Law Firm

DetailsStartup Cost: $4,000,000
Default Size: 4 Employees
SpecialRating RequiredCostDescription
Bail Bondsman10 job points50% decreased bail costs
Background Check310 job pointsView someone's stats
Closing Argument50 job pointsEasier to bust more people at once
Loophole70 job points20% organised crime skill
Educated Decisions100 job pointsView success chance of potential busts
Company Size Upgrades
Company SizeCost
4 employeesStartup Cost
5 employees$400,000
6 employees$800,000
7 employees$1,200,000
8 employees$1,600,000
9 employees$2,000,000
10 employees$2,400,000
Staff Room Size
Staff RoomCost
No Staff Room$0
Small Staff Room$100,000
Standard Staff Room$200,000
Large Staff Room$300,000
Very Large Staff Room$400,000
Huge Staff Room$500,000
Colossal Staff Room$600,000
Warehouse Upgrades*
Small Room$0
Standard Room$200,000
Large Room$400,000
Huge Room$600,000
Large Warehouse$1,000,000
Huge Warehouse$1,200,000
* Not all companies use warehouses. Keep this in mind when you start a company.
Staff Room
Include TGP ($267,927,500)
Include TCP ($313,644,000)
Include SYS ($1,548,483,000)
Include CNC ($2,997,310,000)
TitleM / I / E RequiredM / I / E GainDescriptionSpecial
Cleaner5,500 / 0 / 2,75044 / 0 / 22This position increases the cleanliness of the workplace.Cleaner
Marketer0 / 22,000 / 11,0000 / 55 / 28This position boosts any company advertising campaigns.Marketer
Consultant0 / 33,000 / 16,5000 / 58 / 29This position has sufficient knowledge to train employees on law. Each trainer increases the amount of trains the director receives each day.Trainer
Secretary0 / 8,250 / 16,5000 / 27 / 53This position takes all phone calls and enables detailed employee statistics, showing the estimated profit made by each individual employee.Secretary
Assistant0 / 2,750 / 5,5000 / 22 / 44This position assists the attorneys with less demanding tasks.None
Attorney0 / 11,000 / 5,5000 / 49 / 25This position practices a wide variety of legal skills. An hourly wage is charged to clients.None

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