Word Definitions
DB 1) Short for Dirty Bomb, which is an explosive device factions can use to reduce another faction's respect.
Wall Jumping 1) The act of joining a territory wall repeatedly.
SEs 1) Stat Enhancers: Boxing Gloves, Skateboard, Parachute, Dumbbells
Stacking Energy 1) The use of items to "stack" your energy above the traditional energy cap (either 150 with donator/subscriber status, or 100 without). The most common item used to achieve this is Xanax (250 energy), although players can use LSD (50 energy) or Energy Drinks (vary between 5 to 30 energy) to avoid using Xanax. Please note that using drugs to stack carries the risk of Overdosing, which can result in the loss of all your energy if caused by Xanax or LSD.
Slutting 1) Verb Attacking another user and losing on purpose.
NPC 1) An abbreviation of Non Playable Character, which refers to automated player accounts such as Duke and Leslie which give missions or perform other tasks.
2) An abbreviation of New Player Chat, which is a chat room limited to players who are level 12 and below.
Trademug 1) Verb Either canceling a trade with cash in it and mugging the player, or mugging immediately after a trade is complete while the player has a lot of cash on hand. "Check his friends to enemies ratio... he may try to trademug you."
CE 1) Crime experience, which is your "crime skill level". A higher CE means a higher success chance when attempting crimes.
GD 1) Short for General Discussion, the most promiment and often most popular of Torn's forums.
Buying Trains 1) The process of finding a player-run company that will sell you trains to improve your work stats. Positions in a company vary on which two work stats will improve when trained, so make sure to note which position gives you the work stats wanted. Trains will improve the primary work stat for the position by 50, and the secondary work stat by 25.
RR 1) Initialism; Russian Roulette, a player vs player game you can play at the Casino where two people take it in turns to avoid shooting themselves in the foot.
DP 1) Donator Packs. When used, these items provide you with Donator Status, which comes with a range of useful benefits. They enter the market when they are provided to players who donate to Torn, but they can also be sold to the Pawn Shop or in the item market for approximately $24,000,000 - although this figure changes quite a lot over time.
Tornobyl 1) Tornobyl refers to an era in Torn history when several Dirty Bombs were detonated by high profile players who disagreed with certain gameplay changes. The term is a play on the term Chernobyl, the site of a nuclear disaster which took place in the 1980s, which was the subject of a popular TV drama released just before the Tornobyl event.
Crimes 2.0 1) This is the name given to a project involving a complete overhaul of the existing Crimes system. It has been in development for some time, and many jokes and memes are made of its delay.
Wall Slut 1) Wall Slut refers to the act of joining a territory wall for the purpose of respect farming, rather than engaging in a genuine battle.
2) noun A player who joins a fake territory wall to help a neighbor farm respect.
Defence Whore 1) This derogatory term is used towards players whose defence stat is much higher than their other fighting stats.
Rev 1) Short for Reviving, as in the act of reviving a player who is currently in the hospital.
Revive Contract 1) A revive contract is an agreement between factions or groups of players which involves one group agreeing to revive the other in return for payment.
Locking 1) Waiting to take the final action of an attack, Leave/Mug/Hospitalize, until told to. Often used during chains to spread out hits by waiting for the timer to get low.
Fedded 1) Sent to Federal Jail; this term refers to a player who has received a temporary or permanent ban from playing the game.
NNB 1) Short for Natural Nerve Bar. This is the refill size of your nerve bar not including any personal or faction merits. It is always a multiple of 5 and currently capped at 60.
PI 1) Initialism; Private Island, one of the properties available for use. This is the best property you can acquire in Torn outside of the unique properties which were auctioned off. A "fully-upgraded PI", indicates the Private Island has already been fitted with the best possible upgrades, including the Yacht, Airstrip, and an Extra-Large Vault, among other things.
OC 1) Short for Organized Crime; an activity that can be planned and performed by members of a faction in return for respect and money. These crimes range from Blackmail through to Political Assassinations.
Sec-7, Sec-7'ed 1) Sector 7 is the outermost part of the Torn City map, an area which contains the least beneficial territories. When a faction's territories are taken by a rival and they have nowhere else to go they are forced off the territories map entirely, meaning they must then rejoin in Sector 7. The term "sector 7'ed" refers to this situation.
nerf, nerfed 1) To reduce the benefits of an existing game mechanic. See "chedded".
chedded 1) (verb) to reduce the benefits of an existing game mechanic. See "nerf".
buff, buffed 1) (verb) to increase the benefits of an existing game mechanic. E.g. if the damage of a Flamethrower was increased by the developers, this weapon can be said to have been buffed.
DBK 1) Diamond-bladed knife, a popular melee weapon.
GAK 1) Gold AK, Gold Plated AK-47, a powerful primary weapon valued at $25B.
HoF 1) Hall of Fame; a collection of twelve different leaderboards where players and factions can measure their progress against their peers. Data stored here include your ranking for Networth, Battle Stats, Level, and many more.
HoF faction, HoF player 1) Refers to a top faction or player, usually one who appears in the top 20 for faction respect, or for individual player level or rank.
circlejerk, circle-jerk 1) A group discussion involving like-minded players, often from the same faction, that validates mutual biases or goals. Often seen in the faction discussion forum.
Poach, poaching 1) The act of recruiting faction or company members from a competitor.
memewar, meme war 1) Two opposing groups post memes in a forum thread to support their position and belittle the opposing side. Most often seen in the faction discussion forum during a territory war.
perm-bounty, permabounty 1) The act of keeping someone under bounties continually by replacing the bounties as they are collected.
999 1) Receive a permanent federal jail sentence for a serious rule breach; your account is removed from the game. Refers to the staff code used to indicate a permanent fed.
666 1) Being held in federal jail for further questioning over a potential breach of game rules. Refers to the staff code used to indicate this condition.
