[Buying Only] 34 Armor Welding Helmet and 58 ACC+ Blood Spattered Sickle

Looking to buy cheapest welding helmet I can find. This can be 0% Quality or base Armor of 34.00

I don't care what the armor value is. $2.75 billion is initial bid, not a hard buy price.

Always open to negotiation / adding items in my Display or $.

If it matters this is to use permanently / not resell.

If it helps I will add My current helm 33.7 Armor below to offer.


Also looking for a 58 Accuracy or higher Blood Spattered Sickle. 80,000,000 is my initial offering price.

I only care about Accuracy value, Damage can be anything or Quality.

maledict [1677916]
Age: 3,174
Faction: JUX HQ
Friends: 57
Enemies: 17
Last Action: 9 minutes ago
Money Mugged: $303,567,185
Bounties Received: 16
Description Price
Welding Helmet $2,750,000,000
Blood Spattered Sickle $39,483,147
Description Price
Welding Helmet $2,750,000,000
Description Price
Blood Spattered Sickle $39,483,147
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