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Basic Guide for Beginners, that Everyone Should Know

Submitted by Abir [2439280] on 16/03/21 01:30 PM - Last edited on 16/03/21 01:31 PM

A Beginners Guide by Abir that can be helpful for older players as well. 5th May 2020

: 1. Buy Items.
2. Selling Losses
3. How to Safe Money
4. Traveling / Flying
5. Private Island
6. Stocks/Share
7. Training Battle Stats
8. Happy Jump (Will be Updated)
9. Doing Crimes and NNB (Will be Updated)
10. Chaining (Will be Updated)

1. Buy Items: Most new players don't know where to buy different items. There are 2 types of the market place, 1 is city shops (NPC shop) that has a limit of 100 items daily. From there you can buy different items at a very cheap price, such as plushies, beers, lollipops, fruitcakes at a very cheap price Some of these City Shops are Bits and Bobs ShopBig Ai's Gun ShopSweet Shop, etc. you can find those on City. There is another market place that is called the item Market. Item Market has no limit on buying or selling, you can buy as many as you want. There is all kind of items on the item market. And these shops are run by normal players.

2. Selling Losses: Selling losses till level 15 is better than wasting energy on the dump, You can make good extra money as well, each loss you can earn 250k to 300k.

The trick on selling losses is like this, check on trade chat if anyone buying losses or say in trade chat you selling losses, buy 4 first aid kit from the item market, each costs 30k(most) by attacking him/her(buyer) you loss and went into hospital use the aid kit, and attack again, so each loss you making 220k to 270k = 880k to 1.08mil after 4 attacks, you can buy a Xanax 840k at most from item market drugs section, and Xanax gives 250energy, you can attack 10 times more but need 10 first aid kit as well. and can make 2.2mil to 2.7mil.

Note: Faction doesn't allow selling losses so If faction provides free meds do not use faction meds to sell losses, cause it's waste, so buy your own and use those to sell losses and discuss with leader that you selling losses to earn some money for future benefit, like renting pi or buying donator pack or buying large suitcase.

Suggested by TheBigChenzo [2179131] :

3. How to Safe Money: There is different ways to safe your money from getting mugged, one is a piggy bank that you can get from doing missions with mission credits. Another way is to store money on faction vault. If the faction is seemed good to you, you can store it there. Leaders or bankers will give you whenever you need it if they online. Another one is investing on your torn bank, that you can find in city. Last but not the least one is you will get after you reach level 15 and get the fly ability, it's in Cayman island Bank.

Suggested by xXYSoSeriousXx [2283812] :

4. Traveling / Flying: After you reach level 15 you don't need to sell losses anymore, you will get the ability to travel abroad countries and buy items like exotic plushie, exotic flowers at a very cheap price, and sell in torn at a high price. Flying has a limited item that you can carry, Basic is 5 items, small or medium or large suitcase gives +2 or +3 or +4 items but they not stack. After that faction perk gives +1 to +10 travel items. Private Island with airstrip gives +10 items. To reach level 15 quickly attack players and leave, this gives most exp.

5. Private Island: Private Island leads the most important role in this game. Pi with airstrip gives +10 travel items, no cost on travel, and less travel time. Yeah, it costs a lot, but in the beginning, you do not need to worry about buying it. Cause you can rent it. Some players lease out it as a rental, you can check in trade chat or check in City-> Estate Agent -> Rental. So at starting sell losses and earn money to rent private island with airstrip as soon as you hit level 15. Private island with airstrip has a happy of 2550+. So, after you rent it you need to hire a pilot on the staff section. After that, you will get access to the airstrip. So keep fly and earn money and money.

6. Stocks/Share: Stock bb we call it passive incomes. BB means a benefit block. Holding A certain number of shares is called a benefit block. If you have bb then you will get occasionally items or dividends as payout, 52 payout/Year. To get access on stock exchange you need to buy stock ticker from point building. Some good stocks are LSC, SYM,TCHS, FHG, HRG, and many more. Read about of stock to know how much share is a benefit block. Some examples as SYM bb: You are entitled to receive occasional drug packs when holding at least 500,000 shares. LSC bb: You are entitled to receive occasional packs of 100x lottery tickets when holding at least 100,000 shares. 100x tickets means it provides a Lottery voucher that worth 830k+. So invest your money on Stocks and keep getting passive income.

7. Training Battle Stats: Training battle stats is the key factor to grow stronger and keep enjoying this game. Stat gains depend on different factors. It depends on happiness, gym, your battle stats, and other boosting perks from faction or companies or your educations. There is a lot to tell but I will try to cover up the basics.
i. Happiness: The higher your happiness at beginning the better your gym gain. You can use lollipops to increase your happiness before training at the gym. There is another key thing that we call is Happy Jump, it helps most to gain the stats. I will discuss the details about it later. So before level 15, if you are selling losses don't use up all energy on losses only Use on training and make sure after level 15 don't sell losses anymore, energy is very hard to get, so use on training.
ii. Gym: As you keep training new gym will be unlocked. The better the Gym the higher the gains.
iii. Your Battle Stats: As you keep increasing your battle stats, your Gym Gains will keep increasing. There is a battle stats cap of 50m/each, so after 50m the stat gain at gym based on your stats will remain constant.

8. Happy Jump : Happy Jump Forum (click that)

Note: If anyone has any suggestions feel free to tell. Thank you.

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