Ornament [636]A home-made ornament, giving off a lovely whiff of cinnamon.Other$0$159,688Shop
Christmas Express [637]All aboard!Other$0$355,975Shop
Bottle of Christmas Cocktail [638]Torn's liquefied way of wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Provides a large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$5190,227Shop
Golden Candy Cane [639]A solid gold Candy Cane, not suited for consumption.Other$0$35,0006,100Shop
Kevlar Gloves [640]These gloves can protect you from cuts and extreme temperatures, providing light-weight dexterity and comfort.Defensive$400,000$320,00020,197Shop
WWII Helmet [641]The Stahlhelm ("steel helmet"), with its distinctive "coal scuttle" shape, was an instantly-recognizable military icon and became a common element of military propaganda as well as protecting many skulls from shrapnel.Defensive$89,500$71,00029,015Shop
Motorcycle Helmet [642]What would be more embarrassing than suffering a crash because you got a bug in your eye? And if you get mugged, the helmet can protect you from blunt instruments and pepper spray.Defensive$0$1,5509,930Shop
Construction Helmet [643]Protects you from tools and other object dropped by fellow-workers above you, and from muggers trying to crack your skull. Also gives you license to whistle at likely-looking passers-by.Defensive$14,000$11,50020,732Shop
Welding Helmet [644]Designed to protect your eyes, head, and neck from flash burn while welding, this sturdy helmet can also deflect attacks from blunt instruments and pepper spray.Defensive$0$2,500493Shop
Safety Boots [645]These steel-toed boots protect your feet from heavy, sharp, or hot objects; provide extra power for your kick; and gain you respect among the street-wise.Defensive$77,000$58,00040,091Shop
Hiking Boots [646]These boots will support you along difficult trails and up rocky scrambles. They also provide moderate protection against both gunfire and blade attacks.Defensive$6,700$4,20030,963Shop
Leather Helmet [647]This helmet keeps the sun out of your eyes, the dust off your neck, and your brains more or less in place if someone swats you with a baseball bat.Defensive$1,250$90072,701Shop
Leather Pants [648]These pants can deflect some knife thrusts, and reduce injuries from motorcycle accidents or rug burn.Defensive$1,100$850102,157Shop
Leather Boots [649]These boots make a style and a safety statement at the same time, offering both eye appeal and modest protection against attacks.Defensive$900$72063,953Shop
Leather Gloves [650]These gloves protect your hands from extremes of heat and cold, and from some weapons; however, it sure is hard to pick up a coin while wearing them!Defensive$750$600126,935Shop
Combat Helmet [651]This helmet cradles the wearer's head and provides protection against both concussion and shrapnel. You can also fill it with water and boil eggs for your supper.Defensive$3,100,000$2,600,00040,588Shop
Combat Pants [652]These pants are camouflaged, so you may have trouble finding them in your closet. However, once on they provide added protection against cuts and abrasions and have many handy pockets.Defensive$2,950,000$2,450,00050,950Shop
Combat Boots [653]These boots will keep you well-attached to the surface of the Earth. Their weight is largely made up of protective layers in the sole and uppers to keep your feet safer even when you waltz through a minefield.Defensive$2,400,000$1,920,00045,556Shop
Combat Gloves [654]These reinforced gauntlets keep your hands safe in close-combat situations, although they do make it harder to text on your cell phone.Defensive$2,100,000$1,870,00046,470Shop
Riot Helmet [655]This helmet can protect you against thrown bricks, fire splash from incendiaries, and flowers tossed your way by pacifists.Defensive$0$02Shop
Riot Body [656]Although this armor for your torso will slow down your dance-floor moves, you will thank it when it deflects a knife blade or a platter of shrapnel from an explosion.Defensive$0$02Shop
Riot Pants [657]No matter which side of the riot you're on, you'll have more fun if you don't have to worry about skinned knees or Molotov-cocktail burns.Defensive$0$02Shop
Riot Boots [658]These boots will protect you from puncture wounds, slashes, acid, heat, and the blood of the people you stomp.Defensive$0$00Shop
Riot Gloves [659]When you wear these gloves you can't do fine-motor stuff like picking up a dime. But you can compel other people to do that tuff for you.Defensive$0$00Shop
Dune Helmet [660]With this helmet you can deflect object that might otherwise dent your skull, while making yourself a tougher target for your enemy to find.Defensive$0$00Shop
Dune Body [661]About the only challenge this body armor does not help protect you from is an itchy trickly of sand down the small of your back.Defensive$0$00Shop
Dune Pants [662]Camouflaged and reinforced pants; way cool although not particularly useful for urban combat.Defensive$0$00Shop
Dune Boots [663]These boots will help keep your feet cool, dry, dirt-free, and safe from impact wounds.Defensive$0$00Shop
Dune Gloves [664]In addition to the protection they offer, these gloves have gecko-like grips on the pads of the fingers to help you pick up small items without putting your hand at risk.Defensive$0$00Shop
Assault Helmet [665]You're going to attack the enemy, right? You're going head-first, right? Good idea to protect your head, don't you think?Defensive$0$00Shop
Assault Body [666]The design of this body armor presumes you are going into harm's way. It helps make sure you can come back.Defensive$0$00Shop
Assault Pants [667]These pants protect you against stabs, abrasions, and shrapnel, and have lots of useful pockets and pouches.Defensive$0$00Shop
Assault Boots [668]Wear these boots to walk easily over booby-traps, razor wire, and the bodies of your opponents.Defensive$0$00Shop
Assault Gloves [669]With these gauntlets on, you hardly need a weapon beside your hands. But take one anyhow, just in case.Defensive$0$00Shop
Delta Gas Mask [670]Even the air you breathe is out to get you. This enhanced gas mask can filter out most of the toxins.Defensive$0$00Shop
Delta Body [671]This body armor combines protection and flexibility, so you can move and fight with confidence.Defensive$0$00Shop
Delta Pants [672]Battle on any battlefield and wade through any risk in this high-life-expectancy pair of pants.Defensive$0$01Shop
Delta Boots [673]With these boots you can do just about anything safely except maybe walk on water.Defensive$0$00Shop
Delta Gloves [674]Damage resistant and flexible, these gloves let you deal a hand of cards in a fire-fight, if that's what you really need to do.Defensive$0$00Shop
Marauder Face Mask [675]Kevlar layers and an impervious faceplate let this helmet protect your head in most combat conditions.Defensive$0$01Shop
Marauder Body [676]The Kevlar armor in this bodysuit protects against slashes, punctures, projectile fire, and accusations of poor taste.Defensive$0$00Shop
Marauder Pants [677]Wear these pants whenever you need to slide down razor blades or roll in a pool of fire.Defensive$0$02Shop
Marauder Boots [678]These boots resist shock, heat, slashes, and punctures, and add force when you have to kick your way out of a situation.Defensive$0$02Shop
Marauder Gloves [679]Ultimate finger-protectors. Kevlar is light, flexible, and really tough.Defensive$0$00Shop
EOD Helmet [680]Got a bomb? We have the bomb-disposal helmet for you. Rugged and impact-resistant, with a built-in mini-searchlight for helping you read the instructions you wrote on your hand.Defensive$0$00Shop
EOD Apron [681]When the bomb goes off, its impact goes everywhere. This apron shields your vital organs from blast compression and debris damage.Defensive$0$00Shop
EOD Pants [682]These pants are not stylish, but they will help you walk away should that bomb go off while you are disarming it.Defensive$0$00Shop
EOD Boots [683]Sturdy and stiff, with good treads for good grip, these boots can protect your feet from powerful blasts.Defensive$0$01Shop
EOD Gloves [684]These must be the rarest armor elements in Torn. They'll keep your hands safe near a blast, but in order to actually deal with the bomb you're going to have to, you know, take them off and work with exposed hands.Defensive$0$01Shop
Torn Bible [685]In addition to a fictitious tale about Torn's saviour, this book contains all the mysteries and information about the game, written in a language only translatable by Bogie. This book is said to be 100% accurate, especially when thrown at close range. Collectible$0$020Shop
Friendly Bot Guide [686]Caspeh can be seen lurking around the many channels of IRC, and this is your guide to all things bottish! Join and win with Caspeh during the famous Hamster give-aways or kick back and relax with some scrabble - the possibilities are endless with Caspeh's Friendly Bot Guide.Collectible$0$020Shop
Egotistical Bear [687]A bear created to stroke Passie's ego, so she can continue to regard herself as central to the world which revolves around her. Collectible$0$020Shop
Brewery Key [688]Grants the holder of the key unlimited access to the Guinness Brewery, and also the amazing alcohol tolerance of the Irish.Collectible$0$020Shop
Signed Jersey [689]This jersey was worn in the annual Torn Sports Tournament by RatedR and has been signed by the whole staff team. Give this framed, signed jersey a nice place on your wall!Collectible$0$020Shop
Mafia Kit [690]A unique kit handed down through generations of bloodshed and war to Two. Although the contents are still unknown, the kit is rumoured to contain a custom fitted bullet proof Armani suit and a matching hat. Owning this kit guarantees knowledge, power and wealth.Collectible$0$020Shop
Octopus Toy [691]This octopus toy was modelled after Karty's pet octopus. This little 8 tentacled beast likes hiding in dark holes and is a sucker for the ladies! Be careful though, he's known to spray his ink over your face when you're least expecting it!Collectible$0$020Shop
Bear Skin Rug [692]This collectible rug is perfect for snuggling, bear skin to bare skin. You can find one on Prodi's floor near the fireplace. PETA approved as well, of course!Collectible$0$020Shop
Tractor Toy [693]A toy it may seem to you, however it has run into cars, had bottles thrown at it and been crashed multiple times. Only a tractor owned by DaveO comes with this kind of history. Equipped with a mini seat for the shortest of passengers and a radio that keeps you awake after a 14 hour day.Collectible$0$020Shop
Mr Torn Crown '13 [694]Awarded to bogie [148747] for winning the Mr Torn City awards 2013!Collectible$0$01Shop
Ms Torn Crown '13 [695]Awarded to 2hOt4WoTuGoT [183048] for winning the Miss Torn City awards 2013!Collectible$0$01Shop
Piece of Cake [696]Covered in fine pink frosting and... It's cake! Other$0$22,284Shop
Rotten Eggs [697]As fresh as the day they were laid, 7 months ago...Other$0$12,164Shop
Peg Leg [698]Made from the finest shivered timbers. Rumoured to be 3 inches taller until the termites set in...Other$0$152,986Shop
Antidote [699]This antidote has varying results in reversing the effects of the TCX-59 pathological agent. It will have a far higher chance of success against underdeveloped strains of the virus. Please see enclosed notes before use.Medical$0$2,0001,109Shop
Christmas Angel [700]A perfect addition to your Christmas tree.Other$0$2713,028Shop
Eggnog [701]Egg, sugar and cream... What else could possibly taste this good on a cold Christmassy evening. Sprinkle on some nutmeg for that very authentic flavour.Other$0$45,329Shop
Sprig of Holly [702]A very merry berry addition to any Christmas.Other$0$513,967Shop
Festive Socks [703]Knitted with love by Mrs Claus to keep your tootsies warm.Clothing$0$1710,760Shop