RIP 1) Initialism; Rest in Peace, refers to a special designation for players who have died in real life, and whose status has been marked on their profile.
SED 1) Initialism; Small Explosive Device, and item which, if placed in a box, will explode when the box is opened. These boxes can then be sent to an opponent who will be hospitalized upon opening, or they can be used to hospitalize yourself to protect your on-hand cash or dog tags.
capped 1) 1) Reaching ~50m in each battlestat, at which point the rate of gain no longer increases, 2) Reaching 200-300k in each battlestat, at which point happy jumps are less effective than training with cans or FHCs.
rehab 1) Short for Rehabilitation, which refers to clearing the effects of overdose or excessive drug use. This typically involves flying to Switzerland and using the rehabilitation clinic there.
slut, slutting 1) Slutting refers to the act of selling losses or runaways to other players. Specifically, the practice of being paid to attack a stronger player and then lose or run away, thus improving the target's number of defends won or opponent-runaways.
fourteen day protection 1) The advantage given to new players in their first 13 days of play that prevents anyone older than 13 days from attacking them. It expires on the 14th day.
safe crimes 1) The term "safe crimes" refers to the subset of crimes that do not negatively impact your crime experience, either because they cannot be failed or because a failure does not send you to jail.
karma farming 1) The practice of writing threads in the forum that have marginal content or value but that will typically generate a lot of karma for the original poster.
leveling target 1) A player account that has a high level for their stats. Players wishing to level up rapidly can repeatedly attack a leveling target. This practice is most common among players under level 15.
FHC 1) Short for Feathery Hotel Coupon; an item which gives the user 500 happiness and refills their energy bar.
Xan 1) Short for Xanax, a drug used to boost one's energy and happiness.
SFAK 1) Initialism; Small First Aid Kit, a medical item which restores part of your life bar upon use.
Med Out 1) The use of medicine or blood bags to get out of the hospital before your time is up.
freevive 1) A revive given with no expectation of payment in return.
Whore 1) noun Slang term which is used in conjunction with one of the four main battle stats to describe a player who has one stat considerably stronger than the rest. For example, a player whose Defense stat is 10x higher than their others may be called a Defense Whore, or a Def Whore.
Needle 1) This term refers to the temporary items found in the Pharmacy used to boost your own stats during combat: Epinephrine, Melatonin, Serotonin and Tyrosine. (Note: needles are often shortened to their first two syllables as well such as Epi for Epinephrine or Tyro for Tyrosine)
BB 1) Short for Bodybagger, one of Torn's most powerful players.
2) Short for Benefit Block, which refers to the specific number of shares you need to have in a stock exchange company to receive the benefits they provide. For example, owning 100,000 shares in the ISTC gives you free Education courses.
3) noun Initialism; Blood Bags, a medical item which reduces your current hospital time by 100 mins and restores 20% of your life bar. The use of a blood bag also increases your medical cooldown by 60 minutes. You must use the correct blood bag for your blood type, otherwise, you will become hospitalised. Empty Blood Bags can be purchased and filled with your own blood once you've completed the Intravenous Therapy education course.
#blameharley 1) Whenever something goes wrong you can always blame harley
SSL 1) Initialism; Sports Science Laboratory, a gym for players who have used less than 150 xanax and ecstasy combined.
FBA 1) Full Body Armor; a type of armor that, when worn, covers every part of the body.
EDVD 1) Short for Erotic DVD, an item which provides the user with 2,500 happiness when used.
Sams 1) Short for Samurai Swords, a type of Melee weapon. Dual Sams refers to the rare set of two Samurai Swords.
Soon 1) A theoretical unit of time which can not be precisely quantified but is suspected to be greater than 12 parsecs and less than the heat death of the universe. This term is often used in reference to anticipated future updates to Torn, such as Crimes 2.0, which have been forthcoming for a long time indeed.
Flex 1) Short-hand term for "Flexible Body Armor."
Duals 1) Short-hand that may refer to different types of Dual weapons. "Dual Primaries" or "Dual SMGs" refer to extremely rare weapons such as the Dual TMPs or Dual UZIs auctioned off many years ago. Many have sold for > $20,000,000,000. "Dual Melees" refer to Dual Hammers, Dual Scimitars, Dual Axes or Dual Samurai Swords. These were brought into circulation years ago under a previous mission system and can now only be traded player to player.
Merit 1) Merits are a type of currency awarded for achieving certain goals in Torn, goals which are often also marked by the receipt of a Medal or Honor. Merits can be used to upgrade several special characteristics for your account such as Stat Passives, Mug Percentage, and Weapon Mastery.
Honor 1) Short for honor bar, which is a type of Award given to players who achieve certain statistical or general milestones. There are various different honor bar designs designating the various types of achievements players can perform, and once unlocked, you are free to use these to display your name in Forums, on Territory Walls, and in other areas of the game including the Casino.
Medal 1) A type of Award. These are displayed at the bottom of your profile when earned, and are used to denote various impressive achievements, such as donating for a long time, maintaining a high networth over a certain period, or attacking a certain number of people.
LM 1) Short for Logistics Management company, one of the many company types in Torn which players can work for and own.
Passives 1) Passives refer to any "passive bonus" you receive thanks to your faction perks, education, company, merits, or books. These bonuses are constantly active, without a user having to do anything such as spend job points or take drugs to trigger them at a certain time. An example of a passive bonus is a "Stat Passive", which is a small boost to each fighting stat which can be seen on your home page. Another example is the "+2 Travel Capacity", a passive bonus that is active while working in a Cruise Line Agency and allows you to import 2 extra items for every flight you make.
TV, TVN 1) Initialism; Television Network company, one of the most profitable company types available to be owned by players.
PSF 1) Initialism; Private Security Firm company, one of the newest company types which can be owned by players.
