DetailsStartup Cost: $1,000,000
Default Size: 4 Employees
SpecialRating RequiredCostDescription
Free Meals11 job points3 energy
Butcher30 job points10% melee weapon damage
Flambayed550 job pointsFlame thrower
Healthy Diet70 job points2% life regeneration per tick
Professional Metabolism100 job points25% consumable cooldown reduction
Company Size Upgrades
Company SizeCost
4 employeesStartup Cost
5 employees$100,000
6 employees$200,000
7 employees$300,000
8 employees$400,000
9 employees$500,000
10 employees$600,000
Staff Room Size
Staff RoomCost
No Staff Room$0
Small Staff Room$25,000
Standard Staff Room$50,000
Large Staff Room$75,000
Very Large Staff Room$100,000
Huge Staff Room$125,000
Colossal Staff Room$150,000
Warehouse Upgrades*
Small Room$0
Standard Room$50,000
Large Room$100,000
Huge Room$150,000
Large Warehouse$250,000
Huge Warehouse$300,000
* Not all companies use warehouses. Keep this in mind when you start a company.
Staff Room
Include TGP ($219,900,000)
Include TCP ($296,540,000)
Include SYS ($1,621,650,000)
Include CNC ($4,823,025,000)
TitleM / I / E RequiredM / I / E GainDescriptionSpecial
Waiter1,250 / 0 / 2,50019 / 0 / 38This person takes orders and delivers food to customers.None
Sous Chef0 / 4,000 / 2,0000 / 41 / 21Second in comand in the kitchen and assistant to the head chef, the sous chef is responsible for inventory and constant training of employees. Trainer
Head Chef0 / 2,500 / 5,0000 / 22 / 43This is the chef in charge of all kitchen activity and management of the kitchen staff as well as menu creation. Manager
Kitchen Assistant1,500 / 0 / 75034 / 0 / 17Unskilled work within the kitchen, the kitchen assistant is in charge of the majority of the cleaning and mundane tasks such as potato peeling.Cleaner
Head Waiter0 / 2,000 / 4,0000 / 21 / 41For larger kitchens where the chefs and basic waiters are constantly busy with orders, a head waiter may be appointed in order to take reservations and oversee payment of wages.Secretary
Line Cook1,250 / 2,500 / 019 / 38 / 0Third in command, the line cook is responsible for a particular area of production and supervision of the new chefs. None
Chef1,500 / 3,000 / 020 / 39 / 0This person is a basic chef, working under the line cook. None
Apprentice Chef750 / 1,500 / 017 / 34 / 0A trainee chef undergoing formal cullinary training, less skilled than trained chefs, the apprentices are gaining first hand experience in preparing meals in a working environment.None
Dishwasher1,500 / 0 / 75034 / 0 / 17This person cleans the dishes that have been used by the clients, an important role that takes some of the workload.None