Respo Hoodie [704]Gifted exclusively to the BETA testers in the staff team and player committee who helped to test RESPO prior to launch.Clothing$0$086Shop
Staff Haxx Button [705]For a long hard day at the office, when it seems like the help questions and forum reports will just not stop coming in. Never fear, the Staff Haxx Button you always wanted is here. May the force be with you!Other$0$055Shop
Birthday Cake '14 [706]A birthday cake celebrating the 10th anniversary of Torn. What an epic decade! Here's to the next ten years.Other$0$102,913Shop
Lump of Coal [707]It seems Santa has been very displeased with you. It looks like this is all you're getting for Christmas this year.Other$0$119,517Shop
Gold Ribbon [708]This gold ribbon is awarded to the 1st place winners of community events. Handed out on rare occasions, this prestigious award proves the recipient is better than everyone else at everything, full stop.Collectible$0$0152Shop
Silver Ribbon [709]This silver ribbon is awarded to the 2nd place winners of community events. Its sale is frowned upon by event administrators. Treasure it forever!Collectible$0$0135Shop
Bronze Ribbon [710]This bronze ribbon is awarded to the 3rd place winners of community events. Not quite as good as gold or silver, the recipient has still strongly excelled over the majority of other participants.Collectible$0$0141Shop
Coin : Factions [711]This limited edition gold coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. It features two crossed AK-47's, an iconic symbol of factional warfare. Although Factions have been the sole reason for hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations over the years, they sum up extensive teamwork and friendship. As of December 2014, there are thought to be over 2,000 of these small underground groups causing an estimated 10,000 hospitalizations per day.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Casino [712]This limited edition gold coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of the Lucky Shot Casino. The preferred entertainment establishment among the majority of citizens certainly bolsters Torn's reputation, and over the last decade gambling revenues have brought the city in-line with Las Vegas.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Education [713]This limited edition gold coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of the Torn community college. With over a hundred courses, the college can prepare citizens for almost any walk of life. Its popularity is unprecedented, which is unusual when compared with other metrics like crime rates and health service statistics. The wonders of Torn City's educational system really are profound and have helped make the city what it is today.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Hospital [714]This limited edition platinum coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of the Torn City Health Service. Their valiant doctors and nurses have helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from violent injuries over the last decade. As of December 2014, the TCHS has seen over 17,000,000 patients and cares for over a thousand at any one time.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Jail [715]This limited edition platinum coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of the TCPD and Torn penitentiary whose officers arrest and watch over almost 3,000 inmates on a daily basis. Despite sceptics believing that the unique 'instant-justice' short term sentences have little-to-no impact on hardened criminals, officials say managing crime rather than actually reducing it is the best thing for the city.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Travel Agency [716]This limited edition platinum coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This coin in particular displays an airliner, celebrating Torn's bustling international airport. Although offering only a handful of destinations, it serves over 5,000 commuters daily and drastically increases tourism.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Companies [717]This limited edition silver coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This coin in particular focuses on companies. Their employees and directors have helped bring commerce and tourism to the city despite its shortcomings. As of December 2014, there are over 2,500 registered companies generating $81 billion per week.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Stock Exchange [718]This limited edition silver coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This coin is dedicated to the Torn City Stock Exchange. World renowned for the unique gifts its directors lavish upon investors, and the fortunes made. Its legitimacy has strongly recovered since the days of insider-trading and a conspiracy among a few investors to manipulate the markets - nicknamed Torngate. Today's stock exchange pumps billions into Torn's corporations, strengthening the city's once questionable economical state.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Church [719]This limited edition silver coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. In particular this coin celebrates the newly completed multi-faith church which hosts hundreds of wedding ceremonies on a monthly basis. Despite initial criticism from atheists, its construction has been blessed by thousands of citizens who go there at least once a month to pray, and have raised over $15,000,000,000 in charitable donations as of December 2014.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Auction House [720]This limited edition bronze coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This particular coin features the city's Auction House, where citizens can enter and bid on exceedingly rare items and even unique properties. Over the years, its auctions have attracted celebrities and tycoons, and made headlines around the world.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Race Track [721]This limited edition bronze coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This coin celebrates Torn's raceway and the hundreds of enthusiasts who participate daily. Although criticised for spurring on an increase of illegal street races on Torn's roads, it's certainly a unique fascination among citizens and has greatly boosted the city's automotive industry.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Museum [722]This limited edition bronze coin, given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This particular coin is dedicated to the museum. Established in 2009, it quickly gained the international spotlight for its unique and diverse collections. Working with volunteers in the community, its assortment of rare artifacts, continental flower arrangements and even collectors' edition plushies expands daily.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Drugs [723]This limited edition copper coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This particular coin features a cannabis leaf. Drugs, although illegal, are rarely policed and have had a large impact on the city and its residents. Research suggests that citizens on drugs are generally more successful individuals than those who avoid them, but some critics strongly disagree - condemning their usage and calling for tougher laws. Their usage rate is unprecedented, making Torn the drug capital of the USA.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Dump [724]This limited edition copper coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of Torn. This one in particular spotlights the Torn City Dump. Residents have ditched over 50 million items, but what's fascinating are the crowds of people who head over each day to look through them. Hundreds of people sorting through other people's waste will always be an iconic image of Torn.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Coin : Estate Agents [725]This limited edition copper coin given to just 250 citizens, commemorates ten years of the Torn City Estate Agents. Ranging from trailers to private islands, over 100 brand new properties are sold daily. A true sign of social status; climbing the property ladder is one of the biggest desires among citizens. A recent statistic claims that as of December 2014, there are over 10,000 private islands off the coast, with an average of three per day being artificially created to meet demand.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Scrooge's Top Hat [726]A once-elegant hat, now shiny with wear and a little out of fashion.Clothing$0$0176Shop
Scrooge's Topcoat [727]A long, solid, dark coat that buttons to the neck and seems to reject snow and rain with scorn.Clothing$0$0179Shop
Scrooge's Trousers [728]Tight wollen trousers, with pockets that resist giving up their contents, whether a coin or a handkerchief.Clothing$0$0192Shop
Scrooge's Boots [729]Boots as accustomed to kicking beggars out of the path as to treading the floors in Scrooge's counting house.Clothing$0$0188Shop
Scrooge's Gloves [730]Ivory gloves that once were white. No amount of cleaning can remove some suspicious stains from them.Clothing$0$0169Shop
Empty Blood Bag [731]An empty blood transfusion bag ready to be filled.Medical$15,000$03,028,129Shop
Blood Bag : A+ [732]A blood bag filled with type A+ blood. Compatible with recipients in group A+ and AB+.Medical$0$01,433,151Shop
Blood Bag : A- [733]A blood bag filled with type A- blood. Compatible with recipients in groups A-, A+, AB- and AB+.Medical$0$0275,804Shop
Blood Bag : B+ [734]A blood bag filled with type B+ blood. Compatible with recipients in group B+ and AB+.Medical$0$0372,898Shop
Blood Bag : B- [735]A blood bag filled with type B- blood. Compatible with recipients in groups B-, B+, AB- and AB+.Medical$0$0139,090Shop
Blood Bag : AB+ [736]A blood bag filled with type AB+ blood. Only compatible with recipients in group AB+.Medical$0$0177,129Shop
Blood Bag : AB- [737]A blood bag filled with type AB- blood. Compatible with recipients in group AB- and AB+.Medical$0$084,102Shop
Blood Bag : O+ [738]A blood bag filled with type O+ blood. Compatible with recipients in groups O+, A+, B+ and AB+.Medical$0$01,482,933Shop
Blood Bag : O- [739]A blood bag filled with type O- blood. Compatible with recipients in any blood group.Medical$0$0339,098Shop
Mr Torn Crown [740]Awarded to the annual winner of the Mr Torn competition. One of the very rarest and most sought after awards.Collectible$0$04Shop
Ms Torn Crown [741]Awarded to the annual winner of the Ms Torn competition. One of the very rarest and most sought after awards.Collectible$0$04Shop
Molotov Cocktail [742]The poor man's hand grenade. Easy to make with an empty bottle, some gasoline, and a wick to plug the neck of the bottle. The trick is knowing how long to wait, after you light the wick, before throwing the Molotov cocktail at your target--you don't want it to bounce off, but to explode in a ball of fire.Temporary$0$15028,204Shop
Christmas Sweater '15 [743]Given to you by relatives you only see once per year, worn to boozy Christmas parties that result in disgraceful pictures plastered on social media. This Christmas sweater represents bad taste and good times had by all.Clothing$0$0797Shop
Book : Brawn Over Brains [744]Have you ever worn a tight-fitting vest top only to realise you look like Tom Hanks at the end of Philadelphia? Worry no more, as this helpful collection of workout tips will help to increase your strength and have you lifting heavy things like a big boy in no time. With over 5,000 revolutionary exercises, including "Deaf Guy Deadlifts", "Paralyser Pushups" and "Soil Yourself Squats", you'll become the man or manly-looking woman you always wanted to be.