FC 1) Short for Fitness Center company
SS 1) Initialism; Sweet Shop, one of the company types which players may own and operate.
AN 1) Adult Novelties company
edu 1) Short for education. Can refer to education courses, benefits from completing educations, or the education starter job.
DA 1) Detective Agency company; a company type which, at sufficient level, provides its employees with the ability to arrest other players - provided their crime record is long enough.
2) noun Initialism; Destructive Anomaly, one of Torn's top factions.
jp 1) Short for Job Point, which is a form of spendable currency given to players every day while they are employed. If you are employed in a starter job, Job Points are used to gain promotions. If you are employed in a starter job or a player-owned company, job points can also be used to purchase perks and items.
Stat Cap 1) Stat Cap refers to the point at which a player earns 50,000,000 in a fighting stat, after which gym gains no longer increase exponentially.
Dongs 1) Dongs is a bastardization of the word Dogs, which Torn players were once able to train and fight against each other. This feature will never return to Torn, but those who wish it would often use the phrase "Bring back dongs". In recent years, this meme has been celebrated through the naming of the Dongs Elimination team, and the creation of five collectable plushie Dongs called Holly, Effy, Jeremy, Thomas, and Greg.
Bust 1) With the use of Nerve, you may attempt to "Bust" a player out of jail after they have failed a crime, failed busting someone, or been involved with an Organised Crime with a jail result.
Bail 1) You can pay money to "Bail" another player from Jail.
PA 1) Initialism; refers to "Political Assassination". This is the toughest of the Organised Crimes and requires 4 members with very high Crime Experience. The rewards can range between $100,000,000 - $300,000,000, as well as 200 - 300 respect. This crime takes 192 hours to plan.
RNG 1) noun Random Number Generator, usually used as a reference to the chances of a particular occurrence. In terms of using drugs like Xanax for example, the chances of overdosing is RNG, there's no particular way of knowing when you'll overdose.
RS 1) Initialism; Racing Skill, also known as Driver Skill, is a secret score known only to you which indicates your level of ability at the race track. Racing Skill is improved by racing in both Official and Custom races, and you will always earn skill regardless of where you finish.
URT 1) Initialism; Ultimate Racing Tournament, an annual racing competition run by Sugarvalves in the summer and winter, where the grand prize is a Bugatti Veyron.
Driving licence 1) Needed for crimes and achieved through general education courses. Not needed for racing.
Official races 1) Official Races, also known as Official Events, are the only way to earn racing points in Torn. After joining a race you will be matched with five other drivers of the same class on a random track. You then have one hour to choose your car before the race starts. These races also contribute to your Driver Skill score.
Custom races 1) These are a form of race you can take part it at the Race Track. While Official Races are run automatically and provide both Racing Points and Racing Skill, custom races are set by other Torn players and are customisable in many different ways. No racing points will be earned through these races, but you can earn extra racing skill, and potentially some cash if a Bet Amount has been assigned.
GR 1) Global records; this term refers to the overall fastest times for any particular track at the raceway.
Uptown 1) Uptown is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Withdrawal 1) Withdrawal is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Underdog 1) Underdog is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Parkland 1) Parkland is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Docks 1) Docks is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
2) noun The Docks is a location in the City where cars can be purchased.
Commerce 1) Commerce is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Two Islands 1) Two Islands is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Industrial 1) Industrial is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Vector 1) Vector is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Mudpit 1) Mudpit is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Hammerhead 1) Hammerhead is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Sewage 1) Sewage is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Meltdown 1) Meltdown is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Speedway 1) Speedway is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Stonepark 1) Stonepark is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Convict 1) Convict is the name of a race track which can be found at the Torn City Raceway.
Audi R8 1) Class A car
Dm 1) Direct message, as in sending a message to someone's inbox rather than via their chat box.
Cm 1) Short for Community Manager, whose role is, among many other things, to oversee the drafting and enforcement of Torn's rules. Bogie is our current Community Manager.
Graved 1) A request for a forum thread to be sent to the graveyard by admins. Both the original poster and staff members can request this action once the thread has stopped being useful, is no longer needed, or has devolved into chaos.
losses 1) Attacking someone with the intention of deliberately losing in exchange for cash, also known as Slutting.
RMT 1) Initialism; Real Money Trading, the trading of Torn cash for real-life cash or vice versa. This act is strictly prohibited by Torn and is punished by a ban from the game.
Fed 1) Federal Jail - A place where people are placed for breaking game rules.
PR 1) Initialism; Planned Robbery, one of the organized crimes which factions can perform.
hosped 1) Short for Hospitalized, which is when someone has been placed in the hospital due to an attacker chosing the "Hospitalize" option, or they have chosen to hospitalize themselves using an explosive device.
TP'ed 1) Initialism; Toilet Papered, as in the use of the Toilet Paper item against a player to reduce their happiness.
ghost, ghost trading 1) The act of setting a fake trade with a friend to temporarily remove money from your wallet so it can't be mugged.
Buy Mug / Buymug 1) This term refers to the act of one player purchasing items or stocks from another player with the sole intention of mugging them afterwards, thus relieving them of the money they have sent.
OD, Overdose 1) There is a small chance of experiencing an overdose when taking any drug in Torn City. Each drug has its own unique overdose rate and set of negative effects. Common effects include losing all of your energy, losing all or some of your happy, and/or being placed in the hospital for varying lengths of time. Note: Opium is the only drug with no overdose chance.
Racing Licence, RL 1) In order for players to partake in races they must first purchase a Racing Licence. These can be bought in the points building for 50 points.
Racing points, RP 1) Racing Points are earned by finishing first, second or third in official races. You must earn a certain number of racing points in order to rank up through the five racing classes - racing points earned via companies do not count towards this total. Racing Points can also be used to purchase upgrades to your car.
