Meat Warehouse

DetailsStartup Cost: $4,000,000
Default Size: 5 Employees
SpecialRating RequiredCostDescription
Blood Thirst11 job points2 nerve
Blood Splatter30 job points50% reduction in crime experience penalties
Carnage50 job points10 maximum nerve
Huntsman70 job points25% hunting skill gain
Vampiric100 job points3% life regeneration per tick
Company Size Upgrades
Company SizeCost
5 employeesStartup Cost
6 employees$400,000
7 employees$800,000
8 employees$1,200,000
10 employees$1,600,000
11 employees$2,000,000
12 employees$2,400,000
Staff Room Size
Staff RoomCost
No Staff Room$0
Small Staff Room$100,000
Standard Staff Room$200,000
Large Staff Room$300,000
Very Large Staff Room$400,000
Huge Staff Room$500,000
Colossal Staff Room$600,000
Warehouse Upgrades*
Small Room$0
Standard Room$200,000
Large Room$400,000
Huge Room$600,000
Large Warehouse$1,000,000
Huge Warehouse$1,200,000
* Not all companies use warehouses. Keep this in mind when you start a company.
Staff Room
Include TGP ($221,400,000)
Include TCP ($296,220,000)
Include SYS ($1,625,340,000)
Include CNC ($4,820,700,000)
TitleM / I / E RequiredM / I / E GainDescriptionSpecial
Packer9,500 / 0 / 4,75048 / 0 / 24This position packs and labels all meat, preparing it for shipping to the retailers once sales have been confirmed.None
Apprentice Butcher3,000 / 0 / 1,50039 / 0 / 20This position is learning the trade, to one day be able to do the job on their own. They require less working stats than a fully qualified butcher.None
Cleaner6,500 / 0 / 3,25045 / 0 / 23Cleaning for a meat company is not a nice job. Everything must be sanitized regularly. Cleaner
Manager0 / 12,500 / 25,0000 / 28 / 56This person is in charge of the whole warehouse, making sure things run smoothly. Manager
Assistant0 / 9,500 / 19,0000 / 27 / 54This position works directly for the manager and director, making sure their wishes are catered for. They provide details of individual employee productivity.Secretary
Supervisor0 / 37,500 / 18,7500 / 59 / 30This position supervises and trains all staff on the warehouse floor.Trainer
Butcher12,500 / 0 / 6,25050 / 0 / 25This position handles and cuts the meat, the first process in the chain. They will fill your stock with meat, ready to be packed, checked and shipped.None
Retailer0 / 12,500 / 6,2500 / 50 / 25This position orchestrates the sale of meat to supermarkets and other shops.None
Quality Controller12,500 / 25,000 / 028 / 56 / 0All cuts of meat must past stringent tests before being sent out. The final, and important step in the process of meat warehouse operation.None

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