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How to Sell your Stuff and Deal with the Trader

Submitted by oraN [1778676] on 05/03/19 09:39 AM

How to Sell your Stuff and Deal with the Trader(Plus More Stuff)

A Guide because you need to know !.

So you found an SE or an FHC. heck, you want to sell the Donator Pack of yours. well, don't worry let's make the sale happen!

-> Basically, There are 2 ways you can make the sale happen, you can either

1. Add these to your bazaar (which can be purchased for 250 points from points Building)
2. Sell them privately to a Trader, Which is the main focus of this guide.

Unless you're a Trader, it is recommended you do not add them to bazaar as you can get buy mugged.
People will buy mug you because a 430m Stats Enhancer can net a good mug.(25m+ in losses for you, more if the guy has more merits.) Also you'd not want to lose cash on the Donator Pack(s) you bought with Real Money.

There are ways to protect yourself Like Self hospitalize from losing to a player, Small explosive devices in a parcel or asking someone to hospitalize you and/or mug protection Read Proxima's Guide on Mugging and Protection Explained

if you're wondering how to initiate a trade and get it done Read My Guide on How to Set Trade

1) Find A Suitable Trader.


someone with a Forum thread with reviews, good friends to enemies ratio. These creatures can be found in the Trade chat located bottom right of your screen or at the Trading Forum

Important: if you don't like the price they're offering Move on and contact another Trader. Do Not downrate the trader's thread because of their Price!.

2) Contact The Trader and tell them what you're selling.

This can be done via Chat and/or Mail. If you find the Trader offline it is recommended you Mail them as Chances are they have notifications turned on.

It is necessary you mention exactly what you're selling, if its Junk then mention its junk if its DPs simply mention its DPs also mention the quantity you're selling

(an example)

Remember, The More Specific you are, The better.

3) Set Trade (Guide)

This is probably the easiest and the best step. Well all you have to do is go to their profile and hit that shiny Trade icon

(Trade icon highlighted in red, your mileage may vary depending on if they're in the hospital. Also, trades can't be done while traveling so keep an eye out for that.)

4) Fill in the Trade Details

Leaving it empty also works, well if you contacted the trader and a deal is ready throw in gibberish in that box.

If you used the trade icon the Player ID is already filled otherwise you may have to manually fill those in

(a Trade with a farmer Picturised 2k19)

Once all details are filled in simply click on Initiate Trade button. Simple as that.

5) Add your items and wait for the Trader's Action.

This is a crucial step after you're done adding the items let the trader know and its important to know that this box below doesn't Ping or Notify the trader, not that its useless but it won't notify the trader. Again if

6) Once the Trader adds and Accepts the trade

Verify the Trade and ensure the trader has added the cash/items to the trade, you do not want to get scammed as scamming is legal.
Learn more about scams from this wiki article

Calculate multiple times and be safe. Better safe than sorry!

7) Accept and Get Trade Done.

Once everything looks ok and you calculated twice accept the trade. You have to click the accept button twice.
Once and then again after the 5 seconds cooldown.

And Congrats The trade is done!

8) Post-Trade Decisions and Hiding your cash

Always be quick in storing your cash away, you don't want it to be mugged.
Sometimes people stalk on the Trades made stat and mug as soon as it goes up, to avoid these try to not inform anyone about the trade other than the Trader. The less people that know of the Trade the better.

Hiding your cash must be your priority you can keep it in your Vault/Company Bank or Bank it in the City Bank. You can also store your money in your faction but keep in mind you have no access to it and unless you can trust the leader do not store in Faction vault. Also, don't send it to people to store as they may scam you.

I'd suggest investing in highly liquid assets like Points and/or Xanax. These have tiny variations and/or losses while selling can be minimized.

You can also store in Ghost trades but these do expire in 6 hours ! also ensure you can trust the person you're having the Ghost trade with.
People use Me for Ghost trades they mention "Ghost" in trade details and I know its a ghost trade So I don't open it.
The person also needs to be online in the last 6 hours.
I'd generally suggest doing ghost trades with a staff member Since they're not allowed to scam and also they're always open for it as well as Online :P

If you get mugged, verify if it was the trader that mugged you, ask them! Dodgy Traders do exist and there's a list maintained in the forum
You can verify by checking the weapon used, Money mugged Graph and/or attacks made(this is less reliable) Good Traders will NEVER Mug you, it's just not worth losing their reputation for a 2m or heck 25m. If you findout it was them, leave a Negative review on their forum thread, mention with proof it was they that mugged you and/or Add them to Blacklist and never trade with them again.

If the Trader is nice and they don't do any Dodgy Practices then R+ their Trading Thread, Post a review and add them to your Friends List. These actions help to Motivate the Trader to continue doing good Trades.

So these have been the 8 Steps that I threw my heart and soul into making, Feel free to Upvote and Leave a comment.

If you plan on sending this guide to a friend and/or repost, Please give Credits where its Due

Hope this guide was helpful and Happy Trading.

Default autocarroter that stepped in when i didn't want it to
Zee, for trade pics and chat photo
My 10 fingers and Keyboard + mouse

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