Rolling 1) Rolling describes the technique of quickly stacking needle benefits from one fight to the next by swapping different needles and using them in each attack, with the result being that several needle benefits are in effect at once when facing more difficult opponents. Needles is a term used to describe the four injectable temporary weapons, Melatonin, Tyrosine, Epinephrine, and Serotonin.
SE, Stat Enhancer 1) Initialism; Stat Enhancer, an item which provides a 1% gain in one Battle Stat in return for 6 hours of Booster Cooldown. There are four Stat Enhancers, each of which affects one particular Battle Stat; Boxing Gloves (Defense), Dumbbells (Strength), Skateboards (Speed), and Parachutes (Dexterity). Stat Enhancers can be found randomly in the city or purchased from Nikeh Sports at a cost of $450,000,000 each.
Stat Whore 1) A stat whore is a player who trains one battle stat heavily in exclusion of the other three. Players will often be referred to specifically according to the stat they have "whored", such as a Dex Whore, Defense Whore, Strength Whore, or Speed Whore.
Xanet 1) Xanet refers to the act of trying to scam a company, only for it to go wrong and having to give cash back.
Ched 1) noun The nickname given to Joe Chedburn, Torn's creator.
Salt 1) noun If there is drama or heated discussion in the forums, it is said to be filled with salt. Torn's Salt Mine company was created in response to the sheer levels of salt which often inhabit General Discussion.
Lavish 1) adjective A catchphrase and / or description used to imply great wealth or prosperity. It was popularized by the player Evil_Duck, who was later banned from the game.
Baldr's Guide 1) noun Baldr's Guide, also known as Baldr's Basic Advice, is a guide written by an experienced Torn player which all new players would be wise to follow. It can be found under the Tutorials and Guides section of the Forums.
Book 1) noun Books are single-use items which bestow a bonus upon a player when used. There are 44 books in Torn, and their effects range from a temporary boost to battle stats and a permanent boosts to battle stats, through to temporary guaranteed stealth and an increase in city item spawns. Players who subscribe to Torn have a chance of receiving a book each month, but they can also be found on the City Map on occasion.
Booster 1) noun Booster is a term which refers to any item capable of increasing a beneficial stat. For example, since alcohol boosts your nerve, it is known as a booster. Boosters also include items which reduce a non-beneficial stat, such as Jail Time (Lawyer Business Card), Education Time (Book of Carols), and Gift Card (Bank Investment Time).
CD, Cooldown 1) noun Initialism of Cooldown, which refers to the timer penalty applied to the use of booster to prevent them being overused. Each time you use an item a certain amount of time is added to your booster cooldown, and once this reaches 24 hours you must then wait for it to drop before using another item - this limit can be increased through the use of certain faction upgrades.
DoctorN 1) noun DoctorN is / was an approved browser plug-in which adds numerous new features to Torn. Created by Torn player Mauk, this tool may or may not still be working due to the huge task of updating it whenever Torn itself adds new features and functions.
DP Slut 1) noun This is a term used to describe people who purchase huge amounts of Donator Packs from the game in order to progress at a faster rate than usual.
E 1) noun E is short for Energy, one of the four main sidebar stats alongside Life, Happy and Nerve. Energy is used to attack players, training at the gym, praying, and searching the dump.
FAK 1) noun Initialism; First Aid Kit, a medical item which restores part of your life bar upon use.
Footlette 1) noun A slang term used in reference to Russian Foot Roulette, a Casino game whereby players take it in turns to shoot themselves in the foot.
Guesting, guest 1) verb The practice of temporarily joining another faction. Players will temporarily leave one faction to join another in order to help them with a chain, territory fight, regular battle, or just for something to do.
Highby 1) noun A veteran player with extremely high stats, typically in the region of billions.
Karma 1) noun Karma is received when a player upvotes one of your forum posts. Karma is lost when a player downvotes one of your forum posts. Your Karma Score, which can be seen by everyone on your profile page, displays the sum total of all of the upvotes and downvotes you have received - players cannot possess a score lower than zero, even if some people deserve it.
Locals, local 1) noun Local is a term used to describe any player who is currently in the same city as you when you have travelled abroad. For example, if you are in Buenos Aires and Chedburn is with you, Chedburn is a local. Once he flies home to Torn, he is no longer a local.
Mugging 1) noun The act of taking money from another player after defeating them in combat.
Mugpro 1) noun Short for mug protection, which refers to the temporary protection given to players who have recently been mugged. The amount of money you can lose from a second mugging depends on how quickly it occurs to the first mugging.
RESPO 1) noun RESPO refers to the 2014 upgrade of Torn City which removed several old elements, upgraded others, and added new elements to the game.
SA 1) noun Initialism; Subversive Alliance, one of Torn's top factions.
2) noun Initialism; South Africa, a travel location.
JFK 1) noun Initialism; Just Fer Killin, one of Torn's top factions.
NS 1) noun Initialism; Natural Selection, one of Torn's top factions.
Sector 1) noun A part of Torn's City Map with regard to the territorial system. Torn is split up into seven sectors, running from sector 1 in the centre through to sector 7 on the fringes of the city. The further out a sector is, the lower the respect you'll receive for holding one of its territories.
TCT 1) noun Initialism; Torn City Time, as in the official in-game time. TCT is pegged to the real-world Greenwich mean time (GMT).
2) noun Initialism; Torn City Times, the official Torn Newspaper.
3) noun Initialism; The Torn City Times, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
Trains 1) noun The provision of training slots by a company Director to their employees. Directors can provide a maximum of twenty trains per day to one or more of their employees, which each one boosting their position's Primary and Secondary working stat by 50 and 25 respectively.
INT 1) noun Abbreviation; Intelligence, one of the three Working Stats.