Effect: Increases strength by 5% up to 10m after 31 days
Book : Time Is In The Mind [745]Time is a metaphysical concept whose values change according to the unique perception of every individual human. A romantic moment with a partner can whizz by in mere moments, whereas listening to the dull stories told by an elderly relative can feel like a lifetime. Using a variety of psychological techniques Time Is In The Mind will help you react faster, enjoy moments longer, and punch people in the face before they even know what hit them. By utilising simple methods such as putting your wristwatch in the freezer, or making every gap between seconds on your wall clock twelve metres long, you will become a veritable master of chronology and come to possess almost superhuman reactive ability.

Effect: Increases speed by 5% up to 10m after 31 days
Book : Keeping Your Face Handsome [746]Tom Cruise. Denzel Washington. Will Smith. What do they all have in common? No, they aren't all black, unless Tom Cruise is currently undergoing a reverse Michael Jackson. The answer of course is that they are all handsome movie stars. And do you know why? Because they never get punched in the face. Keeping Your Face Handsome is the book movie stars don't want you to see. With its unique insights into blocking, ducking and diving, you'll ensure your gorgeous mush continues to look lovely until the end of time.

"I wish I'd read this book before my face got spazzed"
- Sylvester Stallone.

Effect: Increases defense by 5% up to 10m after 31 days
Book : A Job For Your Hands [747]Did you know that humans use less than 2% of their hands' potential? What if we could somehow unlock the other 204%? My name is Colette Branlette, and whilst on holiday in Peru I studied the mystical ways of the human phalanges for over three weeks. Our dextrous extremities offer so much more to the world than simply tapping on keyboards and touching ourselves. In my inspiring personal story I recant how I unlocked society's iron grip on my own two mitts, and in turn explored the dormant life-force which lay untapped within my people paws - and all through the power of extreme shadow puppetry.

Effect: Increases dexterity by 5% up to 10m after 31 days
Book : Working 9 Til 5 [748]Dolly Parton is the world's favourite large-breasted country singer, unless you count Tim McGraw. But did you know that aside from being a platinum recording artist Ms Parton is also the brains behind a cutting-edge method of project management? This revolutionary scheme takes inspiration from Parton's 9 to 5 single, and fans of her mantra include Donald Trump, Flava Flav, and Bill Gates - the latter seeing an increase of over 400% in productivity since employing Ms Parton's methods at Microsoft. If you're sick of working 9 to 5, barely gettin' by, with all talkin' and no givin', then this book has the potential to change your life.

"If I'd known of Ms Parton's methods when I first started, I probably wouldn't be dead"
- Steve Jobs

Effect: Increases all working stats by 5% up to 2,500 each upon completion
Book : Making Friends, Enemies, And Cakes [749]In our modern digital world it can be hard to find new friends, and just as hard to find yourself a pure evil nemesis. With everyone too focused on their iPads, Netflix and terror atrocities we all find it hard to break through and make new acquaintances from time to time. But did you know you can make both friends and foes on the bus, simply by sniffing them? Our easy program of 328 simple steps means you'll acquire lifelong pals and mortal enemies with ease, and all in the time it takes for a stranger to say "What are you doing to my hair?"

Effect: Increases blacklist & friend list capacity by 100 upon completion
Book : High School For Adults [750]Many of us have regrets about our time in high school - how come I never stood up for myself, I wish I had kissed that girl, why didn't I tell the Principal about coach's after school massage lessons? But the thing most people wish they could change is their course of study. You might be stuck in a dead-end graphic design job wishing you'd studied French. Perhaps you toil away as a physicist but your real passion is interpretive dance. Or maybe you're a Physical Education teacher and you wish you'd actually been to even just once. High School For Adults is the antidote to all of your educational errors, and contains a series of useful ideas which will help you retrain your brain for a whole new vocation or industry.

"I was one of the best pediatric cancer specialists in the world, but curing sick children never gave me anything like the rush I get when I turn up to work at the strip club and let strange men put dollar bills down my buttcrack"
- Dr Brandy Giggletits

Effect: Provides a free merit reset upon completion
Book : Milk Yourself Sober [751]The healing properties of milk have long been known to mankind, and those first intrepid perverts who dared to suckle on the teat of their bovine brethren unlocked a delicious creamy cave of medicinal wonder. Addiction is a terrible thing, but by replacing each of your daily meals with twelve glasses of milk you'll see those ketamine cravings and hashish hankerings disappear almost as if by magic. A treasure trove of milk stories and milk based recipes can also be found in this, a book described as "dangerously unscientific" by the National Medical Council.

Effect: Removes a substantial amount of drug addiction upon completion
Book : Fight Like An Asshole [752]The greatest fighters and warmongers in history - Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Hitler, Mike Tyson, Judge Judy - what do they all have in common? They were all gigantic ass-hats. It was Muhammed Ali who was once so eloquently quoted as saying "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". Yet who amongst the animal kingdom is more of a dick than bees? Perhaps hyenas, but that's besides the point. To become a great fighter you must first become a great douchebag. In Fight Like An Asshole you will learn how to unleash your inner shithead, learning all manner of titty twisters, eye-gouges, and shin-kicks to the cock which will leave your enemy in a crumpled heap of tears and shame.

Effect: Provides a passive 25% bonus to all stats for 31 days
Book : Mind Over Matter [753]Mind over matter - a saying we've all heard but what exactly does it mean?
Dr Prahapeemanafaleshakorlanomatophitarplain believes that the human body can actually "think" itself strong. The award winning author of such books as Smell Yourself Thin, Bones Are A Social Construct and Bullying Children Makes Them Smart now brings you this in-depth guide as to how you can use the power of self-belief to increase your strength. (N.B. Dr Prahapeemanafaleshakorlanomatophitarplain makes no guarantees as to the success or longevity of his methods and you attempt these activities at your own risk)

Effect: Provides a passive 100% bonus to Strength for 31 days
Book : No Shame No Pain [754]In her 2015 essay on the human nervous system entitled Agony and Anxiety - Whaaaa? Professor Folangé Musketeer-Smith revealed a ground-breaking discovery regarding the human nervous system. After a series of experiments involving children subjected to severe amounts of emotional and physical agony, Professor Musketeer-Smith made the astonishing discovery that people who were embarrassed to a sufficiently high degree become entirely immune to pain. No Shame No Pain expands on the Professor's initial findings with a more detailed examination of the ways you can shame yourself and loved ones into an agony free existence.

Effect: Provides a passive 100% bonus to Defense for 31 days
Book : Run Like The Wind [755]There isn't a man, woman or child alive who hasn't at some point dreamed of winning the 100m Olympic Sprint with a record breaking time of 9.04 seconds. Many of us have of course tried to achieve such feats, only to be told we're "too old", "too slow", "too fat" and "not from Jamaica". But what if you could use your own personal jet-engine to help you run faster than anyone ever has before you? Run Like The Wind contains scientifically proven methods based on the principle of harnessing your own human flatulence in order to increase speed. Once you know the power your air biscuits can provide, we guarantee you'll never waste another one.

- Oprah Winfrey

Effect: Provides a passive 100% bonus to Speed for 31 days
Book : Weaseling Out Of Trouble [756]When the world's animals are listed in order of danger a few familiar names make up the top five; sharks, hippos, lions, spiders, mosquitos. But each time one notable absentee invalidates such lists, and it shall be to his eternal detriment if mankind continues to ignore the ever-present threat of the Weasel. Weasels are known for their extreme dexterity and cunning, yet their passive nature means they rarely use their powers for evil. Those weasels which do turn against man often manage to weasel out of court cases, leading to far fewer prosecutions than you would expect or hope. The only way humanity can combat any future insurrection by Earth's weasel population is to adopt and utilise their methods. By reading Weaseling Out of Trouble, you might just save your life.

Effect: Provides a passive 100% bonus to Dexterity for 31 days
Book : Get Hard Or Go Home [757]Fast cars, leather jackets, a horrible personality; men use all sorts of things to mask the fact that they're packing a flaccid little cocktail weenie down there. But we all know the best way to overcompensate for having genitals which resemble an outty belly button is to hit the gym hard. Super hard. So hard it doesn't even matter if someone finds you sobbing in a heap clutching your junk. It doesn't matter okay? It's what you do with it that counts. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Effect: Increases all gym gains by 20% for 31 days
Book : Gym Grunting - Shouting To Success [758]World famous documentarian Alan Cucumber documents the athletic regimen of tennis legend Serena Williams in a bid to uncover why her on-court grunting regime has brought her so much success. Following Ms Williams over a single calendar year, Cucumber discovers Serena's specific method of grunting and how it helps her in the gym, on the tennis court, and in the bedroom. Sadly Alan Cucumber's eardrums were shattered by one particular grunt as Ms Williams attempted a 6am bicep curl, but the erstwhile storyteller perseveres and brings you the full, unedited story of his time with the multiple Grand Slam champion, in a book which the UK's Guardian newspaper described as "baffling".

