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Submitted by IceBlueFire [776] on 04/04/19 08:43 PM

Being an outstanding employee

As an employee, its your duty to be around as much as possible. Preferably at least once per day. It is also important to carefully manage your drug habit.
- You can help your company to generate healthy daily reports by focusing on the specific stats that your job position requires. Take education courses which increase these stats.
- It takes a short while to settle in to a company and begin working at maximum effectiveness, dont hop from one job to another.
- Dont request more money than youre worth. The director probably paid a handsome fee to get the company up and running, and expects to make at least a small return.
- If you get a job offer from another company, contact your current director about the proposal and see if theyre willing to offer you more in return for your placement. Loyalty towards a single company can be beneficial for both parties.
- Do you have a unique idea which you think might improve company income? Your director should be willing to hear your thoughts. You might even get a pay rise out of it!
- Are you happy with your position and wish you could help out more? Your director might be interested in an investment from you for advertising, staff room upgrades or company size upgrades in return for a pay rise.
- Working as a team can be very beneficial. If you see another employee underperforming, try speaking with them, they may not even know what theyre doing wrong! As a final resort, your director can take administrative action.
- Do you have friends? Perhaps theyd be interested in joining your company? Sometimes it can be hard for directors alone to build a company with effective employees. Let your director know you have friends that would like to join, and they might provide you with a pay rise.
- Every company has a unique set of job specials, more will unlock for you as your company increases in rating.
- Youll receive job points each day, which can be used on some job specials. The amount of job points you receive is equal to the company rating per day.
- If you ever decide to leave the company, youll be able to spend any unused job points if you ever join a company of the same type again. I.e. Working for another gun shop, after leaving your previous placement at a gun shop.
- By being active, drug free, working as a team and helping out your director, you should be able to achieve a high rating for your company and unlock new job specials.
- All in all, its fairly easy being an employee. Just sit back and let the profit roll in! Perhaps one day youll use your money to start your own company.

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