MAN 1) noun Abbreviation; Manual, one of the three Working Stats.
END 1) noun Abbreviation; Endurance, one of the three working stats.
Travel Hub 1) noun The Travel Hub is a feature of the DoctorN tool which allows you to see which items are in stock at certain travel destinations.
X 1) noun Slang; Ecstasy, one of the drugs available in Torn.
BCT 1) noun Initialism; Business Class Ticket, an item which can be used to shorten your travel time to any destination.
LBC 1) noun Initialism; Lawyer Business Card, an item which can be used to release yourself from Jail.
Vicoscam 1) noun The Vicoscam was a form of scam used by traders to trick people into buying Vicodin at Xanax prices. The trader would first list Xanax at a below-market price, which would tempt buyers into visiting their bazaar. However, when they arrived, the first item listed would be Vicodin, which would be listed for the same price as the Xanax despite it being over 200 times less valuable. The similarity of the item images for the two drugs meant many players fell for this scam until purchase warnings were introduced.
BS 1) noun Initialism; Battle Stats, which refers to the four main stats that determine your success in fighting: Strength, Speed, Defense, and Dexterity.
Benefit Block, Block 1) Commonly shortened to BB, this refers to the amount of shares needed in a stock to receive the bonus from said stock. Examples include needing 2,000,000 shares in FHG to receive occasional Feathery Hotel Coupons, and needing 100,000 shares in LSC to receive occasional Lottery Vouchers.
Bonus 1) noun The incremental respect boost received after reaching certain points in a chain.
Demoe'd, Demoed 1) verb Slang / shorthand for Demoralized, the debuff that has a chance of being applied when taking a positive damage hit from the Gold Plated AK47.
Epi 1) noun Epi is short for Epinephrine, an injectable temporary which boosts your Strength.
Exp 1) noun Short for Experience, which is a hidden stat which determines your Level. Experience can be gained through most of the actions performed within Torn. Upon reaching the required experience to increase your level, players are asked whether they would like to do so, or if they would prefer to remain at their current level for the time being.
Liquid 1) adjective Liquid is a term used to refer to any items which are easily convertible into cash due to their popularity. For example, Xanax is extremely liquid, as it sells swiftly when placed for sale on the Item Market. On the other hand, Stocks would not be considered liquid, due to the time it takes for them to sell. A player may describe part of their networth as being liquid if a certain proportion of it is made up of saleable items.
Mela 1) noun Mela is short for Melatonin, an injectable temporary which boosts your Speed.
Sero 1) noun Sero is short for Serotonin, an injectable temporary which boosts your Defense.
Tyro 1) noun Tyro is short for Tyrosine, an injectable temporary which boosts your Dexterity.
ROI 1) noun Initialism; Return On Investment, the money or benefits you are expected to gain as a result of investing cash and / or time into something. For example, the ROI of a Company would be the profits you'd make and the potential gains from its specials when compared to the cost of buying it, upgrading it, and paying your employees. The ROI of Stock investments would be the payouts from Stock Blocks and the chance of your stock rising in price compared to the initial price you paid.
Smoke / Smoked 1) noun Shorthand / slang for a Smoke Bomb or the use of a Smoke Bomb, a temporary item which reduces your opponent's speed temporarily.
Sub 1) noun Short for Subscriber, as in a player who subscribes to Torn for a monthly fee, thus earning several useful benefits.
Vic 1) noun Shorthand for Vicodin, a drug which temporarily passively increases all statistics while attacking or defending by 25%.
noob, nub 1) New player. Also used jokingly to refer to an old player or someone who behaves or acts in a naive manner.
CR 1) noun Initialism; Chain Reaction, one of Torn's top factions.
FTW 1) noun Initialism; Forged Through War, one of Torn's top factions.
MnC 1) noun Initialism; Mentos and Cola, one of Torn's top factions.
39th 1) noun Shorthand; 39th Street Killers, one of Torn's top factions.
R, RE 1) noun Initialism; Relentless, one of Torn's top factions.
Refill 1) verb The act of refilling your nerve or energy bar using a Refill, which is either free or purchased for 25 points.
Neu, Neu Tab 1) noun Slang, shorthand for Neumune Tablet, an expensive medical item used to combat the effects of radiation.
Loot 1) verb To loot is to relieve an NPC of their lootable items. Loot is also used as a noun to describe these individual items. For example, you can loot Leslie to obtain a Nock Gun. A Nock Gun is also an item of Leslie's loot.
Multi 1) noun Slang, shorthand used to describe a player with multiple accounts. It is against the rules for Torn players to have more than one account. A player who is accused or suspected of running more than one account will be called a Multi. Torn's system for catching these players is called the Multihunter.
MC, MP 1) noun Initialism; Mission Credits / Mission Points, which refer to the currency paid out upon the successful completion of an NPC mission. Mission Credits is the correct term as used by the game itself. Mission Credits can be used to buy books, weapon mods, and weapon attachments.
Permhosp, perma-hosped 1) verb The act of keeping someone in hospital continually by hospitalising them whenever they are released.
Lotto, Lotto Room 1) noun This term usually refers to the Discord chat rooms where players run unofficial lotteries. However, Lotto is also sometimes used to refer to Torn's three Lotteries, which are run at the Casino.
Restart 1) verb To restart is to close or abandon your existing account and start a new one, which players often do to give themselves a new challenge, or escape the attention of an unwanted aggressor. The term Restart is also used as a noun to describe a player who has done this.
TC 1) noun Initialism; Torn City, which was Torn's full name before it was reduced to Torn.
Arma 1) noun Shorthand for Armalite, a powerful Primary Weapon.
XTC 1) noun Slang for Ecstasy, a drug which doubles your happy level.
BJ 1) noun Initialism; Blackjack, a game you can play at the Torn Casino.