Effect: Increases Strength gym gains by 30% for 31 days
Book : Self Defense In The Workplace [759]An attack on an office can happen at any place, at any time...well obviously that place has to be an office, and it would also have to be open, but you get the point. If a masked intruder was to storm in and murder you at your desk, would you survive? Self Defense In The Workplace teaches you the skills you need to protect yourself in the event of workplace warfare. Find out how dangerous a trapper keeper can be with the right training. Discover how a single sheet of A4 paper can slice a man's throat clean open. And commit to memory the knowledge that someone armed with only six post-it notes, two B3 pencils and a scientific calculator can hold off a horde of over 200 heavily armed troops.

Effect: Increases Defense gym gains by 30% for 31 days
Book : Speed 3 - The Rejected Script [760]Screenwriter and amateur gynaecologist Ricky Buttons finally reveals to the world the full shooting script for the cancelled third entry into the Speed franchise; Speed 3: Piggyback Ride. In this uniquely fascinating manuscript a young father agrees to give his seven year old daughter a piggyback ride, discovering to his horror that he must then travel faster than 40 miles per hour at all times to avoid seeing his little girl detonate before his very eyes. This romantic action comedy romp is both entertaining and inspiring, as we read with bemusement the various methods employed by the desperate dad to keep his legs perpetually in motion.

Effect: Increases Speed gym gains by 30% for 31 days
Book : Limbo Lovers 101 [761]The dexterity of one's spine has long been seen as an indication of their sexual prowess, and it is no coincidence that many of the greatest limbo champions were also spectacular in the bedroom. Margaret Headstone-Guff spent six years stalking and bedding some of the greatest pole-avoiders the world has ever seen, and during this time she absorbed many tips and tricks of the trade. Now this knowledge is passed on to you in this, a comprehensive guide to limbering yourself up real good, in a way which hopefully won't leave you paralysed.

"After limbering myself up using the instructions in Limbo Lovers 101, I now eat and defecate through a tube"
- The guy from Mumford & Sons

Effect: Increases Dexterity gym gains by 30% for 31 days
Book : The Hamburglar's Guide To Crime [762]For three decades The Hamburglar's cheeky beef-stealing exploits were a mainstay of the McDonald's marketing campaign - until a brush with the law in 2003 put an end to both his career and his freedom. Embittered by a custody feud with his ex-wife, Birdie the Early Bird, The Hamburglar (real name Dennis Blork) was sent down for a 12 year stretch by Mayor McCheese after Officer Big Mac stumbled upon him desecrating the salad supplies at a nearby Burger King. But far from being the punishment intended, prison instead hardened The Hamburglar's criminal ways, giving him a range of crafty cons and terrible torture techniques courtesy of his fellow inmates. Now in this tell-all autobiography, The Hamburglar passes on his unique blend of criminal insight and erotic onion-based anecdotes in this The Hamburglar's Guide To Crime.

"If I see you looking at me like that again I'll f**king cut you"
- R. McDonald Esq

Effect: Increases crime skill & crime experience gain by 25% for 31 days
Book : What Are Old Folk Good For Anyway? [763]Society has long wondered what to do with the elderly - ignore them, burn them, use them as some kind of hat-stand. Many believe we should just put them in old people jail and leave them to rot, but to do these things would be a waste of the delicious knowledge retained inside the minds of our many wrinkled wanderers. In What Are Old Folk Good For Anyway? we examine how you can feast upon the experience inside old-people brains for your own benefit. From how to unlock a door using slippers through to a range of fascinating techniques for persuading someone to sleep with you out of pity - this book is an anthology of elderly experience no young whippersnapper can do without.

Effect: Increases all EXP gain by 25% for 31 days
Book : Medical Degree Schmedical Degree [764]Ever wonder how doctors know so much about your inside parts? Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that they are wrong and you are right? We've all watched Grey's Anatomy, it can't be that hard. Hear the story of how I, Kenny Manchego, repeatedly leave hospitals against doctor's recommendations several days early, and how you can too!

Effect: Decreases all hospital times by 50% for 31 days
Book : No More Soap On A Rope [765]Humans have tattled on each other since the dawn of time. Many of us remember the first time we told mom it was the kid next door who shat on the porch. Tattling is what makes humans human, so let us rekindle this spirit and apply those tale-telling traits to the Torn legal system. This guide will help you discover how to rat on your fellow criminals so hard the judge can't help but go easy on you.

Effect: Decreases all jail times by 50% for 31 days
Book : Mailing Yourself Abroad [766]Ever wonder how mail seems to arrive so much faster at its destination than people do? Ervington Winterbottom did, so he decided to try something out. Over a period of three months he shipped 84 individually boxed kittens to various destinations across the country. On each occasion Winterbottom then attempted to arrive at his parcel's destination before his pussy packages using conventional public transport, and he failed every single time. Despite the unfortunate felines suffocating to death during each journey Ervington knew he had stumbled upon something life-changing, and to this day he saves thousands of pounds and hours every year shipping himself and his family to exotic destinations around the world. Mailing Yourself Abroad is the essential guide to cheap and easy international travel, and within minutes of reading it you'll be taping yourself up for the trip of a lifetime.

Effect: Decreases all travel times by 25% for 31 days
Book : Smuggling For Beginners [767]International smuggler Reynauld Le Cul has transported over 8,000 tonnes of illicit items between borders over his lifetime, and now as he approaches retirement he has decided to share this knowledge with the world. By building up from small frozen grapes Le Cul explains how to secrete items within yourself, gradually stretching the body's natural elasticated entrances until you are capable of smuggling a baby grand piano without the use of lubricant. Smuggling For Beginners also covers eluding sniffer dogs, how to ace a cavity search, and how it's possible to walk with twelve coke-filled pineapples inside your body without arousing suspicion.

Effect: Increases travel items by 10 for 31 days
Book : Stealthy Stealing of Underwear [768]If Torn City was more like Tokyo and sold used underwear in vending machines then we wouldn't need a book like this, but it isn't, so we do. I, Miranda Gropenstein, have dedicated my life to stealing all manner of undergarments from people's homes and dumpsters. Filthy men's boxer shorts? You got it. Ladies' thongs. No problem. Crotchless hosiery from the washing basket of a 94 year old blind lady? You better believe it. And guess what, I've never been caught! Let me share with you my stealthy secrets, so you too can become what several newspapers have described as "A filthy-minded wrong-nonce".

Effect: Guaranteed stealth for the next 31 days
Book : Shawshank Sure Ain't For Me! [769]Since the release of The Shawshank Redemption, prison breakouts have become a little cliché. Every warden worth his salt now checks behind posters of cute girls for holes, under toilets for cracks in the floor, and at the end of sewerage pipes for excrement-slathered convicts. The old ways no longer work, so Shawshank Sure Ain't For Me! aims to "breakout" and devise a whole new approach to the traditional prison bust. From seducing the warden and dressing up like a Mexican bandido through to pleading insanity and gradually mailing yourself piece by piece to an alternate destination - this book is the go-to guide for both current convicts and potential lawbreakers alike.

Effect: Large jail bust & escape boost for the next 31 days
Book : Ignorance Is Bliss [770]Happiness is the right of every human being, and the best way to achieve this is to pretend bad things don't happen. There is a reason stupid people always seem so giddy with excitement, and that's because their simple minds have no way of knowing what the hell is going on. We take inspiration from those kids in high school who sat at the back of the class eating paste and bring you some psychological tricks to turn that frown upside down. Has your Grandmother died recently? Burn those treasured family photos. Starving kids in Africa? Smash your TV into bits. People calling you dumb? Just straight up murder them with hammers. Our book is full of handy happiness hints suitable for children and adults alike. And if none of them work, our words are also printed on LSD blotter paper.

Effect: Happiness can regenerate above maximum for 31 days
Book : Winking To Win [771]There are many books on the art of persuasion, yet they all over-complicate what is essentially a very simple process. Making people give you more of what you want is as easy as two plus two, which if you didn't know equals four. Winking To Win teaches you how a simple wink of the right eye can double your fee in business negotiations instantly, and several winks in a row brings riches you can only dream of. Most people are too afraid to utilise the full power of the wink for fear it may make them resemble a pervert or stroke victim, yet those who truly understand the ways of the semi-blink will testify to its uniquely persuasive nature.

"Since I started winking I haven't looked back, mostly because I over did it and my eyes fell out"
- Stevie Wonder

Effect: Doubles contract credit and money rewards for 31 days
Book : Finders Keepers [772]Why is it some people seem to get all the luck? One of your friends finds $50 on the floor, your mother acquires a briefcase full of jewels on the bus, and who hasn't got a best friend who just "happened" to stumble across a spare kidney in Taco Bell? I don't think this is luck at all. My name is D'aniel Bonkonovitch and in Finders Keepers I'll teach you how to make your own good fortune in this world of ours by simply re-classifying burglary, grand theft auto and pickpocketing as "aggressively opportunistic scavenging".

Effect: Increases awareness by 2500% for 31 days
Book : Hot Turkey [773]Addiction is a cruel mistress and has blighted many people, but all of these tragically wasted lives could have been saved using one simple trick - denial. Both Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous claim the realisation of addiction is the first step towards recovery, but by delaying this crucial first step and recategorizing yourself as being "on the road to being on the road to recovery", you can enjoy one last month-long blowout before going cold turkey. In Hot Turkey we pose the questions drunk people are too wasted to ask. For example, giving in to your vice is often called "Falling off the Wagon", but how do we know the wagon is going in the right direction? Who is driving the wagon? Are there snacks on board? Maybe being on the wagon isn't all that great after all?

Effect: Gain no drug addiction for 31 days
Book : Higher Daddy, Higher! [774]The noble art of pushing children on swings has long been suggested as a potential solution to the world's energy crisis. For reasons as yet unknown, the mysterious power of a child screaming "Higher Daddy, Higher!" seems to generate an unlimited amount of energy from untapped reserves located deep within the human body. Higher Daddy, Higher examines this elusive source of raw brute force and seeks to apply its principles to everyday urban living.

