Detective Agency

DetailsStartup Cost: $12,000,000
Default Size: 4 Employees
SpecialRating RequiredCostDescription
References12 job pointsView someone's employment & faction history
Deputised30 job pointsArrest ability
Friend or Foe5100 job pointsSee who's friended / blacklisted someone
Watchlist750 job pointsAnonymously extend a target's flight time
Most Wanted1025 job pointsView a list of highest wanted rewards
Company Size Upgrades
Company SizeCost
4 employeesStartup Cost
5 employees$1,200,000
6 employees$2,400,000
7 employees$3,600,000
8 employees$4,800,000
9 employees$6,000,000
10 employees$7,200,000
Staff Room Size
Staff RoomCost
No Staff Room$0
Small Staff Room$300,000
Standard Staff Room$600,000
Large Staff Room$900,000
Very Large Staff Room$1,200,000
Huge Staff Room$1,500,000
Colossal Staff Room$1,800,000
Warehouse Upgrades*
Small Room$0
Standard Room$600,000
Large Room$1,200,000
Huge Room$1,800,000
Large Warehouse$3,000,000
Huge Warehouse$3,600,000
* Not all companies use warehouses. Keep this in mind when you start a company.
Staff Room
Include TGP ($218,300,000)
Include TCP ($295,700,000)
Include SYS ($1,617,210,000)
Include CNC ($4,825,575,000)
TitleM / I / E RequiredM / I / E GainDescriptionSpecial
Private Investigator22,500 / 45,000 / 031 / 61 / 0This position works out in the field to track individuals, obtain evidence and deploy surveillance equipment with the goal of building a case.None
Trainee Investigator14,000 / 28,000 / 029 / 57 / 0This position assists the Private Investigator on low-level jobs to build their experience of the industry. They contribute by doing manual and administrative tasks on the PI's behalf.Cleaner
Secretary12,500 / 0 / 25,00028 / 0 / 56This position fields inquiries from the public and hands cases over to the Private Investigators. They also conduct small amounts of admin work, boosting the effectiveness of the other positions.Secretary
Intelligence Analyst0 / 58,000 / 29,0000 / 63 / 32This position is based in the office and its responsibilities concern the analysis of data provided by the field team. This data is mined for information and either sent back to the PI or presented to the client.None
Surveillance Technician26,000 / 52,000 / 031 / 62 / 0This position assists field agents by providing them with the electronic equipment needed for surveillance. They also provide clients with surveillance countermeasures to protect firms and individuals from espionage attempts.None
Chief Investigator40,000 / 80,000 / 033 / 65 / 0This position manages the field teams, facilitates cooperation with law enforcement and oversees the general direction of the agency's activities.Manager
Client Liaison0 / 62,000 / 31,0000 / 63 / 32This position is responsible for presenting the agency's findings to the client. Their interpersonal skills must be highly developed to deal with emotionally stressful situations.Marketer