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Slots for Dummies

Submitted by Wolfewarsaw [2185557] on 29/12/18 08:01 AM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:57 PM

Greetings! First and foremost, a disclaimer: Slots are a game of chance. Any advice given here is solely my opinion, or what I have found to work a majority of the time.That being said have fun!


Bet Amount

The slots can be a tempting and seemingly easy way to have a chance to walk away with multiple times what you originally threw in. However, betting too much at a time can be heartbreaking and more importantly BANK breaking. If you can't afford to lose the money, don't play slots. It's that simple.

1. Never bet more than $100k per spin.

2. Always bet the $10 minimum to start 

3. Never bet $1,000,000 unless you are prepared to lose it. The wins are great, the losses hurt.


As far as a game of chance goes, it's always up to luck. There are, however, a few tactics that could turn those odds in your favor!

1. Start with a $10 bet

2. Play the slots until you win any prize, doesn't matter what.

3. Now comes the fun part. After a win, continue to place $10 bets until you have achieved at least 3-4 losses in a row.

4.Now that we have lost multiple times, our chances of losing a 4th or higher time are much lower. This is where we begin to increase the betting.

5. Begin betting $1k, $10k or $100k, whatever you feel comfortable with. 

6. Hopefully, you will win something decent around this time. If you win ANY prize, drop back down to $10 bet and repeat. 

7. Sometimes you will win back to back, but this is unpredictable Don't be frustrated by winning a big multiplier on a small bet. You are in this for minimum loss and maximum gain, and how much would you have lost if the get was larger and you DIDNT win?

Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em

  1. Once you have more than you have spent, it's time to evaluate. I like to go in with $1,000,000, and leave when I have $2,000,000 or more. If you happen upon a big win streak, quit while you are ahead.
  2. Remember than any profit is good profit. Only made $100k? Still made money doing nothing, don't feel bad about walking away.
  3. If you play $100k or higher bets ONLY, you will almost always suffer losses in the end.
  4. If you do this for days upon days and are losing, maybe slots aren't for you. Try your luck at another casino game.

Final Advice

The most important, and in my opinion, overlooked option for slots is this: If you just play $10 dollar bets only and use all of your casino tokens every day, it's basically 75 chances to get the jackpot. Like an extra lottery, if you will. At a meager $750 a day, if you aren't using the tokens  for anything else you could be missing out on that sweet sweet JACKPOT.

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