"I shouted 'higher daddy, higher!' whilst running for the subway, and I felt more energised than ever before in my life...until I was wrestled to the ground by police officers"
- Judge Judy

Effect: Provides +20% energy regeneration for 31 days
Book : The Real Dutch Courage [775]During the Anglo-Dutch war of 1665-1667 the English sailors often remarked upon how brave their clog-wearing foes were in the heat of battle. The Dutch seemed to have complete disregard for their own safety, as was evident by their exclusive use of bicycles in a war fought entirely at sea. One man remarked that the Dutch must've been drunk, and it is from this incident the term "Dutch Courage" originates. Taking a drink before a stressful situation in order to stiffen one's resolve has long been referred to by this term, but The Real Dutch Courage seeks to obliterate this myth and reveal the true source of the Dutch sailors' bravery - the humble wasp. Each Dutchman took to battle a tiny wooden windmill filled with wasps affixed to their inner thigh as a method of encouragement, and the story of how this tradition came to pass truly is a tale for the ages.

Effect: Doubles nerve regeneration for 31 days
Book : Because I'm Happy - The Pharrell Story [776]The popular musician and producer Pharrell Williams has long suffered from a debilitating mental condition which causes him to smile at all times, regardless as to whether the situation calls for it. The "Happy" hitmaker is often seen grinning at road traffic accidents, laughing at unfortunate medical diagnoses, and seeming positively ecstatic when informed of the death of a close family friend. This condition was caused by a blow to the head suffered when a 6 year old Pharrell was hit by an ice cream truck whilst walking his dog. However, when the young RnB sensation awoke to find his canine companion had passed away after gorging itself on chocolate snow-cones spilled during the accident, he found the news so funny he became unable to shed tears ever again. This inspiring unauthorised biography of Pharrell Williams is a must read for anyone who needs something to stare at while taking a dump.

Effect: Doubles happiness regeneration for 31 days
Book : No More Sick Days [777]Traditional medicine has long been established as the one and only method of healing the sick, but did Jesus have access to aspirin and cough syrup when he cured the lepers? Historians say no, so how could he possibly achieve both this and the growth of such a long, lustrous beard? At the Medicinal Institute for Non-Derivative Life Extending Support Systems we work with homeopaths, psychics, spiritual healers and other non-qualified individuals to create alternative medical products for the gullible folk of the 21st Century. Did we say gullible? We meant smart. Smart educated people who clearly know more than those idiots with their "medical qualifications", "years of training" and their "reasonable logic".

Effect: Doubles life regeneration for 31 days
Book : Duke - My Story [778]How you doin? I'm The Duke, and this is my story what I gone and wrote myself. Now if you wanna learn how to be a big-time honcho head like me you better sit down and read this, but don't go reading it on the john cause I don't wanna see that business! My book is full of stories about how people double crossed over me and I whacked em real hard, but they ain't put no pictures in like I said because they say Oprah won't read it if I do. If you wanna hear about how I grew up on the streets alone, how I became the biggest shark in a small duck pond of fish, and why I'm even more dangerous than those Balsamic State nutjobs over in the Middle Earth...then you better buy this book yeah? Good. I knew you'd agree.

Effect: Duke will occasionally retaliate against your attackers for 31 days
Book : Self Control Is For Losers [779]How many beers do you think it's safe to drink in an hour? Four? Twelve? Forty twelve? What about cigars, cream cakes and breakfast burritos? Surely there's a limit right? Everything in moderation? Not if you're smart about it there isn't. My name is Hermando Ravioli, and my breakfast consists of deep-fried lard balls accompanied by a Champagne and human blood smoothie. But how can I eat this and still weigh only six stone? By tricking my body like a sucker that's how. Each morning I use visualisation techniques to convince my brain I've just completed a marathon, thereby increasing my metabolism and allowing me to fill my face with ever more crap. With Self Control is For Losers you too will learn my gluttonous secrets, and before long you'll be on your way to a well-earned heart attack.

Effect: Decreases all consumable cooldowns by 50% for 31 days
Book : Going Back For More [780]When the ordinary public uses non-prescription medication for headaches, stomach pain or genital warts they often pay close attention to the recommended dosage. If the packet says take two every 24 hours, you take two every 24 hours - unless you are attempting to kill yourself. But did you know that you can take two times, three times, or even twelve times the recommended dose of any medication and only suffer minor internal bleeding and blindness? Going Back For More lifts the lid on the "recommended dosage" conspiracy and gives you the inside track on exactly how much morphine, neumune and painkilling medication you can take before you realise "I may have gone too far".

Effect: Decreases all medical cooldowns by 50% for 31 days
Book : Get Drunk And Lose Dignity [781]Hollywood is littered with tales of tinseltown stars losing their minds in a haze of drunken debauchery, with Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness, Colin Farrell and Betty White all falling foul of the demon drink at one point or another. But one woman outstrips them all - Lindsay Lohan. The enchanting tale of the silver screen's hepatitis typhoon is brought to life in this exquisite anthology of crayon drawings and doodles. If you've always wanted to puke like a Hollywood starlet then this story will both inspire and disgust you, as you are taken on a veritable rollercoaster of booze, bitching, and blowjobs behind dumpsters.

Effect: Doubles alcohol effects for 31 days
Book : Fuelling Your Way To Failure [782]In 1995 on a quiet walk through a forgettable city centre I met a man who would change my life. My name is Letitia Solid-Loaf and for years I had suffered with fatigue of both the mind and brain, until I bumped into a homeless man drinking petrol behind a KFC. He went by the name of Toxic Terry, and with his deep blue eyes and unruly mop of shaggy blonde hair he persuaded me to take a taste of his "cocktail" - which I later discovered was a simple energy drink mixed with petroleum. For the first time in my life I felt alive, and since this revelation I haven't gone more than three hours without combining an energy drink with harmful industrial propellants. Despite losing all of my hair, teeth, gums and dignity I do not regret a thing, and in Fuelling Your Way To Failure I offer up some of my favourite refuelling recipes for you to try at home, at school, or in a heavily soiled alleyway.

Effect: Doubles energy drink effects for 31 days
Book : Yes Please Diabetes [783]If the tale of the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar tells us anything, it's that the morbidly obese eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly. Wouldn't you like to be that beautiful butterfly? Of course you would. This step by step guide will teach you the skills you need to become happier than ever as you consume nothing but candy and become a complete shut in within the comfort of your own home.

Effect: Doubles candy effects for 31 days
Book : Ugly Energy [784]If there's one thing ugly people are known for it's their enthusiasm - because when you have a face that looks like you've fallen out of the ugly tree, been dragged through the whole hideous forest, chopped down by a grotesque lumber corporation and fashioned into the most vomit-inducing coffee table the world has ever've got to make a bit of an effort. In Ugly Energy we help you feel more energetic by teaching you how to disfigure your own face using nothing but a screwdriver, two tubs of mayonnaise and an industrial belt sander. And once you've messed up those stunning looks of yours, you'll begin to massively overcompensate and release the true power locked behind that one gorgeous mush.

"I used to be pretty, but now I do stuff instead...literally all the stuff"
- Lady Gaga

Effect: Increases maximum energy to 250 for 31 days
Book : Memories And Mammaries [785]Some people are blessed with a photographic memory, others possess a naturally advanced brain capacity - but what about the rest of us? During her teenage years, mathematician and convicted felon Jennifer Yellow-Hat noticed that her friends had an astounding ability to recall her words whenever she wore a bulky sweater. Conversely, on days where her cleavage was on display, her associates' efforts to memorise facts and figures failed repeatedly. Her conclusion that the presence of breasts reduces the human mind's capacity for memory helped one Harvard student to a 100% grade on his advanced physics paper, and in Memories and Mammaries Ms Yellow-Hat explains how you too can improve information retention with three simple boob banishing techniques.

"What's my name again? Who are you? What am I doing here?"
- Hugh Hefner

Effect: Takes the same effect from the last used book for 31 days
Book : Brown-nosing The Boss [786]The term "brown-nosing" refers to the behavior of an employee attempting to curry favor with their superior or superiors. It was first coined by the Roman Emperor Tiberius, whose appointed counsel frequently cleansed their leader's unvarnished penny as an act of worship and servitude. Obviously such techniques are inappropriate today, but what modern equivalents can an employee use to increase their workplace reputation? With step-by-step guides to everything from incisive compliments through to impromptu massage at the urinals, Brown-nosing The Boss is the most important career-progression tool you will ever need.

Effect: Greatly increases personal employee effectiveness for 31 days
Book : Running Away From Trouble [787]Some of Torn's most respected cowards draw upon a lifetime's experience of running from scary shit to offer an eye-opening glimpse into the world of the namby pamby wuss. In this guide you'll find strategies and stories, none of which are heroic, which you can use to inspire yourself to run screaming like a little girl at the next sign of trouble.