Chaining 1) verb Chaining is a warring tool used by factions to gain respect. It involves a faction's members making continuous attacks against other players within a set period of time in order to reach certain milestones. There are thirteen chaining milestones as of 2020, beginning with 10 attacks and topping out at 100,000 attacks.
PH 1) noun Initialism; Plane Hijack, one of the Organised Crimes which factions can perform.
NB 1) noun Initialism; Nerve Bar, the red bar which indicates how much nerve you have at present.
Balanced 1) adjective This term is used to describe players whose Battle Stats are relatively equal, compared to others. Whereas some players train one or two of their stats more than the others, a balanced player has trained all four to the same degree.
DS 1) noun Initialism; Driver Skill, a stat which indicates your level of ability in races. Your driver skill increases every time you race in Official or Custom events.
PM 1) noun Initialism; Private Message, which refers to the act of communicating with another player via their chat box or mailbox as opposed to publicly via the forums.
CT, Christmas Town 1) noun Christmas Town is a playable map full of puzzles and prizes which is open for several weeks every Christmas. There was originally just one Christmas Town map created by the developers, but in 2019, player-created maps were made available for the first time.
OP 1) noun Initialism; Original Poster, a term used on the forums which refers to the person who started the thread on which you are currently communicating.
Global, GC 1) noun Global Chat is the chat room available to all players when they reach level 13. Before this, players are restricted to New Player Chat, or NPC. All chat rooms can be found in the bottom right of the Torn screen.
Train 1) verb One of the ways Torn players use their energy is by visiting the gym to train. Training your four battle stats increases them, gradually making you a stronger opponent in battle. The word train can also be used as a noun, with a session in one of Torn's gyms sometimes referred to as a train.
TT 1) noun TT is shorthand for Territory, which refers to the individual plots of land which make up Torn City's territories system. Individual territories can be attacked and defended by factions, with various benefits on offer to those who manage to hold them.
Poach 1) verb To poach is to recruit a member of another faction, sometimes in an underhand manner. This is also known as "pulling a Nova".
Raid 1) noun A Raid is a form of destructive warring whereby one faction attacks another with the sole purpose of reducing its Respect score or destroying it outright. After 24 hours, the faction with the most respect taken can choose to Cease the raid. Raid is also a verb, e.g. To raid a faction.
NAP 1) noun Initialism; Non-Aggression Pact, an agreement between two factions that they will not attack each other. This differs from a formal peace treaty in that it does not require a war to have been fought beforehand. A NAP is sometimes seen as a light alliance between two factions, but this is not always the case.
BOM 1) noun Initialism; Box of Medical Supplies, a Supply Pack item which provides either 20 Morphine, 30 First Aid Kits, or 50 Small First Aid Kits when opened.
Sig 1) noun Shorthand for Signature, as in Profile Signature, which is a customizable area at the bottom of your profile where you can add text and images. This can be turned off for yourself and other players if you wish.
LC 1) noun Initialism; Logistics Company, one of the most powerful and profitable company types in Torn City.
BOG 1) noun Initialism; Box of Grenades, a supply pack item which provides you with 100 Grenades or 100 HEGs when opened.
Newsie 1) noun Shorthand / slang for newsletter, most commonly used in reference to a faction newsletter, which is a mass message sent to all members of a faction, typically by its leadership.
Perks 1) noun Perks refer to the faction upgrades a faction has achieved and can therefore offer its members. These perks can provide various benefits to the members of said faction, including additional gym gains, attack damage, and increased interest on your banking investments.
STR 1) noun Shorthand for Strength, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
DEF 1) noun Shorthand for Defense, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
DEX 1) noun Shorthand for Dexterity, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
SPD 1) noun Shorthand for Speed, one of the four main battle stats in Torn.
WS, Work Stats 1) noun Your Work Stats are the statistics which determine how effective you are as an employee. Work Stats consist of three individual stats; Intelligence, Manual, and Endurance. Every job in Torn has a minimum stat requirement for two of the three work stats. For example, an Accountant at a Flower Shop needs 1,500 Endurance and 750 Intelligence to be effective. Working in this position will also train these two stats.
Rig 1) noun Shorthand for Oil Rig, one of the most profitable companies which Torn's players can own.
Croco 1) noun Shorthand / slang for Crocozade, one of the cheapest Energy Drinks available.
BBC 1) noun Initialism; Big Boxes of Chocolate, a candy item which provides 35 happiness when consumed.
Chute 1) noun Shorthand / slang for Parachute, a stat enhancer which permanently increases your Dexterity by 1%.
Runner 1) noun A runner is a player who frequently travels abroad to buy items, which can then be sold in Torn for a higher price. Plushies, Flowers and Drugs are the most common items bought and sold by runners.
Flowsies 1) noun A portmanteau of the words Flowers and Plushies, which is used as shorthand for the two items which are often bought and sold by the same people.
GTA 1) noun Initialism; Grand Theft Auto, a crime which requires 12 nerve to pull off.
Red 1) verb Red refers to the act of failing a crime, as it is the color displayed when a player's attempt at a crime ends unsuccessfully.
Fac, Fact 1) noun Shorthand / slang for Faction, a group to which players assign themselves in order to fight territory wars, complete chains, perform Organized Crimes, and many other activities.
Naked 1) adjective To be naked is to be without armor or weapons. Players may be asked to become "naked" during a friendly war.
OBO 1) noun Initialism; Or Best Offer, a term used in trading when a player wishes to sell an item for a fixed price, but will also consider an offer close to it.
Unicorn 1) noun Slang; a piece of weaponry or armor which has high stats, and is therefore rare.
Safe Trader 1) noun A Safe Trader is one who is known to avoid buy-mugging their clients, or letting others know about forthcoming trades so they may instead buy-mug them.
