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Submitted by Harley [258120] on 24/02/17 03:28 PM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:51 PM

Hidden Rank Triggers


  1. Introduction
  2. Old, still in use triggers
  3. New triggers

1. Introduction

After much discussion this is now a complete list of all current rank triggers in the game. Hopefully this post is what you are looking for and will be helpful!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with finding these triggers, without your help we would have never found them!

2. Old, still in use triggers

 These are the old set of triggers currently still in use.


Level Crimes
2 100
6 5,000
11 10,000
26 20,000
31 30,000
50 50,000

3. New triggers


 These are the new triggers, there's a total of 11 new triggers, 5 networth triggers and 6 battlestats triggers.


5 Networth Triggers
Amount Length
$5,000,000 7 days
$50,000,000 7 days
$500,000,000 7 days
$5,000,000,000 7 days
50,000,000,000 7 days

 Note that networth triggers need to be kept active, if you lose your networth you need to catch up to your rank again and thus won't trigger.

6 Battlestats Triggers
Balanced* Three stats trained**

Two stats trained***

2,000 2,700 4,700 10.94
20,000 34,810 84,000 28.22
200,000 390,000 890,000 58.86
2,000,000 2,970,000 4,240,000 122.49
20,000,000 22,900,000 27,830,000 420.84
200,000,000 N/A N/A 1,825.40


*If your stats are perfectly balanced.

**If you are unbalanced, this is the score for three trained stats and one never trained stat. Trained stats are spread evenly though.

***If you are unbalanced, this is the score for two trained stats and two never trained stats. Trained stats are spread evenly though.


For imbalances at the highest battlestats the score system by tornstats, I'll see if I can find a way to impliment this in the graph, we know for having trained two stats the trigger is below 1.4b.


The battlestats triggers (as far as we know) are based on how balanced ones stats are, the more balanced the earlier you trigger, the less balanced the later you will trigger. I have used tornstats' score system for now, as this score portrays the ranking system almost perfectly.

Example: Someone with 2m battlestats(perfectly balanced) has a score of 122. Someone who divided their stats 1.2m-1.2m-100k-100k, has a score of 125.91, so should just about trigger, but someone who divided their stats 1.2m-1.2m-190k-10k, only has a score of 120.69, meaning they won't have triggered just yet. 

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