"A book so gutless we're surprised it's even got a spine"
- The New York Times

Effect: Guaranteed escape attempt success for 31 days
Certificate of Awesome [788]If there was an Awesomeness competition you would come first, second and third. And then we'd end the competition, burn down the stadium, and award you this Certificate of Awesome.Other$0$0166,270Shop
Certificate of Lame [789]There's nothing worse than trying and failing. You may as well just give up on life now. This Certificate of Lame can be presented at any pharmacy in exchange for a bottle of vodka, sleeping pills, and medicinal suicide grenades. Other$0$085,302Shop
Plastic Sword [790]Kids have so much fun fighting with plastic swords and now you can too! Unless of course your opponent has an actual sword...Melee$0$4128,088Shop
Mediocre T-Shirt [791]Need to blend into a crowd? Nothing says 'Average Joe' like this Mediocre T-shirt. Wear this on the streets and both cops and crooks will know you are reasonably okay at stuff.Clothing$0$7184,482Shop
Penelope [792]Penelope is Duke's favourite baseball bat which he's had since he was a kid. It is named after his ex-girlfriend Penelope because he likes to smash people in the balls with it, which was her favourite pastime too. Melee$0$0279Shop
Cake Frosting [793]Just regular frosting. You know, the kind your mom buys for your birthday cake when she doesn't love you enough to make it herself.Other$0$0416Shop
Lock Picking Kit [794]This kit can pick any lock, key or electronic, and is small enough to be secreted anywhere you like. Except there.Other$0$0417Shop
Special Fruitcake [795]This fruitcake isn't "special" in the same way as your cousin Billy. It just means it now contains a secret lock picking kit.Other$0$084Shop
Felovax [796]Felovax is a vaccine for cats against the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. You are now safe from Cat AIDS.Medical$0$0299Shop
Zylkene [797]Zylkene is a stress reducing drug mostly prescribed to dogs.Medical$0$0269Shop
Duke's Safe [798]Duke's safe isn't used for mere money, the things you'll find in here will make you feel dirtier than if you licked the bottom of a garbage can.Other$0$0412Shop
Duke's Selfies [799]Duke's naked polaroids from the '80s show a much fitter, leaner gentleman.Other$0$08,539Shop
Duke's Poetry [800]To offset his violent tendencies, Duke relaxes by writing love poems in this book.Other$0$08,529Shop
Duke's Dog's Ashes [801]Duke's dog Nixon was killed by squirrels. His ashes are stored in this urn.Other$0$08,609Shop
Duke's Will [802]This will bequeaths Duke's possessions to his ex-girlfriend Penelope...not the baseball bat.Other$0$08,545Shop
Duke's Gimp Mask [803]Duke accidentally bought this leather gimp mask thinking it was a sleeping hood...or so he says.Clothing$0$08,253Shop
Duke's Herpes Medication [804]This packet may or may not contain herpes medication, but Duke takes them anyway.Medical$0$08,372Shop
Duke's Hammer [805]A devastatingly brutal claw hammer which is also a fruity shade of purple. Duke likes purple.Melee$0$0434Shop
Old Lady Mask [806]With this realistic rubber old lady mask you could infiltrate an old folks home easily...if you wanted to.Clothing$0$014,729Shop
Exotic Gentleman Mask [807]Nobody can decide whether this rubber mask of an Indian man is racist or not. Duke owns it, so it probably is.Clothing$0$014,793Shop
Ginger Kid Mask [808]Ever wanted to experience ginger-prejudice up close and personal? Try this rubber ginger kid mask!Clothing$0$014,761Shop
Young Lady Mask [809]With this realistic attractive young lady mask you too can be cat-called by construction workers whenever you like.Clothing$0$014,673Shop
Moustache Man Mask [810]Everyone trusts a guy with a moustache, but if you can't grow your own this rubber moustache man mask will do the job instead.Clothing$0$014,695Shop
Scarred Man Mask [811]This rubber scarred man mask is perfect for Halloween, or getting your own row of seats on the bus.Clothing$0$014,626Shop
Psycho Clown Mask [812]This rubber psycho clown mask is so realistic even your unborn grandchildren will have nightmares.Clothing$0$014,697Shop
Nun Mask [813]Nobody suspects a nun of anything untoward, so why not wear this realistic rubber nun mask whilst committing terrible acts in the Lord's name?Clothing$0$014,634Shop
Tyrosine [814]Tyrosine acts as a mental alertness booster by synthesising itself into dopamine; a compound which improves the transport of messages between nerve cells and neurons. Tests on animals show that Tyrosine can have an effect on mood and alertness. When used in combat, this booster will provide a massive bonus to dexterity.Temporary$600,000$034,565Shop
Keg of Beer [815]This keg will provide you with a delicious glass of foaming ice-cold beer, but if you're planning to chug the whole thing you may be out of luck. The quantity of intoxicating liquor within each keg is unknown, meaning you could squeeze out five, ten or even just a single solitary pint from this item. Make sure to savour every drop, because it could be your last.Supply Pack$0$02,246Shop
Glass of Beer [816]Only savages drink beer straight out of the bottle. This glass of beer is obtained fresh from the keg, and provides the same level of drunken joy as you'd get from a regular bottle of suds. Provides a moderate nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$020,698Shop
Six Pack of Alcohol [817]When one bottle of booze simply isn't enough, this six-pack of exquisite forget-me-juice is just the thing you need to block out painful memories and make you feel on top of the world. Minty Mayhem, Tequila and Champagne are just some of the drinks your randomly selected six-pack might contain.Supply Pack$0$013,192Shop
Six Pack of Energy Drink [818]Need a pick me up? This randomly chosen six-pack of assorted energy drinks will have you shaking with pure enthusiasm in five seconds flat. Munster, Red Cow or Tourine Elite could be waiting for you in this carefully curated collection of refreshing liquid could a heart attack.Supply Pack$0$010,378Shop
Rosary Beads [819]If your god or gods still won't answer your prayers then these deity-tempting Rosary Beads are sure to get their attention. Made from the most sacred blend of polyurethane on the market, holding these in the palm of your hand will increase the effects of praying in the Church by 10%.Enhancer$0$02,518Shop
Piggy Bank [820]The Piggy Bank is a porcine pottery vessel which can be used to store money. If you find saving hard, this item works in lieu of willpower to stash your cash away for a rainy day, as its contents can only be acquired by smashing it open.Special$0$014,004Shop
Empty Vial [821]Suitable for storing all manner of excretia and internal fluids, the glass vial comes with a water-tight screw-top lid designed to prevent spillage.Other$0$00Shop
Vial of Blood [822]This is a glass vial which now contains your blood. Take care not to spill it at a crime scene.Other$0$09Shop
Vial of Urine [823]This is a glass vial which now contains your urine. It feels pleasantly warm to the touch.Other$0$08Shop
Vial of Saliva [824]This is a glass vial which now contains your saliva. If you forgot to brush your teeth beforehand it may also contain traces of your dinner.Other$0$08Shop
Questionnaire [825]The Neurological Uniform Temperament Survey is a form containing probing psychological questions, the answers to which can be used to determine the subject's proclivities for violence, empathy and general shenanigans.Other$0$02Shop
Agreement [826]The Casus Foederis is a legal document created on behalf of Professor Amanda Ravenscroft. The signing of this document allows for your continued employment by the Professor, but you would be wise to read its terms before you do so.Other$0$03Shop
Perceptron : Calibrator [827]This calibration edition of the Perceptron is a handheld tablet loaded with Psyreader 4.001 cognitive profiling software. This program utilises the user's response to logical, emotional and creative stimulus in order to generate a virtual mental profile, a profile which is subsequently used to calibrate any further devices used by the individual.Electronic$0$06Shop
Donald Trump Mask '16 [828]Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Donald Trump certainly exists. And now you too can walk around snatching felines at will with this realistic rubber depiction of his frequently animated face. (Made in Mexico)Clothing$0$060Shop
Yellow Snowman '16 [829]We've all made snowmen before, and who doesn't love writing their name in yellow snow? But rarely are these two elegant pastimes combined, until now, with this magnificent showstopping ornament made from 100% anonymous tramp urine.Collectible$0$010Shop
Nock Gun [830]The Nock Gun is a seven-barrelled rifle used by the British Royal Navy in the 18th Century. Capable of firing all seven of its 12mm rounds at once, the recoil from this gun means it can be fired just once per encounter, yet if you hit your opponent, once is all that's needed. Owned by Leslie Chanthavong thanks to his ancestors' theft of them from a Navy frigate 300 years ago, Leslie insists that each round fired from this weapon has spent a small period of time inside his bottom.Primary$0$01Shop
Beretta Pico [831]If you're looking for a handgun small enough to hide in your bra yet strong enough to stop a horse, then the Beretta Pico is the firearm for you. The Pico is the thinnest semi-auto handgun in the world, and is capable of holding 6 .380 bullets inside its tiny 5 inch frame.Secondary$0$02Shop
Riding Crop [832]Wielded by equestrians and perverts alike, the riding crop is a 30-inch lash-less whip comprising a fibreglass cane covered in leather. With one end thickened for grip and the other finished with a leather tongue, it is designed so as to not leave a mark when used. Using just a single flick of the wrist, one can inflict a great deal of pain or pleasure with this tasty little item.Melee$0$01Shop
Sand [833]There's nothing worse than getting sand in your eyes, especially in the middle of a fight with an aggressive stranger. Sand causes your opponent to become temporarily blinded, although this effect wears off gradually over time.Temporary$0$00Shop
Sweatpants [834]These grubby sweatpants belong to Leslie Chanthavong and have his name sewn into them. If you are wearing them you may wish to make an appointment at the local GUM clinic as soon as possible.Clothing$0$00Shop
String Vest [835]For a look that screams welfare-dependent alcoholic, this lightly soiled string vest is a staple fixture in the wardrobe of any self-respecting bum.Clothing$0$00Shop
