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Torn Stats is a great place for you to analyze your stat growth as you progress over time. Chart your stat gains and see just how much you've changed. Compare yourself to other players in the same faction to see just how well you match up in an easy-to-view way.

Updates are constantly being rolled out. Pay attention to the forums to see what the latest and greatest features are!

January 17, 2021Honor updated: Chainer 1
  • Rarity: Common to Very Common
January 17, 2021Honor updated: Fresh Start
  • Rarity: Uncommon to Common
January 17, 2021Honor updated: Bandolier
  • Rarity: Rare to Limited
January 15, 2021Honor updated: Boss Fight
  • Rarity: Limited to Uncommon
January 11, 2021Honor updated: Wham!
  • Rarity: Common to Very Common

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