App 1) noun Shorthand term used to refer to the Torn App, which is available via the Google App store - the Apple App has been discontinued. Players may play Torn via the App or directly via their browser.
Shirley 1) noun Shirley is used in reference to The Duke, one of Torn's NPCs and the city's resident loan shark. The Duke's full name is Shirley Prima Dante Calabrese.
Set 1) noun Slang; the term Set most commonly refers to a full collection of Plushies or Flowers which can be exchanged at the Museum for points. It is also sometimes used in reference to the full sets of other items tradable at the Museum, such as Coins, or Senet game pieces.
Tag, Tags 1) noun Tags, short for Dog Tags, are given out to every player in Torn during the Dog Tag event in November. Each tag is personalised with the player's name and ID, with a certain amount of points attributed to each based on the player's level. The Dog Tag competition requires players to collect as many tags as possible from rival players by attacking and defeating them. At the end of the event, the player with the highest score - not always the most tags - is deemed the winner.
Rep, Resp 1) noun Shorthand / slang for respect, as in Faction Respect, the metric by which all factions are judged. Faction activities can both earn and lose respect, and this determines many things, including their place in the Hall of Fame, and which upgrades they can unlock.
Farm, farming 1) verb Farming refers to the act of repeatedly doing something in order to earn or accumulate a benefit. A player may "Karma Farm" by posting numerous times in the forums. A faction might farm respect by using fake wars.
TBS 1) noun Initialism; Total Battle Stats, the figure obtained when all of your Battle Stats are added together.
GFX 1) noun Shorthand / slang for graphics, which refers to the digital art players create for each other to be used on their personal, faction, or company profile pages. For example, a player may advertise as follows: "Selling custom GFX. $25m for profile picture."
HJ, Happy Jump 1) verb The use of drugs, boosters and any other items to increase your happiness at the same time as boosting your energy, in order to train as effectively as possible. iribuya's Happy Jump Visual Guide explains how this can be done, and this post can be found in the Tutorials and Guides forum.
BAG 1) noun Initialism; Big Al's Gun Shop, used in reference to the weapon and ammunition store on Torn's East Side. This is also the "Acronym" used for the stock you can purchase in said company.
MCS 1) noun Shorthand; McSmoogle Corp, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
SYM 1) noun Shorthand; Symbiotic Ltd, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TMI 1) noun Initialism; Torn Music Industries, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCHS 1) noun Initialism; Torn City Health Service, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
ISTC 1) noun Initialism; International School TC, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
LSC 1) noun Initialism; Lucky Shots Casino, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
WLT 1) noun Initialism; Wind Lines Travel, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
EWM 1) noun Initialism; Eaglewood Mercenary, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
PRN 1) noun Initialism; Performance Ribaldry Network, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
SYS 1) noun Shorthand; Syscore MFG, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
CNC 1) noun Initialism; Crude & Co, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCM 1) noun Initialism; Torn City Motors, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCC 1) noun Initialism; Torn City Clothing, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
IOU 1) noun Initialism; Insured On Us, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCSB 1) noun Initialism; Torn City and Shanghai Banking Corporation, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
EVL 1) noun Shorthand; Evil Ducks Candy Corp, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
HRG 1) noun Initialism; Home Retail Group, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCB 1) noun Initialism; Torn City Investment Banking, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
FHG 1) noun Initialism; Feathery Hotels Group, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
MSG 1) noun Shorthand; Messaging INC, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
GRN 1) noun Shorthand; Grain, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TCP 1) noun Shorthand; TC Media Productions, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
SLAG 1) noun Initialism; Society and Legal Authorities Group, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
TGP 1) noun Initialism; Tell Group PLC, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
ELBT 1) noun Initialism; Empty Lunchbox Building Traders, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
IIL 1) noun Initialism; I Industries Ltd, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
WSSB 1) noun Initialism; West Side South Bank University, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
YAZ 1) noun Shorthand; Yazoo, a company whose stock you can purchase on the Torn stock exchange.
Chain watching 1) verb Sitting with energy available and/or energy boosters and/or energy refill ready to use, during a faction chain, keeping a constant eye on the chain counter to be sure that the chain won't drop.
How to *Company Edition* 1) adverb When someone describes a "How to *Company Edition*", they are referring to a guide which teaches you how to run said company. For example, a How to Restaurant would tell you the most efficient way to set up and direct a Restaurant company.
Mercenary 1) noun Players who are hired by others to act as a combatant on their behalf. Mercenaries tend to have high battle stats and are mostly hired by small factions to help them during wars. The fees charged for such a service vary from time to time.
lvl 1) noun Short for level. e.g I'm at lvl 50
Green Leafs 1) adjective A new player who is under fourteen days old and is therefore under New Player Protection. Their status is denoted by the appearance of a green leaf icon next to their name.
Retal 1) noun Retaliation/Retaliatory hit
Jux 1) verb A faction full of fun loving trolls as well as #BlameHarley
TornHub 1) noun A Fansite for Torn
burner 1) noun A faction used for a short term to avoid main factions losing great amounts of respect - eg while raiding or farming respect
Scrooge 1) noun An NPC who comes online at Christmas and is lootable.
Duke 1) noun Torn's resident loan shark. Also known as Shirley Prima Dante Calabrese, The Duke can be visited at his office via the Loan Shark link on the City Map. Here you may borrow up to $2 billion from him depending on your previous activities. Duke can also be looted.
Upkeep 1) noun This refers to the fees charged for the upkeep of your property. When upkeep is due to be paid on a property, you cannot hire staff or make any customizations. You also cannot trade the property or list it on any markets. Failure to pay upkeep may also reduce the happiness it provides.
Museum 1) noun The Museum is a place in the City where players can exchange sets of plushies, sets of flowers, or certain other items for points.