Black Oxfords [836]This pair of classy, gentleman's Oxford shoes are tough, buffed and guaranteed to make even the most insignificant lowlife feel like a big shot. Just don't go wearing them for a game of Foot Roulette.Clothing$0$00Shop
Rheinmetall MG 3 [837]This German-made, belt-fed machine gun works best when mounted on a tripod or vehicle, but it still looks pretty badass wielded in one hand Rambo-style. Its surprisingly short recoil is complimented by a 1300 rounds per minute rate, and with an effective range of 200 to 1200 metres there's no hiding from this weapon's deadly brand of German efficiency.Primary$0$01Shop
Homemade Pocket Shotgun [838]Capable of firing a single 12 gauge shell with more accuracy than a regular shotgun, this concealable pistol-sized sidearm will probably do as much damage to you as it does your opponent. But despite its hefty recoil and single-shell capacity, one shot from this baby is often more than enough.Secondary$0$01Shop
Madball [839]The Madball is the weapon of choice for gangster's on a budget, consisting of nothing more than a billiard ball placed into the end of a tube sock. But don't let this weapon's simple nature deceive you, because a single crack to the skull can render even the toughest brutes unconscious within seconds.Melee$0$01Shop
Nail Bomb [840]Based on an old Irish recipe passed down through the generations, this particular style of Nail Bomb comes in the form of a pressure cooker filled with nails, ball-bearings and razorblades. Detonated using a blasting cap placed into the cooker's cover, many hapless terrorists have been known to confuse this device for a pot of mammy's delicious stew.Temporary$0$01Shop
Classic Fedora [841]With its wide-brim and indented crown, the Fedora proved a popular choice for gangsters and criminals of the early 20th Century. Later sported by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones and Michael Jackson, this piece of elegant headgear is often made of wool, cashmere or rabbit-hair, but this particular edition comes thanks to the eternal sacrifice of three brave chinchillas.Clothing$0$01Shop
Pinstripe Suit Trousers [842]These stylish pinstripe suit trousers are made from 100% natural wool, which guarantees both long-lasting wear and the flexibility needed to swiftly kick a man when he's down.Clothing$0$01Shop
Duster [843]Traditionally the preserve of cowboys, 50's detectives and 90's high-school shooters, the trenchcoat duster allows you to circumvent concealed carry laws with ease and keep your enemy guessing until the very last moment.Clothing$0$01Shop
Tranquilizer Gun [844]The Tranquiliser Gun fires etorphine-laced darts at a rate of one every twenty seconds, requiring fast reflexes and a keen eye to be in the least bit effective.Secondary$0$00Shop
Bolt Gun [845]Using pressurised air to propel a pointed metal projectile, the Bolt Gun is capable of penetrating the skull of most creatures with one devastating shot. Often found on farms and in slaughterhouses, this weapon's retractable ammunition requires a close-range hit to be effective.Melee$0$00Shop
Scalpel [846]The blade of this surgical scalpel is made from volcanic glass, which is many times finer than a conventional steel blade, and this makes its edge capable of gliding through flesh at a cellular level.Melee$0$00Shop
Nerve Gas [847]Odorless, colourless and extremely potent, Sarin Nerve gas paralyses the lung muscles to cause death from suffocation within one to ten minutes after inhalation.Temporary$0$06Shop
Kevlar Lab Coat [848]This laboratory coat consists of a Kevlar polymer reinforced with carbon-fiber and overlaid with fire-resistant Nomex. Knives, bullets and flames will have a hard time penetrating this piece of apparel.Defensive$0$00Shop
Loupes [849]Whether you're performing life-saving surgery or an agonising vivisection procedure, these head-mounted medical loupes allow you to magnify your view of the subject and make incisions with precision. Clothing$0$00Shop
Sledgehammer [850]The 40lb Sledgehammer is so heavy that only the strongest are able to wield it, and even then it's nigh on impossible to make a clean strike. But if you do manage to connect with your opponent, a single blow is often enough to pulverise their bones into dust.Melee$0$00Shop
Wifebeater [851]Whenever someone rocks up to a fight wearing a vest, you know they're gonna be able to take a punch. There's just something about the wifebeater vest that makes you harder to put down. Don't believe us, try it for yourself!Clothing$0$00Shop
Metal Detector [852]Most frequently found in the hands of lonely middle-aged men with nothing better to do on a Sunday, the metal detector is a handheld device capable of locating metallic objects through sand, soil and human flesh.Electronic$0$05Shop
Graveyard Key [853]As its name suggests, this key grants access to the Torn City Graveyard, enabling you to desecrate graves, interfere with corpses and make goth music videos as often as you so wish.Collectible$0$04Shop
Questionnaire : Completed [854]The Neurological Uniform Temperament Survey is a form containing probing psychological questions, the answers to which can be used to determine the subject's proclivities for violence, empathy and general shenanigans.Other$0$07Shop
Agreement : Signed [855]The Casus Foederis is a legal document created on behalf of Professor Amanda Ravenscroft. The signing of this document allows for your continued employment by the Professor, but you would be wise to read its terms before you do so.Other$0$07Shop
Spray Can : Black [856]A spray can.Other$0$01,024Shop
Spray Can : Red [857]A spray can.Collectible$0$0108Shop
Spray Can : Pink [858]A spray can.Collectible$0$0250Shop
Spray Can : Purple [859]A spray can.Collectible$0$00Shop
Spray Can : Blue [860]A spray can.Collectible$0$05Shop
Spray Can : Green [861]A spray can.Collectible$0$00Shop
Spray Can : Yellow [862]A spray can.Collectible$0$00Shop
Spray Can : Orange [863]A spray can.Collectible$0$00Shop
Salt Shaker [864]The Salt Shaker is similar to a pepper shaker, in so much as it is a shaker full of salt, rather than pepper. You may wish to send it to someone who frequently dispenses excess sodium within the forums.Other$0$56,705Shop
Poison Mistletoe [865]The quickest route to pleasure is through someone else's misery. If 2017 had a slogan, that would be it. So why not ring out the year by smooching under this Poison Mistletoe, which contains a hidden spritzer allowing you to drench your beloved in toxic chemicals and gain happiness at their expense.Special$0$301,695Shop
Santa's List '17 [866]Have you been naughty or nice in 2017? This list was stolen from Santa's grotto and contains the names of all Torn's citizens neatly separated into two, highly judgemental columns. Those with split personality disorders are deemed eligible for both.Collectible$0$0100Shop
Soapbox [867]Have you got something mean to say about staff or Chedburn? Perhaps you're leaving the game due to a recent change and you'd like everyone to stand up and notice. If so, you'll need a portable pontification podium from which to preach your wisdom. Feel free to pass on the Soapbox to those who need it most.Collectible$0$025Shop
Turkey Baster [868]The favoured tool of same sex and surrogate parents, this turkey baster can be employed to assist in the impregnation of a human woman without resorting to formal intercourse. It may also be used to slather a piece of cooked meat in its own juices - after you've rinsed it out.Other$0$14,270Shop
Elon Musk Mask '17 [869]The fragrantly-named Elon Musk poses a threat to humanity like no man before. A potential super-villain in the making, his artificially intelligent bidets and hyperscoop payment pals will destroy us all. Amber Heard found this out for herself, so please, raise awareness of Musk's evil intentions by sporting this mask of his face. Just like Space X rockets, this mask is reusable and may explode upon impact.Clothing$0$0250Shop
Love Juice [870]Made from the secretions of the Patagonian Filth Weasel, Love Juice is a fast acting aphrodisiac - or so it says on the label. In reality, this product is known to be useless, unless you are exposed to a large cloud of human reproductive pheromones, in which case it will make you angry, hyperactive and limber.Drug$0$016,270Shop
Bug Swatter [871]This bug swatter is given to those who report serious exploits or bugs which they could have abused for their own gain. The number of these items in circulation gives a good idea of how honest citizens really are.Melee$0$09Shop
Nothing [872]Following the results of a city-wide poll, the people of Torn decided that the first 100 people to reach Level 100 should be given nothing. So here it is. Absolutely diddly squat. Zilch. Nada. Nowt. Other$0$0100Shop
Bottle of Green Stout [873]Consisting of nothing more than a glug of Irish stout and copious amounts of toxic green food colouring, this emerald-coloured beer will give you the supreme confidence of a drunk while also serving to clean out your colon in record time. Provides a very large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$8031,497Shop
Prototype [874]A weapon provisionally delegated by Torn authorities to members of the staff and committee for the experimentation of special bonuses. The firearm should be kept in optimal condition and cleaned regularly during entrustment, may be repossessed at any time.Primary$0$043Shop
Rotten Apple [875]A withered apple. It's puckered skin is spotted with age. Shaking the apple stirs a faint rattling, as dried seeds echo within its woody core.Collectible$0$00Shop
Festering Chicken [876]A decaying chicken drumstick half covered in dried ranch dressing. Despite its rancid aroma, it is considered a delicacy by much of Torn City's animal population.Collectible$0$00Shop
Mouldy Pizza [877]A putrid slice of pizza adorned with mushrooms of dubious origin. Sniffing it very carefully reveals the faintest odour of anchovies. Collectible$0$00Shop
Smelly Cheese [878]A rancid slice of cheese garnished with gobs of spoiled mayonnaise. Left out in the sun too long, it oozes grease.Collectible$0$00Shop
Sour Milk [879]A grubby bottle of spoiled milk. The glass is smeared with greasy fingerprints and the contents are dried and lumpy. It is not a good idea to smell this item.Collectible$0$00Shop
Stale Bread [880]A piece of dry bread. Once part of a sandwich, now it is home to a collection of molds.Collectible$0$00Shop
Spoiled Fish [881]A fetid piece of fish, half rotted, then dried in the midday sun. In some places this might be considered a local delicacy. Torn City is not one of them.Collectible$0$00Shop
