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Submitted by Unknown on 16/02/19 12:40 AM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:59 PM
What is Chaining?
  • Chaining is a way for factions to earn Respect for the Upgrades we all benefit from on a daily basis.
  • By collectively making hits, we increase a "Chain Counter", which gives us a respect multiplier
  • A 5 Minute timer restarts after each hit. If no hit is made before the timer runs out the chain breaks
  • Any target (non faction) that you Leave/Mug/Hosp will add to the chain counter.
  • "Leave" is recommended for getting your targets back quickly. "Mug" gives reduced respect so find legit targets ONLY.
Do I have to Chain?
  • If you want to remain a member of most factions, all Energy goes to chaining during the war.
  • Unless you OD, any member can get 46 hits from Stacking alone. (4 Xanax + points refill)
  • Chains are an opportunity for ALL members to contribute towards the betterment of the faction.
  • It doesn't matter if you're a new player or have 1b stats, all of your hits count.
  • Longer chains take 24h+ so, players from all time zones have an opportunity to hit.
  • Supplies (Xanax, Points) provided in the Armory.
Pick your Role - we need ALL members to contribute, but you can play your own way:-

I can log in a few times a day, but not for long periods
  • Prepare: Stack Energy (about 30h before) and find targets (keep reading)
  • Check Faction Chat to be sure the Chain Leader hasn't called "Hold", otherwise...
  • Hit Away! Log in as often as possible to use all of your E (energy) on hits
  • Use Faction Xanax and Points from the Armory
  • DO NOT save your stacked E, unless told otherwise by the respective Leaders. Whenever you're online, use all of your E.
Staring at the chain counter and REFUSE to let it run out
  • You should be a Chain Watcher! We need to ensure that we can always count on you.
  • Same goal of wasting no energy, but chain watchers try to hold onto some E.
  • Hit whenever your E is maxed or when needed.
  • Communicate with other Chain Watchers to ensure that someone is always watching.
  • Chain Watchers are not expected to keep chains alive by themselves, just save us from mistakes.
I only log on once a day or
I only want to train/do crimes or
I just don't want to chain

  • Almost all Factions chain.
  • Let us know what your interests are in the game and we'll help you find a better fit.
  • About 30 hours before chain, starting with 0 Energy, take first Xanax
  • When Cool down expires, take another Xanax
  • After 4 Xanax you have 1000e and are ready to make 40 hits when chain starts!
  • If you time right you can take a Vicodin 2 to 4 hours before start time of the chain. This will allow you to have all that stacked up energy with increased stats!
Target Selection
  • Max Respect: Hit targets who give you the maximum of x3.00 Fair Fight(how to find)
  • Mission Targets- One of the best ways to find high FF. Duke Missions work best. Anything that gives you over 3 respect on a regular hit is a great target. During chains these can give 4 to 7 respect per hit. Blacklist or bookmark them, and rank them on how difficult they are to beat.
  • Faction Spy Base- Check Torn Stats Spy Base. Check the Date.
  • George- New Players only. NPC that revives instantly. To be used only if you don't have and an adequate target list yet.
  • Punching Bag List- New Players only. Levelling targets.
  • AVOID hitting targets who belong to the "Hall of Fame" List so that they don't retaliate by chaining on you or try to to kill our Chain.
**NOTE** When you win your attack leave the target unless you have a personal grudge. This lets you return in 20 minutes or so and hit them again!

Holding/Calling Hits
  • Always check Faction Chat before making hits
  • HOLD - stop hitting and wait for instructions from the chain leader
  • Call Hits - members start calling hits in order. Chain Leader will assign bonus.
  • No Idle talk ALLOWED while close to the Bonus hits.

Bonus Hits
  • These give extra respect. They are 10 | 25 | 50 | 75 |100 | 500 | 1,000 | 2,500 | 5,000 | 10,000 | 25,000 | 50,000 | 100,000. The second number on the counter shows the next bonus. We will start calling 20+ hits ahead of bonus depending on speed of the chain. Check faction chat near a bonus to see whats going on.
  • Hits 5k and above bring more than 1,000 respect for the hit. Players who don't have this merit have priority for these hits. 
    Among players who don't have the merit, the ones with most successful attack in current chain have priority for the bonus,
There is a merit for the bonus' in the first 100 hit bonus'. If you don't have this let us know in faction chat early, we will try and slow down so you can take the hit!

  • Territories are areas on the map that factions fight for control over to gain daily respect.
  • During an Assault or Defend, you'll see the above pictured territory tab on the My Faction page
  • Every player who joins an "Available" slot gains 1 point per second for their faction
  • The Assaulting team must fill the bar before the timer runs out to win (3 days)
  • Leave/Mug/Hosp all remove a player from the wall as well as travelling or ending up in the hospital another way.
  • IMPORTANT: Please always join the wall, it doesn't matter if you think your stats are "too low". We all still cost the same 25e for them to hit.

Temporary weapons 
These are difference makers. If you made notes on your targets you know what is needed to beat them easier. Use that to your advantage!
  • Tear Gas enemy dexterity reduced 70% Moto, and welding helms are immune
  • Pepper Spray enemy dexterity reduced 90% Moto, and welding helms are immune only last 10 seconds
  • Smoke Grenades Enemy Speed reduced 70%
  • Flash Grenades Enemy speed reduced 90% Immune to welding helm
The other temps all do damage. Nice having, but I will not mention each here. 

Manage your targets and conserve your Health
  • Not capping your Medical Cool Down, and pick targets you can beat are important to the chain. With really high medical Cool Down could only take 1 good attack to put you down for a bit.
  • If your Cool Down is over 18 hours it would be a good idea to focus on people who don't damage you. (with similar stats to you if possible)
NOTE: The bulk of this guide was prepared by the members of Axiom, with a few amended points from Kitman's Guide for your perusal!
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