Nerve 1) noun Nerve is a replenishable attribute which is used to perform crimes and bust yourself out of jail. Your level of Nerve is shown via the red bar in the top left corner. Nerve will regenerate naturally over time, but it can also be increased through the use of Alcohol, certain drugs, job specials, and refills.
Life 1) noun The blue Life bar in the top left corner of the screen is an indication of how much life you have left. Life is reduced through attacking, defending, overdosing, losing Russian Roulette, failing crimes, using the wrong type of blood bag, or opening a package containing an SED. Life can be restored through the use of medical items, but it will also replenish naturally over time. If your life is reduced to zero you will be sent to the hospital to recover.
Energy 1) noun Energy is used to do many things in Torn City, including attacking, reviving, training, hunting, praying, and searching in the dump. Your Energy level is denoted by the green bar in the top left corner. Your energy will replenish naturally over time, but it can also be restored using energy drinks, FHCs, certain drugs, refills, and job specials.
Happy 1) noun The amount of Happy you possess is indicated by the yellow bar in the top left corner. Happiness determines the effects of training at the gym, and crime success rate. Your happiness will restore naturally over time, but you can boost it above and beyond your limit by using candies, Erotic DVDs, and various company specials. Your maximum happiness is determined by the property in which you live. You can reduce another player's happiness by using certain items against their property (toilet roll, dog poop, stink bombs), or items against their person (horse's head, poison mistletoe).
Stealth / Stealthing 1) noun Stealth is an improvable attribute that enables you to attack players without your identity being shown. If you are attacked by a stealthed player, the word "someone" will appear where a player's name usually would. Your level of stealth can be improved using certain weapons, armors, mods, company bonuses, and merits.
Leslie 1) noun Leslie Chanthavong is the Spin the Wheel operator at the Torn City Casino. He is also a lootable NPC.
Missions 1) noun Missions are short-term objectives handed out by NPCs. Players must complete contracts for George and Anonymous before progressing onto the third mission-giver, Duke. A fourth mission-giver, Amanda, is set to be introduced in the near future. As you successfully complete contracts for Duke or any other agent, you will gain standing. You can lose standing by failing or declining contracts. By successfully completing many contracts, the difficulty level, rewards and amount of contracts available will begin to rise.
Award 1) noun Awards are earned in the form of Honors and Medals and are used to mark your achievements in Torn City. They are provided in return for completing various milestones and tasks, including reaching a certain number of attacks, logging in on certain days, using large quantities of certain items, and for competing in or placing in competitions. Each Honor and Medal provides a merit upon receipt.
Staff 1) noun The term Staff can be used to refer to either in-game assistants to the Community Manager or those who are professionally hired by Torn to work on the game. It is more common for players to use Staff in reference to the former. Staff members who enforce the rules and assist players with various issues are given one of three titles; Officer, Moderator, or Helper. In addition, we also have members of Staff who are paid to work on Torn, with these people given various titles under the umbrella of Admin.
Mods 1) noun Short for modifications, as in weapon modifications. There are twelve categories of weapon modifications, each of which can be attached to a weapon to improve it in some way, shape, or form.
Bags 1) noun Short for Blood Bags, most commonly used in reference to Empty Blood Bags, which a player can fill with their own blood and store for later use as a medical item. Bags may also be used by some players to refer to full Blood Bags, although the term "bloods" is more common in this context.
Intrepid 1) adjective 1) adjective A catchphrase and / or description used to describe a fearless attitude to Torn, whether through resolute bravery or sheer inexperience. Popularised by dunmugmeh, an elderly field mouse about town.
Farmville 1) noun Now something of a soon-to-be abandoned relic, Farmville is a highly addictive game involving constant repetitious, habit-forming actions and the monitoring of cooldown timers which keep gamers constantly engaged. Players can also gain a crucial edge in their gameplay by enrolling as many of their friends as possible. When new Torn players complain on the forums about being bountied or perma-hosped, it is absolutely inevitable that they'll be informed that "this isn't Farmville", given the obvious lack of similarity between the two games.
Toron 1) noun Portmanteau; Torn Moron, a torn player who makes mistakes considered unwise to experienced players.
Level Holding 1) adjective When a player does not level up when given the option by Torn
SP 1) noun 1) noun Initialism; Savage Plague, one of Torn's top factions.
Crime Brulee 1) verb The act of performing Warehouse arson.
IBB 1) noun Initialism; in reference to Itsi Bitsi Bikini, a faction in Torn City.
SWAT 1) noun Acronym; Special Weapons and Tactics, one of Torn's upcoming factions.
API 1) noun Typically an alpha-numeric key value, it is used to allow entry of useful third party extensions such as DocTorn, TornTools, or TornHelper. Found in settings under API Key.
Sell Mug / Sell-Mug 1) noun This term refers to the act of a seller perceiving that someone who has purchased from their bazaar is holding much cash (eg buying faction Xanax) so mugs the player offering their money a new home
regen 1) verb When your energy/nerve/life bars are regenerating - not full but showing a timer - Less than the max (ex: Dump all of your energy until you are in regen)
RW 1) verb Ranked War: Ranked warring is where Factions fight one another in a 1v1 setting in order to progress through ranked tiers, and earn rewards.
2) noun Ranked war(s). Factions can enlist in ranked wars for respect, points, and caches. Winner of a ranked war is determined when a side has established a certain amount of lead (in points).
* 1) noun Star. If a company is 5* then it has 5/10 stars for the rank. A company starts at 0* and the maximum is 10*.
Stock Block 1) noun A specific large number of shares bought out in one or more Torn companies which confer particular benefits upon the player. These are high value items and therefore later game.
Wall, The 1) noun A type of territory war, found in Faction tab where members from factions can add themselves to the defense of territory for the cost of 5 energy.
Fallen 1) adjective Player died IRL (in real life)
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