Mining Corporation

DetailsStartup Cost: $4,500,000,000
Default Size: 8 Employees
SpecialRating RequiredCostDescription
Salty15 job pointsSalt Shaker
Thirsty Work30 job points30% alcohol cooldown reduction
Rock Salt51 job pointsDefense
Essential Salts70 job points10% maximum life
Preserved Meat1025 job pointsBoosts current life to 150% of maximum
Company Size Upgrades
Company SizeCost
8 employeesStartup Cost
10 employees$450,000,000
12 employees$900,000,000
14 employees$1,350,000,000
16 employees$1,800,000,000
18 employees$2,250,000,000
20 employees$2,700,000,000
Staff Room Size
Staff RoomCost
No Staff Room$0
Small Staff Room$112,500,000
Standard Staff Room$225,000,000
Large Staff Room$337,500,000
Very Large Staff Room$450,000,000
Huge Staff Room$562,500,000
Colossal Staff Room$675,000,000
Warehouse Upgrades*
Small Room$0
Standard Room$225,000,000
Large Room$450,000,000
Huge Room$675,000,000
Large Warehouse$1,125,000,000
Huge Warehouse$1,350,000,000
* Not all companies use warehouses. Keep this in mind when you start a company.
Staff Room
Include TGP ($221,200,000)
Include TCP ($296,840,000)
Include SYS ($1,612,650,000)
Include CNC ($4,824,825,000)
TitleM / I / E RequiredM / I / E GainDescriptionSpecial
Sales Executive0 / 83,000 / 41,5000 / 66 / 33This position is responsible for securing deals to supply the salt extracted from the mine.None
Mill Operator75,000 / 0 / 37,50065 / 0 / 33This position is involved in moving and operating the milling equipment used to extract materials from the mining location. Their responsibilities are split between above and below ground operations.None
Production Foreman39,500 / 0 / 79,00033 / 0 / 65This position plans and supervises underground extraction processes, coordinates above ground processing activities and ensures the general well being of the team throughout the day.None
Mine Engineer0 / 81,000 / 40,5000 / 65 / 33This position ensures both the stability and effectiveness of mining structures, contributing significantly to the design of technical systems and processes which take place below ground.None
Electrician39,000 / 0 / 78,00033 / 0 / 65This position is needed so that the Engineer's plans can be actioned. They will fit electrical systems throughout the mine and subsequently monitor them for signs of failure.None
Safety Inspector47,500 / 95,000 / 034 / 67 / 0This position is required to ensure that the mine and its workers are kept safe. Their responsibilities involved evaluating mine integrity, measuring oxygen content and testing for the presence of noxious gases.Cleaner
Site Manager0 / 97,500 / 48,7500 / 67 / 34This position will troubleshoot mechanical problems while also conducting routine maintenance and repairs on mining machinery. Manager
Secretary0 / 39,000 / 78,0000 / 33 / 65This position assists the Sales Executive, Site Manager and to a lesser extent the Production Foreman to ensure the administrative side of the mine is kept running smoothly. Secretary

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