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Submitted by Nobody [237547] on 24/05/17 02:01 AM - Last edited on 06/08/20 01:57 PM

~ Source Thread ~
I'm more likely to update source thread, and I need feedback there to even update...!p=threads&f=61&t=16008267&b=0&a=0&start=0&to=17804732

~ Other Resources ~
Crimes & Awards - Nobody


It seems like "mouse-over info" is still lacking in the torn text editor, so mods will suffer somewhat from that. If you want a larger picture of the mods, simply right click them and "copy image address" for a larger picture. Other than that, all images should redirect to item market (Gold AK is unlikely to show any results, 25B in UAE for those wondering). I'm still working on this, but let me know if anything is broken (links or anything). Some of the recommended weapon mods might not be 100% accurate, but I know the primary weapons are. I have decided to shorten the list because this is a "best items" list, but I included some popular melee weapons for rather obvious reasons.

~ Rational Text Here ~
Firstly I want to thank Relentless for helping me with updated numbers and whatnot, feedback before this went live, the best source for critical review on ones work to be honest. I'm not sure how much I will be updating this, but instead of letting this thread die I decided to give it a worthy replacement. This thread should contain a comprehensive list about weapons and armors, along with educations and faction upgrades that effects said weapons. Recommended mods are based on balanced stats vs balanced stats. Thanks to everyone that brought life to the previous thread, this thread is a dedication to all of you *raises glass*.

~ Personal Theories ~
It's not impossible that items lack a "stat limit". Sounds unlikely, but it could be that generating 1B ArmaLite's could result in a better weapon than a low stat Gold AK's. In simpler terms, it could be a wave-spectrum of likeliness rather than "random between 60 + 75". We won't know for sure unless we are given back-end coding. so I'm using actual stats rather than "probable limit".

Sending a beer or energy can might refresh my willingness to update, just a theory though =)

~ Update Requirements ~
Updating is a drag, I don't like it, and if I'm to update I need these factors included. I've decided to include balanced weapons of each type, hence the (perhaps) weird requirements. Copy the following, and insert compatible info. Armor only requires armor rating. Upload an image to for proof.
1. Total Score (Damage + Accuracy)
2. Damage
3. Accuracy

~ Armor ~

Armor Rating Blocks

~ Primary ~

 Weapon   Damage   Accuracy   Type   Edu   Rec Mods - Available Mods 
82.74 82.09 Rifle Tactical Light - 
81.99 83.09 Rifle  - 
71.23 76.44 Rifle  - 
68.27 79.52 Rifle  - 

Not including other primary weapons since it means an insane loss to either damage or accuracy, read here.

~ Secondary ~

 Weapon   Damage   Accuracy   Type   Edu   Rec Mods - Available Mods
79.45 36.67 Heavy Artillery  - 
79.23 39.50 Heavy Artillery  - 
63.09 72.54 Pistol  - 
63.09 72.54 Pistol  - 
62.64 71.86 SMG  - 
61.79 75.39 SMG  - 

~ Melee ~

 Weapon   Damage   Accuracy   Type   Edu   Recommended Mods 

72.59 71.69 Slashing

71.43 73.69 Slashing
Handbag 68.32 84.84 Clubbed   N/A
Handbag 67.54 85.91 Clubbed   N/A
63.51 75.78 Slashing N/A
63.16 77.80 Slashing N/A
62.44 78.40 Slashing N/A
61.80 84.01 Piercing   N/A
60.38 85.99 Piercing   N/A
58.65 87.14 Piercing   N/A
56.64 88.51 Piercing   N/A

~ Missions ~
 Weapon   Damage   Accuracy  Best for
12.17 85.52  Lots of hits, low damage 
12.16 10.68  Stalemate - lowers stats is better 
71.31 29.10  Highest use of bullets

~ Faction Upgrades ~
 Aggression Branch   Enhancement 
 +10% Accuracy (+1% per upgrade) 
 +10% Damage (+1% per upgrade) 

~ General Education ~
 Edu  Effect
Gain a 1% damage bonus to all weapons
Gain a 10% damage increase when hitting an opponent's neck
Decrease an opponent's stealthiness
Gain a 5% chance increase of achieving a critical hit
Gain the ability to equip life and stat boosters in your temporary slot and unlock the pharmacy.
Gain a 1% increased hit rate
Start gaining weapon experience, specialising in individual weapons for increased damage and accuracy
Gain a 5% hit increase with all temporary weapons
Gain a 5% damage increase with all temporary weapons
Gain a 50% decrease in chance of an opponent running away from you in battle
Gain a 2% bonus to all melee damage
Gain a 5% bonus to ammo management
Gain a 30% bonus to ammo management

~ Companies ~

    20% armor bonus
    25% flame-thrower damage & accuracy
    1 extra clip for guns during combat - 10% primary & secondary weapon damage
    20% slashing weapon damage
    10% melee weapon damage

~ Temporaries ~ Numbers may be off - placeholders until I have factual sources...

 Item   Time   Edu   Effect   Job   Effect
120s Replenish life by 25% - Increases defense (unknown factor?)    
120s Increases strength (unknown factor?) 25% epinephrine effect & duration
120s Increases dexterity (unknown factor?)    
120s Increases speed (unknown factor?)    
150s   Decrease opponent speed by 75% - Increased stealth    
25s   Decrease opponent speed by 90% - Increased stealth    
180s   Damage each turn for 5 turns (diminishing, 33,27,20,13,7%) 50% Molotov cocktail damage & duration
140s   Decrease opponent dex by 75% - blocked by     
20s   Decrease opponent dex by 90% - blocked by     

Not including other temporaries as they bring nothing to the table you can't do with regular weapons.

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