Insurance Policy [882]A fully customizable insurance policy with blanks in both standard and non-standard places. It can be used to insure anything and everyone, with or without their knowledge.Collectible$0$10Shop
Bank Statement [883]A bank statement bearing the name, address and account number of someone unfortunate with money to steal.Collectible$0$10Shop
Car Battery [884]A fully charged car battery.Collectible$0$4500Shop
Scrap Metal [885]A useful-looking piece of scrap metal. This item can be sold for cash or put to a number of innovative and profitable uses.Collectible$0$500Shop
Torn City Times [886]Read all about Torn's most dangerous criminals in the city's only officially recognized newspaper! The Torn City Times: Bringing you the biggest, realest, newest news. Collectible$0$30Shop
Karma! Magazine [887]Karma! Magazine: Exposing the looks, loves and dirty laundry of Torn's hottest criminals.Collectible$0$50Shop
Umbrella [888]This convenient travel umbrella comes with a telescopic handle and absolutely no guarantees.Collectible$0$750Shop
Travel Mug [889]A leak-proof travel mug that makes it easier to beat people up without spilling your coffee.Collectible$0$300Shop
Headphones [890]Block out the sound of danger with these stylish headphones! Disclaimer: danger may persist despite silence.Collectible$0$2500Shop
Undefined [891]Unused$0$300Shop
Mix CD [892]A home-made CD featuring a romantic hand-picked playlist.Collectible$0$50Shop
Lost and Found Office Key [893]This key opens the door to the Subway Lost and Found office.Collectible$0$00Shop
Cosmetics Case [894]A high quality cosmetics case filled with designer makeup and high quality applicators. Collectible$0$2000Shop
Phone Card [895]This long distance phone card is great for catching up with friends, threatening your enemies, and lying to parole officers.Collectible$0$300Shop
Subway Season Ticket [896]Get through turnstiles faster with a season pass for the Torn City subway.Collectible$0$2,0000Shop
Bottle Cap [897]The apocalypse is inevitable. Invest in the currency of the future by collecting bottle caps!Collectible$0$11Shop
Silver Coin [898]An old American silver dollar polished by the sands of time.Collectible$0$10,0000Shop
Silver Bead [899]A native american silver bead decorated with an intricate pattern.Collectible$0$25,0000Shop
Lucky Quarter [900]This lucky quarter will give you a heads' up whenever you need it!Collectible$0$5,0002Shop
Daffodil [901]A bright and cheerful yellow flower certain to fill you with the joys of spring.Flower$0$50Shop
Bunch of Carnations [902]An inexpensive yet stylish bunch of flowers from a gas station near you! Perfect for apologising to your wife or taking to the funeral of a colleague you didn't really like.Flower$0$150Shop
White Lily [903]Pay your respects with this flawless white lily. May leave pollen on your clothing.Flower$0$100Shop
Funeral Wreath [904]Send your enemies off in style with this tasteful funeral wreath!Collectible$0$750Shop
Car Keys [905]These mystery car keys are missing their fob, but they might still turn out to be useful.Collectible$0$1000Shop
Handkerchief [906]A delicately embroidered handkerchief, perfect for drying tears.Collectible$0$100Shop
Candle [907]A sturdy ten inch candle suitable for a variety of uses.Collectible$0$100Shop
Paper Bag [908]Awarded to the winners of Leslie's 'I Hate Mr and Ms Torn' contest, this paper bag can be worn over the head to protect others from the soul-destroying horror that is your damned ugly face.Collectible$0$010Shop
Tin Can [909]An empty tin can with a rusty edge, perfect for storing leftovers or throwing at local wildlife.Collectible$0$10Shop
Betting Slip [910]This commemorative betting slip was given to members of the bookie team, whose years of manual bets and inputs came to an end when they were replaced by machines who worked harder and complained less.Collectible$0$050Shop
Fidget Spinner [911]A popular craze back in 2017, Fidget Spinners were invented by Steve Fidget and Steve Spinner in 1992 as a way of distracting children's fingers from the exotic lure of plug sockets. This one was awarded to Jammed, and is subsequently now broken and gunked up with mashed potatoes.Collectible$0$020Shop
Majestic Moose [912]At first glance, you may believe this Majestic Moose to be so named due to its magnificent set of antlers. You would be wrong. The majesty of this moose is evident through its personality, just like Forgey, who it was awarded to for being consistently majestic and protecting the Canadian border.Collectible$0$020Shop
Lego Wonder Woman [913]Just like Poptop, this Lego Wonder Woman comes equipped with Dual Ban Hammers and a plastic personality. Unlike Poptop, this figurine poses a choking hazard to children aged 3 and under.Collectible$0$020Shop
CR7 Doll [914]Awarded to Tiller in recognition of his speed, skill and magnificent thighs. Unfortunately, the doll can only be viewed from the back, as the face looks nothing like him.Collectible$0$020Shop
Stretch Armstrong Doll [915]This Stretch Armstrong doll is made of plastic, rubber and filled with a non-toxic gel. It was awarded to staff member Stretch, who is made of skin, bones and filled with a highly toxic substance known as alcohol.Collectible$0$020Shop
Beef Femur [916]After a hard day's staffing, 787thWarDog loves nothing more than to kick back and relax by chewing on a 10lb beef femur. Now you know why his coat is so glossy.Collectible$0$020Shop
Snake's Fang [917]Filled with enough venom to kill a whale or 4,000 puppies, this snake's fang was originally implanted into the mouth of staff member Dexter. Sadly, he had to have it removed after accidentally biting his own tongue.Collectible$0$020Shop
Icey Igloo [918]As Torn City's resident data wrangler, IceBlueFire often becomes overheated due to the heavy server loads running through his brain. As such, he must live inside an igloo, like this one, except bigger.Collectible$0$020Shop
Federal Jail Key [919]Honourable people are often awarded the key to the city. Instead, Porny has been given the key to the federal jail, to commemorate his efforts in ridding Torn of dishonorable scumbags.Collectible$0$020Shop
Halloween Basket [920]This Halloween basket can be used to pilfer sweets, booze and energy drinks from your fellow trick or treaters. It is made from 100% Vinyl Chloride, a carcinogen which is known to leech toxic chemicals into liquids and foodstuffs.Special$0$01,828Shop
Michael Myers Mask '18 [921]Originally based on the face of William Shatner, this iconic mask was most famously worn by the villain of the Halloween movies, Michael Myers; a fictional murderer not to be confused with the real life guy who played Shrek.Clothing$0$0250Shop
Toast Jesus '18 [922]This piece of toast has been burnt in such a way that it seems to depict the face the Son of God. What a glorious miracle! This year, rather than turkey, why not consume our Lord and Savioury Jesus Christ on Christmas Day instead?Collectible$0$050Shop
Cheesus '18 [923]Forget Edam and Eve. They are nacho saviours. They will not boursin for you. But this Jesus-shaped Cheeto will. For this man is the Son of Gouda, Cheesus Christ. Camembert witness to his glorious legacy. Halloumi brie thy name.Collectible$0$052Shop
Bottle of Christmas Spirit [924]This Bottle of Christmas Spirit is guaranteed to get you in the mood to tell your relatives what you really think of them. Replete with flavours of pine, candy and turkey, this booze will leave you feeling so full you'll barely suffer a hangover at all. Provides a very large nerve increase when consumed.Alcohol$0$0930Shop
Scammer in the Slammer '18 [925]You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, well here comes Scammer in the Slammer! This 100% asbestos toy can be used to watch over your family and friends to prevent them from selling Snowboards as Skateboards and Vicodin for Xanax. Zachjuv, Perplex and Kapten beware, the Scammer in the Slammer is watching you!Collectible$0$050Shop
Gronch Mask '18 [926]Say hello to everyone's favourite festive villain, The Gronch! Legally distinct from other similar looking children's characters, The Gronch hates Christmas so much he'll knife anyone wearing an Xmas sweater. And now you too can follow in his bloody snowprints, by sporting this definitely non-copyright infringing Gronch Mask!Clothing$0$050Shop
Baseball Cap [927]Clothing$0$00Shop
Bermudas [928]Clothing$0$00Shop
Blouse [929]Clothing$0$01Shop
Boob Tube [930]Clothing$0$00Shop
Bush Hat [931]Clothing$0$00Shop
Camisole [932]Clothing$0$00Shop
Capri Pants [933]Clothing$0$00Shop
Cardigan [934]Clothing$0$00Shop
Cork Hat [935]Clothing$0$00Shop
Crop Top [936]Clothing$0$00Shop
Fisherman Hat [937]Clothing$0$00Shop
Gym Shorts [938]Clothing$0$00Shop
Halterneck [939]Clothing$0$00Shop
Raincoat [940]Clothing$0$00Shop
Pantyhose [941]Clothing$0$00Shop
Pencil Skirt [942]Clothing$0$01Shop
Peplum Top [943]Clothing$0$01Shop
Polo Shirt [944]Clothing$0$00Shop
Poncho [945]Clothing$0$00Shop
Puffer Vest [946]Clothing$0$00Shop
Mackintosh [947]Clothing$0$00Shop
Shorts [948]Clothing$0$00Shop
Skirt [949]Clothing$0$01Shop
Travel Socks [950]Keep your toes as warm and snuggly as your favourite handgun with these cozy travel socks.Clothing$0$00Shop
Turtleneck [951]Clothing$0$00Shop
Yoga Pants [952]Clothing$0$00Shop
Bronze Racing Trophy [953]This Bronze Racing Trophy is awarded to those who finish third in racing events. Finishing third is probably worse than finishing fourth, as not only did you not win, but you've been recognised for your failure to achieve even a runner-up spot.Collectible$0$02Shop
Silver Racing Trophy [954]This Silver Racing Trophy is awarded to those who finish second in racing events. Having been so close to victory, this trophy is here to remind you of the glory you failed to achieve. May its presence forever haunt you.Collectible$0$02Shop
Gold Racing Trophy [955]This Gold Racing Trophy is awarded to the winner of a Torn racing event. Ownership of this item marks you out as a true champion - unless you bought it, in which case you are quite possibly the biggest loser of all.Collectible$0$02Shop
Pack of Blank CDs : 250 [956]Writable CDs for recording music or saving data.Electronic$0$021Shop
Pack of Blank CDs : 50 [957]Writable CDs for recording music or saving data.Electronic$0$021Shop
Chest Harness [958]Clothing$0$00Shop
Choker [959]Clothing$0$00Shop
Fishnet Stockings [960]Clothing$0$00Shop
Knee-high Boots [961]Clothing$0$00Shop
Lingerie [962]Clothing$0$00Shop
Mankini [963]Clothing$0$00Shop
Mini Skirt [964]Clothing$0$00Shop
Nipple Tassels [965]Clothing$0$00Shop
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